Official Travel Journal Hezterblatz

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    In a bid for more transparency of my role as Premier I will be giving a brief report in my travel journal about the various visits I have made and the benefits discussed and achieved through talks during my term as Premier Commissioner.

    Kaegan Hezterblatz
    Premier Commissioner

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    Destination: Imperial Palace, Telum, Inimicus
    Receiving Party: HRH Emperor Artabanos

    Topics of Discussion

    • Dialogue between EU Commission and Inimican Government
    • Avoidance of Conflict Engagement
    • Bringing an Inimican Voice to EU Council and policy
    • Increased Democratization
    • EU Facilitation Services
    • Open support for EU legislation


    • Direct Election of Councillor to be discussed by Inimican Parliament
    • Building of EU Office in Telum
    • State signing of the ratification of EU legislation
    • Public opinion poll on EU
    • Ensuring Inimicus can operate as a sovereign nation through institutional discussions

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