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    Greetings fellow S&D members!

    Following the end of the commission elections (and the ECoJ elections) which have ended a while back, in accordance to the party manifesto we must hold elections to determine a new party president and party vice-president.

    OOC: Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favour.

    Nominations period ends August 29th
    Voting period starts August 30th
    Voting period ends September 2rd


    Name of Candidate:
    National Party Affiliation:
    Candidate running mate:
    A Short Biography of the Candidate:

    Photograph (Optional):

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    Name of Candidate: Mr. Dion Clermont
    National Party Affiliation: Miraco Democratic Socialist Party
    Candidate running mate: Ms. Giertruda Warszawska
    A Short Biography of the Candidate:

    Mr. Dion Clermont is one of the most famous Miracan politicians, known for legislating universal dental care and universal daycare in Miraco. He began his political career while at the University of Mertz (where he earned his BA and MA in Political Science) as the leader of the "Young Democratic Socialists". Upon graduation, he ran for parliament and became the MP of Mertz Central and eventually the leader of the Miraco Democratic Socialist party. Following the 2014 Elections, the MDSP managed to gain a majority government which led to Dion Clermont becoming Prime Minister and later councillor of Miraco (since councillor Eloise Murray became commissioner)

    Photograph (Optional):
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  • Seeing how no other nominations were made during the period, I declare that Dion Clermont is the new S&D President, and the new Giertruda Warszawska vice president. Congratulations, I hope sincerely you lead the party back onto the European stage!

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