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    Hi folks. I'm not sure if many of you know but some months ago the old NS Wiki was switched off. Since then a new NS Wiki hosted at nswiki.org has emerged.

    Therefore I take the opportunity to encourage you all to register in the wiki and start writing articles on your nations, as well as collaborating with me in putting up all the wiki-relevant data we have on the EU.

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    PD. Here are some examples of articles I've written or I'm working on:
    -European Union
    -Premier Commissioner of the European Union
    -European Commission

  • I will most definitely do this! Though it might take awhile to finish to school and all

  • Commission

    I am currently collating economic Data for the EU if you want that. Will most certainly work on the page for Davishire

  • ECoJ

    Ooh, looks very interesting indeed! I'll most definitely contribute!

  • ECoJ

    By the way, I can't seem to be able to provide a small, short summary section at the top right of a wiki page, like the one on the EU page: http://nswiki.org/index.php?title=Region/European_Union

    How do I create a summary tab like this?

  • Commission

    I went onto the GroBdeuthces reich page, went to edit, copied and pasted the template and change the information and picture.

    you may also notice that clicking on The Commonwealth of Davishire on my signature will lead you to Davishires Wiki...

  • Mass Effect RP

    So I've been doing a few for Halsberg. I'll try and keep it up and get as full a picture of the country as we can! I'll (hopefully) update this list as we go!

    High President Michael Solomon
    Unionist and Conservative Party

    You'll notice the one for Halsberg as a whole is a complete copy/paste job from my forum factbook (which incidentally hasn't been updated in two years) and is just there as a bit of a placeholder. So please do forgive its terribleness! Also, SuCal page is coming soon...

  • Just to say, it seems you're meant to create the page as Nation/Angleter (for example), rather than just Angleter. That way people using NS++ can follow a link to the NSWiki page from your nation page on NS. Somehow it's possible to make the title of the page show up as simply Angleter, but I expect GDR will know more about that.

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    In fact, I've got no clue on that. As of now, I haven't yet seen any nation article which is Nation/Nationname withou the "Nation/" part appearing at the title. That's why I created my country article without that but still have the Nation/GroBdeutsches Reich article as a redirection. However, considering it's NSwiki's rule to have your factbook with the Nation/ format I'll probably be moving all my info back to Nation/GroBdeutsches Reich.

  • I just redirected my nation page to the one that doesn't say it.

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