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    Inquistan Airways is the leading airline operating throughout the Mediterranean Basin. As a certified 5-star airline, Inquistan Airways prides itself on its prestigiously warm and and welcoming services. Headquartered in Saint Dominico, the largest city in the European Union, Inquistan Airways connects together the lives of millions of Europeans. Whether it is an important business trip, a family holiday, or time to attend the next inevitable EuroVoice competition in Inquista, Inquistan Airways awaits you. At Inquistan Airways, they are "Taking You To More Than A Destination".


    Headquarters: Saint Dominico, Inquista

    Established: January 25th, 1952

    Slogan: "Taking You To More Than A Destination"

    Ownership: 100% Private Investors

    CEO: Emre di Carafa

    Fleet size: 522 (2017)

    Employees: 187,400 (2017)

    Frequent flyer program: Inquistan Air Club

    SKYTRAX certfication: ⋆⋆ (5 Stars)

    Airline alliance: None



    - Eaux-Claire Hills International Airport (Saint Dominico, Inquista)

    - Saint Andrew International Airport (Saint Dominico, Inquista)

    - Saint Augustine International Airport (Saint Dominico, Inquista)

    - Sunset Beach International Airport (Saint Dominico, Inquista)

    - Trinity City International Airport (Saint Dominco, Inquista)

    - Schiphol International Airport (Amsterdam, Grossdeutsches Reich)

    - Laayoune International Airport (Laayoune, The Sahrawi Union)


    - Saint Dominico, Inquista

    - Amsterdam, Grossdeutsches Reich

    - Berlin, Grossdeutsches Reich

    - Marseille, Grossdeutsches Reich

    - Munich, Grossdeutsches Reich

    - Paris, Grossdeutsches Reich

    - Portland, Icholasen

    - Romain, Icholasen

    - Saint Adelaide, Icholasen

    - Saint Mary, Icholasen

    - Saint Pierre, Icholasen

    - Saint Regina, Icholasen

    - Laayoune, The Sahrawi Union

    - Dakhla, The Sahrawi Union

    - Guerquerat, The Sahrawi Union

    - London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

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    The grossdeutscher Federal Ministry of Transports whishes to grant Inquistan Airways permission to establish routes to the following airports/cities:

    -Berlin Brandenburg International Airport - Berlin
    -Philippe P?tain International Airport - Paris
    -Marseille International Airport - Marseille
    -Munich International Airport - Munich
    -Schiphol International Airport - Amsterdam

    We're also offering your airline to use Schiphol International Airport as a hub for your flights in the Caspian Sea - Persian Gulf area

  • Icholasen Air offers to grant Inquistan Airlines travel to:

    King Nikolai International Airport (Saint Regina)
    Saint Pierre International Airport
    Portland International Airport
    Romain International Airport
    Saint Adelaide International Airport
    Saint Mary International Airport

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