In search for an Empress

  • This is a call out to all royal families in the EU his majesty the emperor is in search for an empress. All royalty is eligible.

    What will you get in return,

    -You don't have to fear vor an invasion of Groot-Belgie
    -Free passage of people and goods coming in from your country
    -if you need military help (if you're right or wrong doesn't matter) we will be at your side

    people that are not allowed to enter

    -Eric pickles
    -The H?sslichegesicht Family
    -any horse *looks angry at prussia*

  • Noone wants to send someone to be the empres of GB?

  • An AD was placed on television in Davishire yesterday and broadcast on every channel at the same time to the whole population.

    As yet nobody as responded.

  • Drumroll please!!!!

    The H?sslichegesicht Family which has a distant....distant....distant(You get the idea) claim on the Prussian Imperial Throne presents the current heir to its pretender........Katrina H?sslichegesicht! A generally agnostic religiously, fair in the mind but has the strongest limbs money can buy(Or well prussian mafia threats), she likes long walks on the beach, men she can manipulate, and enjoys reading the Matriarchy!

    She hopes to marry Geert for his po- mon-...for his amazing looks! She is pretty willing to do whatever stuff he wants to an extent and well just wants to get hitched. She would also like some support for her Prussian throne claimant when the time comes!

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  • the list of people who can't participate is updated

  • We are looking for a woman between the ages of 30-45 preferably younger than 40

  • user posted image

    Jessica Greenberg is a baroness in the Barony of Kohl in southern Bavaria. She is thirty-seven years of age, likes long walks on the beach, enjoys reading, and is a very kind person. She understands that she would need to leave her title of Baroness to her sister but accepts it, as she sees Geert as a very good man, with good looks, a good taste in humor among other things.

  • I accept the offer. as she is fit to be the empress and make a heir to the throne. Please contact the emperor to arrange the marriage