EuroStar: Results Show

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    EuroStar Results show
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    "Good evening ladies and gentleman! Tonight we're going to announce the results of the first ever annual EuroStar. We've had 5 lovely entries from across Europe, the people at the TVM were hoping for more, but they just have to live with it I guess"

    The audience laughs and applauds

    "Anyways, here at EuroStar our main goal is to celebrate the arts, so keep in mind we are all winners tonight. But before I announce the results I'd live to invite the cast of "Phantom of the Opera" to perform... well... Phantom of the Opera!"

    Phantom of the Opera Performance

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    The audience erupts into applause and Idina Menzel comes back to take the stage

    "Thank you for that lovely performance, now it's time to begin our show. Here in my hand is an envelope containing the name of the performer coming in at 5th place"

    The audience awaits patiently

    "Coming in at fifth place is... a commercial break. I'm just kidding"

    _The audience looks puzzled and laugh _

    "Fifth place goes to... Poland-Lithuania for Un bel di vedremo (Madama Butterfly)!"

    The audience applauds

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    "Now it's time to announce who came into fourth place. I have my envelope here."

    The audience looks on patiently

    "Coming in at fourth place is... Icholasen for Priscilla Queen of the Desert Cast from Go West!"

    The audience applauds

    "Fabulous choice if I do say so myself, congratulations!"

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    "Now we're going to do something different and announce who came out in second place"

    The audience is intrigued by the idea and begins to speak amongst themselves

    "Coming in at second place is... oh this is quite the surprise."

    "Second place goes to Halsberg for Springtime for Hitler from The Producers!"

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    "Who will win? Will be our host nation of Miraco or will it be Inquisita?"

    The audience erupts in cheers and applause

    "I'm excited too because now we're going to announce our winner. Remember though, regardless of what happens this is a celebration of the arts, we are all winners tonight."

    "Before I announce the winner though, I want to give special thanks to our sponsor tonight Air Miraco as well as the people here at TVM for putting on such a lovely show!"

    An audience members shouts out "We love you Idina!"

    "Hahaha, thank you so much, I love you all too, but the show must go on and now it's time to announce our winner."

    Dramatic music is head and the spotlights turn towards the host

    "Coming in at first place is... Inquisita for On My Own from Les Miserables!"

    Fireworks are seen outside the Mertz Opera House

    "Thank you all for coming out here tonight! It was a pleasure being here, I'd like to congratulate Inquisita on achieving first place and Miraco as well for coming in at third. Let's have a round of applause for all our winners tonight! I can't wait to see what you all have in store next year!"

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