Varsovienne Polonaise

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    Warsaw, Poland-Lithuania
    29 August 2014

    The President returned from her triumphant meeting in the German Reich, and just as she thought she could return to domestic policy and focus on re-election bids, she was greeted by news that the Premier Commissioner would be paying a visit. She was saddened to find that Alenka would not be joining him on the trip, but nonetheless was excited to be home and entertaining someone.

    "Ian," President Kligenberg called out to her Secretary of Internal Affairs. "Has Mrs. Gulczynska arrived yet?"

    "She will be here shortly after the Premier, Madam President," said Mr. Syzmanowski, dressed in his very best. Karolina couldn't help but feel attracted to him. She could her Anazio whistling away in the background, having somehow followed her to Fryderyk Chopin International Airport.

    "Well, when we get to the Presidential Palace, tell her that the Premier will take in some of the sights of Warsaw before getting back there, alright?" President Kligenberg said to Ian, who wrote down the memo happily.

  • The Viscount had awoken that day early to catch his flight to Poland-Lithuania. He had kept in his office a special flight bag full of necessaries for trips of such occasions knowing this would be one of his main roles in the job. When the captain announced descent into Frederyk Chopin airport the Premier gave a smile to himself as he had an adoration for the music of Chopin, although he was sharing a musical pedestal with composer Stephen Valentine whose concert last year in Os Corelia had blown the Premier away.

    The Premier then straightened his suit as the plane landed and taxied to the awaiting party.

  • The President looked happy to see the Premier land safely in Poland.

    "Welcome, Mr. Premier, to Poland-Lithuania and Warsaw, capital of our fair nation," President Kligenberg. "Allow me to introduce Mr. Ian Syzmanowski, my Secretary of Internal Affairs."

    "It is an honour, Mr. Premier, to have you in Warsaw."

  • 'Your Excellency, Mr Syzmanowski thank you for extending me the invitation to have us meet. I come here to discuss how we can find ways to cooperate to ensure your government has its voice within our European institution and to see how can collaboration can make this relationship even better'