Saint Regina ALDGE Conference

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    Saint Regina ALDGE Conference**

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    Today, a representative from every ALDGE Member will attend. This is the first ALDGE meeting in Saint Regina, Icholasen. This is a very historical day as this is the first ALDGE Conference. ALDGE is proud of its environmentalism, liberalism and having the longest acronym, but remember it's not about size, it's how you use it. So let's start the ALDGE Conference!

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    9:00: Everyone will be escorted to the Conference.
    10:00: The Conference Begins:
    12:00: Dinner is served.
    2:00: Conference Resumed.
    5:00: Tea is served.
    6:00: Conference is over.

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    The Os Corelius Party delegation arrived on a chartered flight from Kaldoon into Saint Regina never had a plane been so full of party members but as Os Corelius was a major party within ALDGE they thought they would send a full and fitting delegation of MPs, councillors and activists from all over the nine states of Os Corelia. At the helm of the delegation was ALDGE president Karolinasz Jaedala who was the only person on the plane not a member of the Os Corelius Party she was joined by Os Corelius Party ALDGE Liaison office Lord Khayn Krimtak and Os Corelia's European Councillor Count Jairos Jelesniak. Also in attendance was Corelian liberal behemoth Countessa Maleeka Liszckoszi who would never miss an ALDGE jamboree. A noticeable absence was Premier Kaegan Hezterblatz who was in Poland-Lithuania for an office EU visit and he was a man to put his job first.

    This conference would be a celebration of liberal values and a war cry to push forward and advance the liberal and green cause in Europe.

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    Coming on a direct Lufthansa flight from Berlin the members of the FDP delegation arrived in Saint Regina. Members of the delegation, led by FDP secretary general Horsten K?hler and the party's ALDGE representative Howard S?nger, were all faces of shame. After their sound defeat in last week's Council election they didn't feel like having the strength to look at their europarty comrades in the face. Even party leader Robert Mainzer had decided not to lead the delegation and decided to stay in its south Germany home, thinking about its imminent resignation from party leadership. The members of a party which had in the past been the envy of many other liberal parties in the EU had arrived.

  • Pamela Winchell, the proud Vice President of ALDGE didn't have such a long commute as her Corelian or German friends. She welcomed them into to the conference centre in the Tillst?nd's Conference room. It was an old room, with pillars. There were tables for the guests. Pamela Winchell loved ALDGE it was her passion, but with coming European Elections, she had to try and keep herself in the running as EU Councillor. This would be a great opportunity for her to have such a high profile event for her party in Saint Regina as people would feel more connected to ALDGE, sometimes Euro Parties can seem distant from the people of the country. But Pamela was about to change all this. Pamela took the podium and announced:

    "The running order for the speeches this lovely, sunny afternoon is first with Os Corelian, Jairos Jelesniak then secondly, the Gro?deutches Reich, Horsten K?hler and finally Pamela Winchell with ALDGE"

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    Everyone had gathered in the conference centre auditorium ready for the speeches and there was palpable excitement in the air. Suddenly the room when dark and the announcer began:

    'Ladies, Gentlemen and those without Gender welcome to the ALDGE summer autumn conference 2014 the festival for liberal values and a great chance to get your green on'

    The crowd cheered as smoke and laser beams broke out to the song Best Day of My Life and the laser show lasted a good 15 minutes. Then a drum roll commenced as the announced came back 'Ladies, Gentleman and those without gender please welcome to the stage European Councillor for Os Corelia Count Kairos Jelesniak' as the crowd errupted in applause the count came out on stage walking toward the central podium to the the song I'm the Man looked bemused and laughing.

    He got to the microphone and as the music stopped the Count had the giggle 'What was that?!' he once again was in hysterics before composing himself 'I can honestly say that was the most impressive introduction for a 61 year old man from outer Leodis, usually its a dry clap and a complementary egg and cress sandwich. Well I guess I've been tasked with kicking off this conference in terms of the speeches so I hope you aren't taken to yawning after the lasers' The count then lined up his notes and got ready for his proper speech.

    'What a year we've had conference, what a year. We did it we finally got environmental legislation passed in council and have the Ocean protection act written into European law, yes yes we need to celebrate an important milestone in our history as a region that we can begin to have more open conversation about protecting our glorious environment. We also have once again an ALDGE Premier in the form of Kaegan Hezterblatz who is doing a fab job and set a positive agenda for his term in office. This is progress! and we can only push forward.

    So where do we go from here? Well we need to work on more legislation concerning the environment and ask big tough questions about carbon emissions in Europe because although some will deny climate change our planet is heating up and we need to do everything we can to stop this and preserve our beautiful world for future generations.

    We also need to make more legislative moves to outlaw hate crimes, to ensure people are not discriminated on the basis of their gender, sexuality, race or creed and we need to do all we can to foster and nurture integration not as a forced act but as part of human nature. We have to push on and oppose hatreds.

    We also have to question and demonstrate the liberal vision for society, that is a society free from unreasonable punishment. We cannot rest while states have the right to sanction murder this is not civility and we must be vocal in a call for nuclear disarmament. We have a voice and lets shout until we can no more.

    We are the instruments of opportunity so let's go create a bigger better liberal society. Thank you'

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    As Jairos Jelesniak abandoned the scene Horsten K?hler went before the crowd to deliver its speech.

    Dear friends of the liberal family, thank you for the warm welcome. It's good to be back again at the european liberal conference. As my dear friend Jairos just pointed out, this conference is a celebration of our successful push for ecological legislation in the Council. However there is still much of a path to be run. And the grossdeutscher liberals will be running alongside its european comrades. In spite of our recent defeat in the European Council election, the FDP is still up for another fight. We reached the Reich chancellery and built a liberal democracy from scrap, and we'll do it again. Sooner than later.

    This conference will mark the beginning of the liberal-democratic revolution! A revolution which will make a greener Europe, a more free Europe, a greater and peaceful Europe. A continent united around the values of equality, democracy, and justice for all. There is no place for regret or defeat in this party, we have to keep pushing forward. The future of the Union depends on it. In this Commission term we must launch an offensive to reclaim all the territory we've lost to conservatives and classic liberalism with our eyes fixed on the Commission Premiership. For that we'll need a strong leadership.

    Therefore I'd like to welcome you all to this conference, thank our nicoleizian friends for hosting this conference, and to reaffirm the FDP's support for the liberal democratic and green project this party represents.

  • Hello my friends, I am Pamela Winchell, co-leader of ALDGE. Icholasen is very proud to hold this conference.

    Liberalism is very close to my heart and the values of ALDGE are the values of the average Nicoleizian. We continue to work hard to ensure the EU doesn't plunge itself into environmental catastrophe. We may be small, but we do make a difference. The Ocean Protection act is probably our biggest win yet - and we must continue to make more bills and pass them. we're small but we aren't futile. We can make our small numbers really matter. We must continue to make bills and not be afraid to make them. We have many valid contributions that we must put forward. ALDGE has the potential to make a difference.

    As my Corelian friend was saying we need to try and stop hate crime. Hate crime is important to try and stop. It can be harmful, destructive and benefits no one. I also agree that we need to try and achieve nuclear disarmament, because we cannot accept that we could destroy the whole planet a few times over. But also, Lufthansa and Royal Icholasen Air are all major airlines and together with ALDGE they should try and find ways of lowering carbon emissions from planes. Over the years Carbon emissions from planes has gone down substantially, but we still need to invest in this as one day we will have a carbon neutral plane.

  • After Pamela Winchell left the stage of the ALDGE Conference, Roman Prodaj, Prime Minister and Secretary of "Left, Ecology and Freedom" party of Kryuland, woke up from his seat and slowly approached the stage, with something strange in his hand: a dictionary. The crowd started rumouring.

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    "Good morning everyone, and thank you for hosting me and members of my party. My first thankings goes to Pamela Winchell in this beautiful city for hosting the congress of our europarty.

    Before going on an international level, or rather European, I would first say a few words about the political twist my beautiful country had experienced: about 3 years ago no one would have thought, nor in my home country nor at the European level, that the party system would have been hit by such a crisis, which began December 18, 2012 with the fall of the government Frenc, which lasted five years. No one would have thought that the Marxist Party would take away the confidence to PSDN, dropping the XVth legislature, and then the call from the king of new elections.

    But I can say that, as for me, former Prime Minister Frenc and former Deputy Prime Minister Eron, the situation was not going to collapse: after founding this party, and after winning the election, we have decided to overwhelming majority during the Board of Directors of the party to enter in the ALDGE, convincingly back then and with conviction now.

    The audience began to applaud loudly

    For the next few days, an important event is on the horizon: the election of the councillor in the European Union for our country. We have already explored different names and personalities, including the former prime minister Frenc, and we are developing a unified strategy to address this important election the better, and of course win it. Because, you know, our party is made to win!

    Applause from the audience

    Now you're probably wondering why I bring this dictionary in hand! Well, soon explained. If you search for the word "liberalism" in this dictionary 10 seconds of silence dropped while he swooped vigorously thumbed through the dictionary is the following definition: "The ideological and political orientation that limits the power of the state to promote freedom of action of the individual". Exactly. Uphold freedom of action and of the individual. This is what we should be proud of, because there are other parties out there, and as many people, who completely ignore these values ​​that we cherish so much.

    Of course, liberalism alone is not enough to improve this planet, because it is the planet itself that is important: it does not seem fair nor desiderable to leave to future generations, that is to say to our children, grandchildren and descendants, a rotten, horrible, polluted, destroyed and ready-to-implode planet. So I think the environment should not only be respected, but protected, preserved in its current beauty.

    What WE should do as party is to push so this Union can make better use of renewable sources of energy, like the sun or the wind, or heat. Propose such laws in the European Council should be our goal, and urge the Commission to take steps in this direction as well.

    Conservatives do value economic freedom and moral security, while liberals value economic security and moral freedom. Thank you."

    Strong claps in the audience were heard

  • After quickly having flown to St. Regina after the founding of her United Green Front, Judy Speller joined the ALDGE members at the conference and took to the stand, barely having prepared a speech.

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    "Thank you very much indeed for having me. Even though my party is barely a week old, I feel it has a large consensus in my country, Inimicus. I am honoured to be allowed to speak to you today. I would also like to take a moment to commemorate my beloved father, who was unrightfully put to death after being accused of attempting to assassinate the Inimician Emperor, William. Jeffrey Speller, I am who I am because of you, and I am sure I would not be here if not for your effort to provide for a safer, greener Inimicus.
    The United Green Front of Inimicus is a welcome party, for it provides a political refuge for millions of Green voters who could not trust any MP since the abolishment of the former Green Party in October 2013. I am extremely grateful to Emperor Artabnos, the first Inimician Emperor who has shown benevolence towards Green voters. Without him, the UGF would not even be an imagination. I am sure the UGF will manage to get many votes in the next Inimician General Elections, and perhaps even provide a European Councillor in possible upcoming European Elections.

    Speaking of Inimician European Councillors, I find it an absolute shame that the Party of National Pride has provided for every Inimician Councillor to date. Nicholas Benfield was the worst councillor I have ever seen. His phoney climate change denial and bigoted anti-gay sentiments were a disgrace to the EU and Inimicus. I was favourable to Sir Augustus Barrington, but I still find it a shame he refused to vote for a better European Union by blocking the Marriage Recognition Act. Admittedly, he did a good job as Commissioner for Foreign Affairs. Less so in the office of Defence and Peacekeeping, though. His replacement, Ralph Jaevons, seems to be more constructive, despite being a eurosceptic. I still feel guilty about the rejection of the first Ocean Protection Act and the Marriage Recognition Act.

    It is time to more Europe into a different direction. We need more climate legislation if we want to continue living on this beautiful planet. Inimicus is a true horror scenario when it comes to green policies. Nearly fifty nuclear fission reactors have been erected since the 1950s, and research into nuclear fusion is heavily subsidised. Contrary to this, wind, solar and tidal power sources are virtually non-existent. I would like to see European legislation to ensure this changes.

    I am afraid I don't have much more for you today. I wanted to introduce myself to the ALDGE, and show that also Inimicus has a large green consensus. I thank you warmly for your time, and hope we can work together for a greener, liberal European Union"

    The crowd applauded as Ms Speller vacated the stand

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