Steps to Allaince

  • The Viscount was in his office drinking his favourite peach and ginger tea when he as buzzed by his PA and the Prime Minister entered. 'Ah Katrushka good to see you please sit down for the days agenda the Steward of the Duxburian will be gracing us with his presence in Os Corelia today to talk business an opportunity we need to seek to its full advantage with them being the wealthiest nation in the region. I expect the utmost respect to be shown to our guests and a real willingness to work'

    The Prime Minister nodded and replied 'Don't worry Miltok I've got a plan to see if we can make a deal that will be incredibly beneficial to our nation and will work for our new partners' She handed the Viscount dossier which he flicked through. 'This is dynamite' he replied 'I tihnk if we could agree this we will have achieved a great relationship that will solve a fair few problems. To the steps we go'

    The Viscount and Prime Minister put on their ceremonial garbs: for the Viscount a ceremonial sash in the national colours emblazoned with a liberty bird on it and for the Prime Minister the parliamentary robe of deep red with a sky blue trimming representing the Os Corelius Party. They then headed for the steps of Parliament where the Os Corelian, Duxburian Union and European Union flags flew side by side on equal footing. They were joined by the Vice President in her state house deep blue robe and the Kaiserin in her deep green robe in waiting for the coming party. Parliament were waiting in groups either side of the steps in their dress gowns. The group stood ready for the arriving party.

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    Steward Dante Maximilian was aware of his nation's past inability to work with or even make it to a summit with Os Corelia, so he was eager to improve their relationship. He wore white, the Duxburian color of friendship. A small team of senior advisors formed the delegation, although Maximilian pretty much knew what he wanted to talk about.

    The flight was on time and the trip went off without a hitch. The Duxburians arrived at Parliament, ready to remedy past miscues.

  • After an exchanging of state pleasantries the Steward was taken into the Democracy lounge with his advisers so the parties could sit at the table and talk. The Prime Minister was charged with leading negotiations as it was to be an intergovernmental agreement on the table. The Prime Minister distributed her pre-prepared dossier and began to introduce it: 'I would again like to extend a personal welcome to Steward Maximilian here to Leodis Square parliament for what I hope to be productive talks. I feel without further a do we should get down to business. On behalf of the Os Corelian government I am presenting this treaty of bilateral relations with a focus on defence and trade. Teh Duxburian Union are the most econmically and defensively powerful nation in the Union and perfect examples of a peaceful nation that can prosper we can only respect and admire you. As you know s Corelia is peaceful to the point of having limited defence resources. We sometimes feel we would like to make agreements with our European neighbours to give us some protection and security.

    The proposition is as follows we could like to offer the Duxburian Union the Isle of Wiscongadia, an uninhabited Isle to the north of Os Corelian mainline to develop into a military base in return for protection if Os Corelia faces invasion or threats of a military nature. We would of course have a few conditions to this as with all our opted out military bases to ensure security. These would be that total personal could not equate to or exceed the number of corelian military personnel and no prisoners or prisoners of war could be transported through this base. We can also call the base into review at any time and can terminate the agreement at any time we so wish and have you respect this.

    I will let us discuss this agreement first before we go onto trade.

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    The Steward spent some time looking over the document. He found it agreeable for the most part, the Duxburian Union was definitely looking for naval bases in the Atlantic.

    "The Duxburian Union will agree to protect Os Corelia in exchange for this base. However, it would be preferable if we are given at least 30 days' notice if you wish to terminate the agreement. The navy is not quite as easy to redeploy like other branches of the military. Other than that, we are fine with the personnel limit, provided that the count doesn't only include the base, for obvious reasons. As for prisoners, you won't need to worry about prisoners..."

    Maximilian made *bang bang* motions with his fingers. While clearly a joke, the Corelians weren't 100% sure.

  • The Prime Minister was a little confused by the gun gesture but shook it off 'Well I think we can agree to a 30 day notice period and to clarify the personnel limit refers tot he whole nation not just the base. In terms of trade we would be keen as ever to sell you some fish and create transport links through our national airline do you have any thoughts on these matters?'