• 31 August 2014
    Presidential Palace, Warsaw

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    President Kligenberg did not want to be dragged out of bed at Lazienki, but Mr. Syzmanowski said it was an absolute must that she arrive at the Presidential Palace at this time of night, and when she arrived, she was least pleased to be up so late.

    "Ian, why on earth did you drag me here now," President Kligenberg said to Mr. Syzmanowski. "Literally, any other time of day could have worked better."

    "Madam President, with all do respect, this is something that you need to know immediately. The leader of the Teutonic Knights would like to speak with you," Mr. Syzmanowski replied. The aides, the staff, no one found this sentence to be shocking, yet Karolina, who happened to know nothing about any of the Teutonic Knight happenings stood dumbfounded.

    "Teutonic Knights...but aren't the Knights something isolated in the Medieval period..." President Kligenberg said to Mr. Syzmanowski. He said nothing, but rolled up his sleeve and she got a better look at it this time. She could tell it was a man in medieval armour, with the signature curved horn helmet of Herman von Salza, leader of the Teutonic Knights.

    "They're real, and they are in Poland. Have you ever wondered what your father did during his trips to Lithuania for 'hunting'?" Mr. Syzmanowski explained. "How I was so prepared for you when you became President..."

    Karolina was speechless, and only the sound of Anazio could be heard whistling far away in the park.

    "Ian, what in God's name..."

    "I can explain in the car. Karolina, you have to come with me to the Teutonic Castle in Malbork," Mr. Syzmanowski said to the President, and he grabbed her. Karolina let out an obligatory scream, but no one moved or said anything. Her entire staff knew about this and simply kept her in the dark. She decided it was better not to try and fight him, but simply go with him in the unmarked black SUV.

  • The trip took what seemed like forever, and she knew that the SUV was travelling along at a high rate of speed, but it seemed as if no one even cared. They passed several police vehicles but they didn't attempt to go after it at all. Karolina sat, breathing rather shallow breaths, scared for her life. They sounded sharp.

    'Never get in the black, unmarked SUV stupid...' Karolina thought.

    No one said a word. She was surrounded by large men, Mr. Syzmanowski, and a driver, and she never thought that for once she would be in this situation in her life.

    The driving continued for another hour until finally, the car stopped in front of the Teutonic Castle.

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    "This is the Teutonic Castle?" President Kligenberg asked. "I've always known it as our summer palace, whenever we wanted to get away from hot Warsaw or Krakow."

    "Yes, it is, and this is where your father would go whenever he went hunting," Mr. Syzmanowski said to President Kligenberg.

    Karolina was stunned and was led into the Palace and was stunned to see the interior so decorated and so modern in stark contrast with the palace itself. The Teutonic Knight seemed to have high tech intelligence and surveillance that even surpassed some of her emergency bunkers.

  • "How have you kept this secret?" President Kligenberg asked Mr. Syzmanowski.

    "The Teutonic Castle has been kept far away from other people in Malbork, and no one has gone up here for years, and it was said to have been purchased by a private company," Ian explained. "You wouldn't know, your father did that deal a long time ago."

    Karolina was dumbfounded by how everyone was moving around speaking to each other, and none of them were concerned that the President was in their midst. It's as if they were daring her to do something about it, and that bravado kept Karolina silent about the legality of the organization.

    "So, the Teutonic Knights are here in Poland...what are they doing?" Karolina asked.

    "Selling life insurance and protecting the homeland from heretics," said one of the members glibly.

    Karolina couldn't help but giggle, but Mr. Syzmanowski looked at her with seriousness.

    "Seriously, we deal in life insurance and home insurance as our outward organization," Mr. Syzmanowski said to President Kligenberg, handing her a business card. It wasn't of his name, but sure enough, 'Malbork Insurance' was the company on the card.

    "Then where do you do the operation of your insurance company?" Karolina asked.

    "Warsaw," Mr. Syzmanowski said candidly.

    "You brought me here to see this...but why?" Karolina asked still amazed with everything around her.

    "Because you are the symbol of the homeland, and as the head of state, you must know that we are working around the clock to protect Poland. We even inform the intelligence community, and the point of me being your Internal Affairs person was to get a Teutonic Knight close to the President. We have to defend the Catholic realm in the name of Christ," Mr. Syzmanowski explained, walking with Karolina through. He picked up a sword and swiftly swung it around, frighteningly talented with a sword. He then picked up a gun and immediately several targets appeared around them. He nailed every single one while Karolina ducked.

    "Don't worry, they're blanks," Mr. Syzmanowski replied.

    Karolina couldn't believe this was the same Secretary of Internal Affairs.

  • "So you are here defending the Polish homeland....from what?" President Kligenberg asked.

    "We are protecting the Catholic realm from heretics, namely those ungodly Crusaders. The Teutonic Knights are the only Crusaders that follow the word of Christ. We also monitor any direct threats as best we can. We send our Teutonic Knights to hunt down those people. The Polish Intelligence Agency, they aren't as good as we are," Mr. Syzmanowski said.

    "Then why not become part of the government?" President Kligenberg asked.

    "Because we are not going to answer to anyone but God himself. We may also disagree with the government's position as it acts on God's Earth. As a politician, I will give you my personal advice. But I will never be able to share my advice with you as a Teutonic Knight to help you make a decision," Mr. Syzmanowski answered honestly.

    Karolina paused and looked at her Secretary of Internal Affairs.

    "If I request information from you all, and you don't give it to me, I could prosecute..." Karolina began.

    "Because people believe the Teutonic Knights are still active, of course," Ian answered. "Quit while you're ahead, Madam President...Karolina."

    Karolina felt somewhat insulted by the nonchalant manner that Mr. Syzmanowski called her Karolina, but found it endearing as well. He was her confidant in the place Alenka, and he knew her very well.

    "Fine, you'll be free to keep going," said the President. "Just please...keep it out of the public eye as much as you can."

    "...We're not stupid," Mr. Syzmanowski replied. "Who do you think we are, Eric Pickles?"

    Karolina felt bad for laughing at that joke.

    The Teutonic Knights were very nice to her, especially as they viewed her as a defender of the Christian teachings now that she was involved with the PCDP.

    "Be honest...would the Teutonic Knights ever step in and help a President in the event that there was a plot against their life," Karolina asked.

    "Only if that President's views lined up with the teachings of the Lord," Mr. Syzmanowski explained. "We are strictly here to keep our Lord's people safe in Poland."

    President Kligenberg felt as though they were harsh in how candid they were and how they were adhering to the Bible.

    "Ian, thank you for showing me this and trusting me this much," President Kligenberg said. "Why did you bring me here."

    "Because, frankly, Karolina...I care for you more than as a Secretary and as a friend," Mr. Syzmanowski said. He and Karolina both blushed before he added, "But it's also important for the Polish head of state to know that this exists and functions."

    President Kligenberg hadn't been this confused for a while. Mr. Syzmanowski simply waved to Karolina as he led her to the SUV and watched her drive away. She began the long journey back to Warsaw understanding her nation and how deep their Catholic roots hold even more.