A Papal Visit to Budapest

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    The Budapest Business Centre

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    Budapest Old City

    The Majority Leader in the Sejm, Mrs. Domicylla Gorecka was waiting for the Pope to land in Budapest. She was standing with the leader of the Christian Democrats, Ignacy Pokorny, who was ecstatic beyond containing himself to see the Pope in Budapest. The two would act as representatives on behalf of the President, who would be attending once she arrived in Budapest.

  • The papal aircraft landed in Budapest airport and taxied as the sun glistened off the tail decorate with the papal cross keys. The Pontiff wasn't too keen on flying but decided to grin and bear it so he could meet with his parishioners, those being the Catholics of the world. He had on the seat next to him a satchell within which he had a surprise or two written in recently dried ink.

    The aircraft pulled up the visiting party and the Pontiff emerged and knelt on the ground for a moment in silent prayer as he stood foot on a new land.

  • "Your Holiness, it is an honour to have you here, amidst our humble followers of Christ," said Mr. Pokorny. He was so excited that he gave off the impression of a young puppy seeing Odysseus return from the sea. Mrs. Gorecka simply smiled and bowed reverently.

    "It is an honour, your holiness. The President will meet us in the church for a more formal introduction, but I would like to invite you to Budapest. This is one of the gems of our fair nation that many have come to love and visit over the years. We are indeed truly blessed as a nation to have you here with us."

  • 'Madame Majority Leader, Representative Pokorny may the lords blessings be truly upon you and your families and the grace of God be with you in your work. I am honoured to visit your country and meet those whose firm faith in Christ moves me greatly that I cannot contain my gratitude upon my invitation to visit.

    May I take this moment to pray for you' The Pontiff said as he extended his hands over the heads of his guests 'May the lord bless you and give you guidance to serve those who have elected you to be true of heart and in the service of those who truly need you the most. May you hear their voices at all times and be conscious of your civic duty towards them. May the Lord bless you in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit may it come down on you and remain with you forever. Amen'

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