Charles and Anastasia Wedding Invites

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    Invitations for Charles and Anastasia's wedding.**
    Please fill out the application for who is coming. All nations are welcome to attend.


    Country Name:
    Name of Guest:
    Plus 1?:
    Plus 2?:
    Dietary Requirements:
    Prefered Drink:

    Halsberg Party
    1. High President Michael Solomon
    2. Marie Solomon
    3. Susan Callaghan
    4. Edmund XI, the Duke of Roeburg
    Inimicus Party
    1. Emperor Artabanos
    2. Imperial Consort Charlotte of Inimicus
    Groot-Belgian Party
    1. Emperor Geert van Tongelen
    2. Jessica Greenberg
    Imperial Prussian Party
    1. Emperor Sebastian
    2. Princess Victoria
    3. Princess Catherine

  • Country Name: The Twelve Commonwealths of Halsberg
    Name of Guest: High President Michael Solomon
    Plus 1?: Marie Solomon
    Plus 2?: Susan Callaghan
    Plus 3?: Edmund XI, the Duke of Roeburg
    Dietary Requirements: None.
    Prefered Drink: Bacardi and cokes all round.

  • Country Name: The Empire of Inimicus
    Name of Guest: Emperor Artabanos
    Plus 1?: Imperial Consort Charlotte of Inimicus
    Plus 2?: -
    Dietary Requirements: None
    Prefered Drink: Whisky, obviously.

  • Country Name:The empire of Groot-belgie
    Name of Guest:emperor Geert van Tongelen
    Plus 1?:Jessica Greenberg
    Plus 2?:
    Dietary Requirements:if the marriage goes on a friday, Pasta
    Prefered Drink:the best local beer there is. and after dinner something stronger lik whiskey

  • Country Name: The Imperial Prussian State
    Name of Guest: Emperor Sebastian
    Plus 1?: Princess Victoria & Catherine
    Plus 2?: Bunch load of other family
    Dietary Requirements: Preferably anything of the German variety
    Preferred Drink: Vodka, Red wine, and a variety of Prussian Beers