9/9/14: The News Now

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    9.08.47 --- Mark Derzi: "...and we'll be taking a closer look at those local elections on Thursday on The News Now later. Now, here's Collaterlie Sisters with the business.

    9.09.05 --- CS: "Thanks, Mike."

    9.09.07 --- MD: "Mark."

    9.09.08 --- CS: "Thanks, Mike. A bad night for the Pound this morning when..."

    9.09.14 --- MD: "Collaterlie, shut up. We're hearing reports right now that a passenger plane somewhere in Angleter has lost contact with air traffic controllers at Noel Edmonds International Airport in Maien. We'll bring you more information about this development as it comes from our informant at air traffic control, Fyranne Raine, who has asked to remain anonymous. We'll return after the break.

    [[Camera pans out. Voice from off-screen heard over jingle: "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT, MARK? WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?]]

    [[Jingle plays. The anchor's chair is empty. Jingle plays again, more adverts play. Jingle plays again, with anchor's chair now filled.]]

    9.12.56 --- Pauline Armeniakon: "This is The News Now with Pauline Armeniakon. It's just gone thirteen minutes past nine, and our headlines this morning: An Angleteric passenger plane has reportedly lost contact with air traffic controllers at Maien Airport. Campaigning continues for local elections on Thursday. And tributes are pouring in for veteran entertainer Billy Gee, who has died at the age of 98. Now, back to the situation regarding that missing plane near Maien airport - we're live on the line with air travel expert Colin Hoxha. So Colin, how often do planes lose contact with air traffic control?"

    9.14.37 --- CH: "Quite often, actually, but not for long. The fact that this has been deemed noteworthy by your anonymous caller..."

    9.14.52 --- PA (interjecting): "Fyranne Raine."

    9.14.56 --- CH: "Yes, her. Er, so clearly this means that it's a particularly out of the ordinary event. Either the plane's been missing for a long time, or there are other such events going on right now."

    9.15.24 --- PA: "Other planes missing? And how likely do you think that is - and why would such a thing happen? Could this phenomenon be widerife right now?"

    9.15.40 --- CH: "Yes. That is a very real possibility."

    9.15.47 --- PA: "And why would this be happening?"

    9.15.52 --- CH: "I'd say the culprit could be an electrical fault caused by friction between Howard Stern's buttcheeks."

    9.16.00 --- PA: "Oh, eff off! Eff off! Sorry viewers, that was a wanker in his mom's cellar with nothing better to do with his pathetic, miserable life, not an air travel expert. We'll have more on the missing plane after this break."

    [Jingle plays, adverts ensue. PA gets up angrily from seat, knocking it over, and storms off set.]

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    9.45.30 --- Pauline Armeniakon: We're interrupting that feature on the cat that can say 'hello' because we're hearing right now some very disturbing reports about an explosion, a fire, at Noel Edmonds International Airport on the outskirts of Maien. That was, of course, the airport where air traffic control had reportedly - unconfirmed report, of course - lost touch with a passenger jet, and we'd heard of that about half an hour ago now. We're ringing round our sources in Maien and we'll try to get you more information about that situation as soon as we can.

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    9.46.14 --- PA: That image you're just seeing there is from '@PROUDRIHGTWING', and that's in all caps and with 'right' spelled 'R-I-H-G-T', who's sent that over Twitter. It looks like on the other side of the terminal, there's a huge amount of smoke, black smoke there. Emergency crews are there - we don't know if they're from the airport, or if they've been especially called in after this incident. To reiterate, we don't know what's happened to cause that fire at Noel Edmonds Airport, but there are reports of some kind of explosion.

    9.47.28 --- PA: Right, now we can hear from an eyewitness who was at the airport at the time, Arthur Brown. Arthur, what did you see just a few minutes ago?

    9.47.40 --- AB: Well, I was in Terminal I drinking my tea in the Departure Lounge, and I had a good view of Terminal II and one of the runways, and what I actually saw was a plane landing - it was very erratic, very steep descent, and it disappeared from view behind the building just after it touched down, but a couple of seconds later there was this big BOOM noise and there was this FIRE all over the place. Debris flying and alarms going, and pretty soon we all got evacuated.

    9.49.15 --- PA: Thanks, Arthur. So, had you heard anything about this missing plane this past hour?

    9.49.27 --- AB: No, this is the first I'm hearing about this now. If you're asking whether it was that plane that flew into the terminal, then I have no idea, I'm afraid. It's a crazy world. Bye.

    [Hangs up]

    9.49.46 --- PA: Oh. Er, thanks there, Arthur Brown. So there you have it - unconfirmed reports that a plane, flying erratically, smashed into one of the terminals at Noel Edmonds Airport. We're now hearing that all planes flying to Maien have been diverted, and that all departures from there are cancelled today. We're just now going to bring in viewers on the Now Channel... if you're watching on the Now Channel, good morning. We're interrupting this morning's episode of Youth Hostelling With Chris Eubank to bring you these scenes from Maien, where unconfirmed reports are that a plane has flown into a terminal building at Noel Edmonds International Airport. Speculation is that this development is linked to earlier reports that a passenger jet had lost contact with air traffic control at that same airport. We'll bring you more after these adverts.

    [Advert plays. "BOOM!" [explosion noise] "PRICES ARE GOING DOWN! [explosion noise] "DOWN!" [explosion noise] "DOOOOOWWWWWN!" [explosion noise] "SO FLY ON DOWN T-"]

    [Advert abruptly disappears. Screen goes black, before returning to newsroom - anchor's chair is empty. After a 15 second delay, PA hurries into shot and takes her seat.]

    9.52.01 --- PA: We apologise for that last advert. We'll now continue with our coverage of the incident at Maien Airport.

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    10.16.40 --- Pauline Armeniakon: And we can also confirm that Mark Derzi will not return to this network and is no longer working for us. Now, back to Ted Maul, who's in Maien, and has some news for us regarding the explosion at Noel Edmonds Airport. Ted?"

    10.17.02 --- TM: Yes, Pauline, I've just received this press release from the Ministry for Transport, which has this here: "At 9.43 this morning, a passenger jet attempting to land at Noel Edmonds International Airport, near Maien, crashed into Terminal II of the airport. The jet in question was a Boeing 737, AngletAIR Flight 28, from New Birmingham to Maien, and is believed to have had 131 people on board. We are investigating this incident, but have at present no reason to consider this anything other than a tragic accident. Emergency services are doing their best at the airport, and our thoughts and prayers are with those affected and their families at this time. A hotline has been set up at 0845 119 7253."

    10.18.40 --- PA: So Ted, confirmation that it's a plane crash?

    10.18.47 --- TM: Yes.

    10.18.55 --- PA: Er... quite. But what's the view from Maien right now, Ted? Are people frightened? Confused? Worried? Angry?

    10.19.07 --- TM: Well, yes, they would be.

    10.19.15 --- PA: Have you spoken to any of them, Ted?

    10.19.21 --- TM: What do you mean?

    10.19.25 --- PA: Have you spoken to any locals, you know, you're a reporter - have you done any reporting?

    10.19.35 --- TM: Have you done any anchoring?

    10.19.42 --- PA: What? I don't have time for this, Ted, we don't have time. Thanks Ted. We'll be back.

    [Adverts play, then abruptly stop]

    10.20.51 --- PA: We're now hearing reports that another aircraft has crashed, gone down, in the Livan, in the mountains there. A very worrying development, especially considering the events in Maien in the last hour - we'll stay with this story as it develops.

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    10.33.47 --- PA: Reports are now coming in from the town of Yavur of a very loud explosion over the town and, and I quote, 'fireballs falling from the sky', presumably over urban areas there. If true, then that appears to be a third disaster, a third aircraft down, this morning over Angleter. We have our home front expert, Ben Morse, with us now. Ben, should we now consider this a co-ordinated terror attack on this country, considering what's happened this last quarter of an hour?

    10.34.40 --- BM: Yes, I believe so. The chances even of one of these events, if they're all true, being an accident is quite low. And that's certainly what I've heard from contacts in the Defence Ministry, saying that they are working under the assumption that this is a premeditated attack on Angleter.

    10.35.22 --- PA: And has any action yet been taken by the Defence Ministry?

    10.35.30 --- BM: We are hearing that Parliament has been evacuated and other such government buildings, and that the royal family and the cabinet are being kept at undisclosed locations. No new flights have been allowed to take off across the country since 10.30am, and we're expecting Angleteric airspace to be closed altogether soon, although that hasn't happened yet. I've also been told to expect a press release detailing everything at 11am, so we'll have to wait for that.

    10.37.01 --- PA: Any speculation on those responsible?

    10.37.10 --- BM: Well, my sources were quick to point out that it isn't yet certain that Angleter is under attack, but there have been a few, mostly frivolous, claims of responsibility - the Social Republican Party of Neo-Venetia, which was responsible for the assassination of General Curtis in 2009, but have been fairly quiet since. The Luddite Association have said it's them over Twitter. Someone calling themselves 'the President of Anonymous' also claims responsibility.

    10.37.33 --- PA: All frivolous?

    10.37.37 --- BM: Right now, that's the belief. The Defence Ministry, obviously not speculating and telling us all not to engage in speculation.

    10.37.48 --- PA: Of course. So who do you think it is?

    10.37.59 --- BM: [shrugs shoulders] Dunno.

    10.38.04 --- PA: Alright, thanks Ben Morse. We'll go to some adverts now and then bring you more on this rapidly developing situation - that is, three aircraft believed down across Angleter, one crashing into a terminal at Maien Airport, one crashing into the Antelivan mountains, and one exploding over Yavur.

    [Adverts roll]

    10.40.06 --- PA (not facing camera): I can't believe Derzi did that, he's a top draw wazzock. I always knew he was a real cuh- [pause, turns to camera, shuffles papers] Ahem. We can now also confirm from the Ministry for Defence that no further flights will be allowed into Angleteric airspace from abroad, although they were quick to add that 'abroad' doesn't include Neo-Venetia. Ted Maul, meanwhile, is in Maien. Ted?

    10.41.12 --- TM: The City of Maien has been closed down, Pauline. They've taken the roads in.

    10.41.25 --- PA: What do you mean, taken the roads in?

    10.41.33 --- TM: Well, they've taken them in.

    10.41.38 --- PA: I, er, see. Anyway, Ted, any reason given as to why Maien has been cut off from the rest of the country?

    10.41.55 --- TM: Rest of the world, Pauline.

    10.42.01 --- PA: *Sigh* Yes, alright. Why, Ted?

    10.42.10 --- TM: Because of fear, Pauline.

    10.42.15 --- PA: Fear of another attack?

    10.42.19 --- TM: That's right, Pauline.

    10.42.22 --- PA: So they think other attacks could come from other means?

    10.42.27 --- TM: Well, duh.

    10.42.30 --- PA: *Sigh* Er, I'm, er, sorry Ted, but we're going to have to leave you there. Reports of a, er, car bomb in Deresor. Another attack when Ted's on the air, it seems.

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    10.51.05 --- PA: We're now hearing that a fourth plane has disappeared in the deserts east of the Efrat river. In response to this, the Defence Ministry has now ordered the closure of all Angleteric airspace. Al aircraft over Angleter are now being ordered to land as soon as possible at the nearest airport. Ben Morse, not necessarily another attack, but the Defence Ministry's closing the airspace in the same breath as announcing that disappearance would suggest so, surely?

    10.51.52 --- BM: Quite, Pauline, and it also suggests that they're really now taking control of the situation from civilian authorities. But then, why hadn't they done so earlier? That question'll be asked in days to come, I'm sure.

    10.52.20 --- PA: Hmmm. And we're awaiting a press release from the Defence Ministry at 11am?

    10.52.34 --- BM: That's right. Hopefully that will shed some light on what's happening to our country.

    11.00.01 --- PA: This is The News Now at 11am. Basically the only headline is that three planes are believed to have crashed across Angleter, and a fourth has gone missing. Angleteric airspace has in the last ten minutes been closed, and all flights are now landing at the nearest airport. We also now have the press release from the Defence Ministry, I believe. Ted?

    11.01.33 --- TM: Yes, that's right. I'll read it out now, it just turned up a minute ago:

    "This morning, September 9th, 2014, Angleter has come under attack from a co-ordinated terrorist campaign of unknown origin. At 8.58am, it came to the attention of transport authorities that AngletAIR Flight 28, flying from Stanislas II International Airport, New Birmingham, to Noel Edmonds International Airport in Maien, had lost contact with air traffic control. By 9.07am, authorities became aware that the aircraft was most likely hijacked. No further communication was made with the aircraft until 9.37am, when the hijackers made contact. Under the understanding that they would land safely and then negotiate their demands, which remained unspecified, they were given clearance to land at Noel Edmonds Airport. However, at 9.43am, the plane failed to land and crashed into Terminal II of the airport. It had 131 people on board. We cannot estimate casualties at this time.

    At some point between 10.15am and 10.18am, another plane is believed to have succumbed to another hijack attempt as it flew over the Antelivan Mountains. This plane, with 225 people on board, was St. Christopher Air Flight 110 from Berlin, Prussia, to Stanislas III Airport. It crashed, whether intentionally or otherwise, in the mountains at 10.19am. Again, we cannot estimate casualties at this time, but we believe that there were no casualties on the ground.

    At 10.32am, AngletAIR Flight 12 from Fiecen to Damaszka, which had 105 passengers and crew on board, exploded in mid-air over Yavur. We suspect, but cannot confirm, that this was the result of terrorist activity - either a bomb on board or an attempted hijacking. Debris landed over a built-up area of Yavur, and though we will not put any number on casualties, we expect heavy casualties on the ground as well as among the passengers and crew.

    Also at 10.32am, air traffic controllers lost contact with NoFrills Flight 57, from Kiev in Poland-Lithuania to Stanislas III Airport. This aircraft's location is still unknown, but we regret to inform you that we do not believe that it is in the air any longer. It is believed to have landed or crashed. There are 190 passengers and crew aboard.

    Over the past half hour, we have completely closed Angleteric airspace to all non-military aircraft. All planes currently in the air are under orders to land as soon as possible, and air traffic controllers across the nation are working with pilots to bring that about. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected and their families, and we would like to express our admiration for the tireless emergency service workers, who are trying their utmost to keep casualties to a minimum. The Prime Minister shall speak this evening."

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    11.45.44 --- PA: We're now hearing that what was the final plane - final non-emergency, non-military aircraft in Angleteric airspace - may have been shot down by the Air Force in the countryside just south of New Birmingham. No confirmation as yet from the Defence Ministry, but that is what we're hearing right now. That would bring us to six attacks throughout the day, including five planes brought down and a further explosion at the Foreign Ministry building.

    11.46.57 --- PA: My apologies, the reports of an explosion at the Foreign Ministry were earlier discredited. Only five attacks this morning. Five.

    18.00.00 --- Len Brown: Good evening. Tragedy and terror across Angleter as almost 1000 believed killed as five planes are brought down, some over civilian areas. The Prime Minister has imposed a national state of emergency as all Angleteric airspace remains closed. The Defence Ministry has released a statement acknowledging that it ordered the shooting down of the fifth aircraft, which it believes was hijacked. No word yet on who is responsible for the attacks. And all campaigning has ceased as local elections are deferred until Friday.


    Five passenger planes have been brought down over Angleter after a series of believed hijackings from an unknown terrorist group. The first plane, AngletAIR Flight 28 from New Birmingham to Maien, which had 131 people on board, lost contact with air traffic controllers around 9am. Contact was made with hijackers, who are believed to have pledged to land the aircraft safely before further negotiations, but at 9.48am it crashed into Terminal II at its destination, Noel Edmonds International Airport. It is now believed that the crash was intentional, rather than a failed landing attempt. 94 people have been confirmed to have died at the Terminal, bringing the total death toll at Maien to 225. That total could, however, rise in the coming days.

    Around 10.15am, St. Christopher Air Flight 110 from Berlin also lost contact with ATC, and crashed into the Antelivan Mountains at 10.19am. It has not yet been determined whether the plane was intentionally or accidentally downed. 225 people were aboard, and 202 of those have died. Again, the death toll may rise in the coming days. Thirteen minutes later, at 10.32am, AngletAIR Flight 12 from Fiecen to Damaszka exploded in mid-air over Yavur, killing all 105 on board, as well as an additional 33 thus far on the ground, as the debris from the plane fell over a suburban residential area of Yavur, Martyrs' Green. That death toll, once more, is not final. Air crash investigators have been called in to determine why the plane exploded, but it is believed that it was hijacked.

    NoFrills Flight 57 from Kiev went offline at 10.32am, and is believed to have crashed in the Syriac Desert between 10.55am and 11am, killing all 190 passengers and crew. The reign of terror ended at 11.39am when the Air Force shot down NoFrills Flight 64 from New Birmingham to Dairghazbury as it approached Neomantua. The Defence Ministry has released what it calls 'preliminary findings', claiming that the non-responsiveness of the aircraft to all calls, both from them and ATC, as well as its flying "relatively low" and "slightly away from its normal flight path, and towards the city of Neomantua," gave them "more than adequate reason" to believe that the aircraft was also hijacked. All 204 on board were killed, bringing the provisional total death toll overall to 959. That may, as aforementioned, rise over the next few days.

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