Policy Area: A Cleaner Environment

  • A Cleaner Environment

    • Conservation
      The Green Party recognises that our quality of life and our economies are underpinned by the health of our unique ecosystems - from mountain tops to seashore, from braided river to ocean floor. The web of life contributes to the food we eat and the materials we use and ultimately to the ability of our environment to support all life.
    • Environment
      Our lives, and the lives of our children and grandchildren, depend on our environment's health. The Green Party is the only political party in the European Union determined to soley protect the environment for future generations. We want to leave it in better condition than we received it.
    • Rural
      The Green Party believes food and fibre should be produced in ways that are healthy for humans, environmentally friendly, respect workers and animals, and maintain biodiversity. The Greens also believe rural people deserve the same basic services and opportunities available to urban people.
    • Sea and Ocean
      The Green Party recognises that the sea is the major component of our planet?s life support systems. We must do everything we can to nurture the marine environment, keep it clean and healthy, with all its present living species represented with flourishing populations.
    • Transport
      The Green Party offers practical, proven ways to be less dependent on oil. We will develop clean, healthy transport options offering real alternatives to ever more costly car and truck journeys. Creating real choice, so it is possible to leave a car behind for some journeys, is also the best way to tackle congestion.
    • Water
      The Greens regard safe, sufficient water for drinking and sanitation a basic human right.

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