No Rest For The Wicked

  • Bremen, Imperial Free City of Bremen, Prussia
    September 9th, 2014
    10:34 AM
    Imperial Palace of Bremen

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    Colonel Jonathan Rillay

    My eyes opened slowly, there was still a buzz in my head, the sound around me was cut off from my mind, everything blurry. I looked to my left and saw nothing but smoke and fire, my God, it was just pure black smoke with the smell of burning flesh still in the air. I then remembered something that was more important then my own life, my children.

    I attempted to stand, only to fail several times due to a pain in my left leg, I looked down only to seea giant hole in the side of calf muscle, with the tips of my toes singed off as well. It would be impossible to stand, so I crawled towards the right of myself, keeping as low as possible to keep the smoke out as I frantically searched for my family, God knows where they are, my hearing slowly came back. I really wish it hadn't, the screams of the dying echoed through the halls of the Palace, many of them sounded like children.

    As I was crawling I noticed some young woman near me, her entire right arm was shredded apart virtually, blood everywhere, made me almost want to puke. I grabbed some of the fallen curtain that wasn't burned away and attempted to stop the bleeding. She seemed twenty-four or so, too young to have been a part of this, too young to lose her arm. Glancing back, everyone was too young for that day, for we all aged to a point of no return.

    It turned out more bodies were near the woman, some pleading for help, others praying to live...some to just die. I clenched my death and pushed forward, my own blood loss starting to get the best of me, but these people were minutes from dying with help minutes away. I saw everything from third degree burns, blown off limbs, muscles ripped apart and just dangling by a thread, same with skin. Too many people, dead and alive, whatever caused this was meant to make a scene and as much deal as possible.

    It seemed like an eternity but I managed to make it to the end of the hall, into where the tour was going. Was I on a tour? Or did I come and learn everything on my own? I hardly remember anything after being blown back by the blast, I could have been thrown back a few dozens meters...God the hallway was too long. I blame the Catholic designers for the Palace...Thank God for Inquistan Orthodox.

    I heard the voices of radios and what I believed to be firefighters making their way, no doubt through the mangled mess of the Palace. I was so relieved, I could finally find my family once I got out of this hellhole. But there was on girl, a fourteen year old like my daughter lying on her a pool of blood.

    No this can't be, I thought, it can't be her. I crawled my way toward the girl..I slowly turned over her body. I pushed my self back with such a force I propelled myself into the way. That was my daughter,or well what was left of her. I could only tell because only half her face was burned/blown off by the blast. You could see the blood vessels in the remnants of her brain, and the fear and pain in her one eye left still. I was frozen in shock, and didn't move...even as I bled out into unconsciousness as the paramedics came to me.

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