The Dinner

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    The Royal Wedding Dinner**

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    The First Course came on Bronze Plates, which contained braised fillets of duck with a small salade underneath.

    Anastasia made a toast:

    "It surely is a privilege to see you all here today. There are some familiar faces and some not so familiar faces, but I shall get to know them, and of course reminisce with my old friends. This wedding is a unity between the Imperial Prussian State and Icholasen, but we married out of love. So I invite us all to eat, eat until we look as Pregnant as Poppy here! Please drink the wine, cider and various other beverages we're offering, and eat as much as you want. This will be an Icholasen extravaganza!"

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    Since no one else went before him, Emperor Artabanos of Inimicus and his wife Imperial Consort Charlotte, dressed in his full Imperial robes, went up to the newly wedded couple. Artabanos firmly shook Charles's hand and kissed Anastasia's. "May I be the first to congratulate you warmly on your wedding, your majesties. I wish you all the best for the future. I am deeply grateful you have invited me and my lovely wife to your marriage celebration."
    Charlotte nodded and said: "Let's make it a dinner never to forget! Thank you, your majesties!".

  • Anastasia thanked Artabanos and Charles kissed Imperial Consort Charlotte's hand. Charles would now be the Prince Consort of Icholasen, so he should take notes from Charlotte. Anastasia was clearly touched by Artabanos' statement. "Thank you, Inmicans, your people know how to be kind!" Anastasia said, leaning over to give Charles a peck on the cheek.

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    The emperor geert with his new wife walk up to the newly wed couple with an envlope in his hand. Assumed he could join in the conversation

    hello there Said he, he directed himself to the empress Anastasia. I took the liberty of buying you a present said the emperor while handing over the envlope these are 2 blank plane tickets and a blank reservation for a five star hotel* to and or in Groot-belgie

    *with blank I mean you can chose the dates

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    Tyra Banks, Queen Regent of the Absolutist Monarchy
    After making it over to Icholasen in a matter of mere hours, the inactive Queen Regent of Red Croatia has been quite curious about how is this wedding going to play out. She was quite pleased with how the coronation of Anastasia has went, but she didn't know does she want to be as whimsical and playful as Aleksandra has last time so that she continues representing Red Croatia in the same light or does she want to keep a low profile.

    But nontheless, one thing was for sure; and it was that she had to go.

    After making it to the Royal Castle and spending a hour or so explaining who she is, the woman has managed to pull off a fashionably late entrance, pleased that her golden lace dress and her leather bead high heels have matched the royal dinning hall's furniture. For now, the cunning woman kept herself at a safe distance from anyone influental, observing the other guests as if they were her prey. What she cared about the most, however, were obviously fashion choices. "The Emperor's shirt looks like it was stolen from a altar boy and I still think his wife is using botox... And honestly? Anastasia does look fabulous, but the girl should buy more dresses. Didn't she wear the exact same thing for her coronation?" the woman thinks to herself, and even though she'd love to gossip with someone, she had to make sure that her words aren't heard by anyone.

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    "Congratulations!" said Prince Regent George as he and Theodora approached the newlyweds. After they shook hands, kissed hands, etc., Theodora added "we brought you an antique bridal chest from Angleter as a wedding present - we left it with your staff. Anyway, any plans for a honeymoon?"

  • Anastasia thanked the Belgians and the Angleter Party for their generous gift. She fell head over heels for the antique bridal chest and she said "I don't know where she should go in Groot Belgie but I know I'll have a great time, but the main honeymoon is in Portland. Thanks so much for the Chest!" She squealed with excitement. Anastasia viewed the filling room and filled with excitement, she couldn't wait until everyone had arrived. The gifts she received were testament to the kindness of Europe and its leaders and monarchs. Europe was at relative calm and she felt the world Anastasia eyed the Queen Regent of Red Croatia. "She's new?" She thought to herself. She went to see the Queen Regent.
    "Hello there, it's great to meet you!" Anastasia said with a smile and an accepting jesture.

  • Tyra threw a glance at the prince, a smile being present on her face until she saw what was Theodora wearing. "Dear lord, I believe that it is my duty to burn that dress. Red pumps, light blue on red and cleavage exposure while wearing a dress that looks like a curtain. At least her jewelry looks good..." After that, she looks over at Anastasia upon being approached, putting on the brightest smile she could. "Queen Anastasia, it is great to finally be able to meet you! You look better and better in that dress every time I see you wear it!"

  • Anastasia smiled sarcastically. "Of course, darling. Because I pull it off better than anything you could." At that Anastasia smiled whilst applying perfectly her red lipstick. "Gold is surely an interesting colour, isn't it." She smiled, thinking of something to offend the colour gold but realising she was wearing half gold she backed down. She invited Charlie over to come and talk to them.

    Charles saw Anastasia beckoning him over. His face showed he wanted to say, "What?" but after further beckoning he complied. "Hello..." He paused. "Tyra?"

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    Emperor Sebastian

    "A wedding on a Wednesday?" Sebastian muttered during the proceedings...most of which he found boring extremely. His brother always bored him, but he had to put on some "happy face" for at least that day, as it was his brothers big day. Was Charles really getting married before him? Wow....being 34 was really taking its toll on Sebastian...he had better hurry up. The wedding took what seemed as forever, and was a tad bit insulting to Sebastian to well thought it was mocking Prussia for not allowing a Catholic side as well. Finally the couple went doesn't suit Charles, Sebastian thought.

    On the way to the Dinner Sebastian removed his tie, and preceded to fine some good wine or Vodka. Luckily there was some Rechroatian Wine, and Polish vodka, he would need it for the night. He noticed Anastasia's toast thing and held his glass up before chucking it all down, he would need it.

    Sebastian walked over to the table at which Anastasia and Charles were located and called over the servants who left the gift from Prussia. It was something the whole family(minus Charles) voted on, it was some vacation to some place...Sebastian couldn't remember. After that.. Sebastian walked over to Charles and Anastasia who were talking to Tyra to congratulate them

  • Tyra chuckles, placing her hand on Anastasia's hair and running her fingers through it. "You should see how good I am at pulling things... off, my queen. And I must agree, gold is a wonderful color. There's a reason behind it being Red Croatia's signature... our queen's favorite." She then chuckles, glancing over at Charles. "Indeed, Tyra Banks of Red Croatia. Our monarch's currently inactive regent." The people around Tyra would know her as a famous TV show hostess and a fashion critic, someone who was doubtlessly just waiting for the opportunity to embrass all of them in front of the world. And then, after noticing Sebastian, she very subtly bites her bottom lip and shakes his hand.

  • "My pleasure to meet you Ms. Banks, you look quite lovely this fine day, I hope your trip here was very nice," Sebastian said, his eyes subtly tightening focus Tyra. He attempted to take in as much as possible from this eye candy without being caught. Then he remembered that Charles and Anastasia were right there.

    "Congratulations you two, hope your marriage lasts long!" he told the couple as he still shook Tyra's hand, his eyes still focused on her.

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  • Anastasia rolled her eyes and moved away from the flirting couple. She looked at the obivously future couple and was jealous that this was HER day and not there's and so she drop-kissed him, in an attempt to draw attention to herself.

    "Oh Charlie." She said, kissing him on the lips.

    "Oh Anya," Charlie said lustfully.

  • Tyra blinks, holding back from puking in the name of scandals as she takes her phone, filming a short video of the kiss before putting the phone back into her purse. "Something tells me that Anastasia had the desperate urge to stick her tongue somewhere. Let's just hope that she's not like this at using it when it in bed." After that she glances over at Sebastian. "Now, assuming that you're willing to let them have their privacy as much as I am..." she says as she takes his hand in a elegant manner, as if she was willing to be led by him.

  • Sebastian attempted his best not to puke, luckily for him he didn't. Get a room he thought, but considering it was their wedding day he decided to keep that thinking to himself for now. "I gladly want to give them some privacy, maybe they should save that for the honeymoon wherever they are going. Luckily I'm not paying for any of his things anymore," he whispered over to Tyra as he took her arm and lead her to his seat. He noticed the seat next to him was assigned to his uncle Willem, he quickly removed the signed and pulled out the chair for Tyra and then pushed her in once she was seated.

    "So tell me the specifics of what you do in life Ms. Banks"

  • "The Device is nearly ready for testing, High President. We should be getting definitive results in the next week or two", Billy said to Solomon at just the right level so as not to arouse the suspicions of the car's other occupants.

    "At last", the High President replied, equally as softly. "I take it we'll have a front row seat? I've been looking forward to seeing this in action. That scientist chap, Murray I think his name was, said we'd be able to see right into th-", Solomon was cut off by a violent jolt as the car went over a speed bump a bit too fast.

    "Sweet Jesus!, shouted Marie as Commissioner Callaghan, who was unable to wear her seat belt in any useful fashion, fell towards the High President's wife. The already cramped conditions of the High President's official transport was not helped by the inclusion of the Commissioner, who brought the entourage to its grand total of a car designed to "fit" four.

    "The hell you playing at driver?!", the High President shouted. He was already irritable, and they hadn't even arrived at the place. "Bloody maniac doesn't know what he's doing!", he went on, still shouting despite being so uncomfortably close to the other passengers.

    Christ, Michael. We haven't been here for half an hour and already you're shouting at people", Marie said, obviously annoyed.

    "Maybe I wouldn't be shouting so much if someone hadn't thrown out all the booze from the house! I mean, come on! Who does that?!", the High President shot back.

    "Bringing this up again?! It was two weeks ago Michael! Let it go! Or do you have some kind of problem?", Marie said from across the car, raising her voice somewhat. Commissioner Callaghan, who was sat in between the Presidential couple, moved awkwardly in her seat. Edmund put his face in his hands, not quite ready to deal with another Solomon domestic. Billy seemed blissfully unaware of the scene, quietly checking something on his phone.

    "I'm the one with the problem?! I'm not the one that downs the bottle of cooking sherry when she makes the bloody christmas trifle! I don't think its too much to ask to have a nice drink when I come home from...what is it I do?...oh yeah, running the damn country, the High President argued. "'Its...its ok Michael...*hiccup*, the recipe...the recipe said splash the sherry gen...gener...generously!' sound familiar?", Solomon asked sarcastically, affecting a shrill feminine voice.

    Marie opened her mouth to respond but was cut short by Edmund. "Is it impossible for you two to have any kind of car journey anywhere in the world and not have an argument?!", he shouted at the two Solomons. "Every single time you go anywhere its 'you're never here' this and 'you gave the dog the wrong food' that!"

    The passengers fell silent. Susan, or SuCal as she hoped to be known following her successful record deal, attempted to break the silence a few minutes later by announcing she's been chosen for a secret mission deep in hostile territory. The thought of the Commissioner undercover anywhere gave cause for Solomon to burst out laughing, any trace of the former annoyance gone.

    "Oh Susan dear", he said in between fits of laughter, "don't ever change".


    The car carrying the Halsbergians had arrived at the Saint Regina Palace. Its occupants spilled out, all clambering to be the first ones to leave the cramped vehicle. The Commissioner was victorious, shoving her nearest competitor, Billy, back down into his seat with ease. Looking somewhat disheveled, the party approached the entrance hall. Edmund was walking with Marie up in front, despite the High President's attempts to push in between them. The Duke was evidently blocking him intentionally, he though angrily.

    They entered the banqueting hall. Billy had disappeared somewhere, something about an incident at Indigo Base. Solomon was not surprised. That lot could never keep their specimens locked up properly. "This is nice. I liked the chrome finish in the kitchens we passed."

    Edmund began to chuckle. "Something funny Edmund?", the High President asked.

    "No, High President not at all. Its just you know what they say about a man who likes a bit of chrome in his kitchen"

    "No, what do they say?", the High President asked, getting rather annoyed.

    "Likes a bit of cock up his arse", Edmund replied, before beginning to laugh hysterically. Commissioner Callaghan stared distantly into space, Edmund's joke bringing back memories of times and lovers gone by.

    "Perhaps we should go and meet the royal couple", Marie said brightly, after spending the previous moments trying and failing to hold back a smile. The entourage followed Marie's lead, with the Commissioner for Defence tailing behind after being tempted by a tray of nibbles. It seemed the car exiting fiasco had repeated itself, with both Solomon and Edmund competing to be the first to congratulate the newlyweds. The minute or so it took them to arrive at the happy couple was filled with much shoving, grabbing and swearing. The High President, who had won that battle, kissed Anastasia's hand, congratulating her as he went. He shook the hand of Charles, announcing the Halsberg's gift of a full set of fine china and a large hamper of the best Roeburg wine.

  • _Geert had a litle paper for sebastian so he went to Sebastian and put it in his vest.

    the little paper read_


    Dear Sebastian,

    This is the official vow for the following things

    -No invasion in your country from GB
    -Free passage of people and goods coming in from your country
    -if you need military help (if you're right or wrong doesn't matter) we will be at your side

  • Tyra chuckles, staring the man down. Under normal circumstances she wouldn't bother paying much attention to someone like him, but a emperor of Prussia was doubtlessly a opportunity. After being seated next to him, she orders some rechroatian wine and glares at Anastasia before beginning to talk. "Well, currently I'm hosting a TV show and influencing Red Croatia's social media, just to make sure that I leave a mark. However, I used to be a model for Victoria's Secret, Sports Illustrated, The Matriarchy and a few other companies. My most important role, however, is being the Queen Regent..." Tyra then takes out her phone and posts the picture of Anastasia's overly sexual kiss with Charles on Instagram. Truly, Red Croatia was the only country that would allow a Queen Regent to act like this and have this kind of a past.

  • An interesting character Sebastian thought, certainly a tad bit older then he liked them, but a character nonetheless."Very interesting Ms.Banks, Prussia isn't one for the world of celebrities and gossip, its always work! Work! Work! So boring if you ask me, even my own coronation almost made me fall asleep.

    Was it a tough transition from model and media mongol over to Queen Regent?"

  • Anastasia greeted the High President of Halsberg, Edmund and Marie and thanked them for their very generous gift. "It's great to see my lovely Halsberg guests." She leant into a hug but then shook his hand. I am certain I will use this china and Roeburg wine, maybe I could use both at once!" She exclaimed.

    The main course came on golden plates, lavishly prepared meats landed on the table like elegant swans. Meat in all kinds lay on the table. Everyone was in awe of the fantastic array of foods. Mouthwateringly tender meats and braised potatoes. The dinner sparkled in the chandelier light.

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