On the Eve of Destruction

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    Linkst Alternative party HQ
    Berlin, Grossdeutsches Reich
    Thursday 18th, 2014. 3.27 am

    The coalition's executive committee had begun its urgent meeting at 8pm the previous day and were still talking about the Confederation referendum. Though they all agreed on the party's official stance to call for a No vote, they couldn't find a consensus on some aspects of how to conduct a successful campaign to mobilise voters.

    We have to trust the voters' sanity. It doesn't matter how much of a bad 'No' vote result polls are pointing at now. We're just 16 points away from the 'Yes', and that was in theoretical polls about a hypothetic union. Now shit just got real, and many of those supporting a union will think better because of their patriotic feelings. We've still got two weeks' time to turn the polls upside down and sink the Yes campaign.

    I couldn't believe it if voters trusted the government enough to vote for that union. Even more after the uncovering of the massive bribes in the former FDP cabinet. The entire Germano - Corelian friendship is built on the efforts of a corrupt and a traitor!

    Please control yourself Daniel. We don't wish to scrap the friendship with Os Corelia, but the union is a step too far. If we want closer integration it's got to be by the EU, not by exclusive billateral agreements. In spite of the previous cabinet corruption, and namely of his head, the Corelian friendship could be the only good think that came out of that government and though it is good, we should keep it as it is, a simple strong friendship but nothing else. Dear comrades, I think it is already a bit late and we all need to have some rest. Therefore I call this session of the executive committee over.

    Thus Aurora D?hler called the meeting off. They would continue to debate the issue at the following day.

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    Montr?al Caf?
    Neo-Venetia City, Neo-Venetia.
    Thursday 18th, 2014. 1.45 pm

    The street was crowded with citizens going back home from work. Between the crowd was Montr?al Caf?, a small french-style restaurant in the center of the Neo-Venetian capital that was usually attended at by officers and staff members of the grossdeutscher detachment to Neo-Venetia which had been stationed there since the war, back in 2009. Two officers, a captain and a major, were sitting at a table by the deep end of the caf?. Suddenly, a fellow lieutenant appeared and seated by them.

    I'm sorry I'm that late. We've had much work at base centcom.

    Don't worry man. Now we're all here I'll be clear and direct. You've already heard of that union stuff with the corelians. I don't like it, I'm certainly sure you don't like it, and my friends at Berlin don't like it too.

    You're as right as you can be.

    We must do something, take a decisive action. Its okay that we have allies, that we have friends, that's good. But one thing is friendship and a another very diferent thing is marriage. The corelians are good guys, you know, but we are devoted to our country and we cannot allow it to become a simple region.

    But the chancellor said we'll retain most powers...

    That's utter bullshit. First's this, then we'll be giving up something else. And then another thing. Until, in the end, we're nothing but a simple region of Os Corelia. Listen up. Many at the Reichswehr HQ are very worried about this crazy idea by the CDU and FDP. This union doesn't have any sense. You've seen Mainzer was rotten by corruption, maybe the Corelians have bought our current leaders too.

    I've got a plan to put an end to this, but I can't tell you here. This is what we're gonna do, you shall return to base and pretend we just went to have some beers at the caf?. This night you'll take a jeep from the parking station and go to this location 15km north of the city. I'll meet you there at 10pm. See you later gentlemen.

    Then the three officers stood up, gave each other a military salute, and left the caf? back to their posts.

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    North of Neo-Venetia City
    Thursday 18th, 2014. 9.58 pm

    Major Alexandre Deforest was waiting up a hill in front of his VPK-3927 Volk tactical vehicle, searching the road with his binoculars in an effort to see his fellow comrades arriving. He spotted them down the road a few moments later. They had picked up a GAZ and were heading up the cliff, to the agreed spot. Quickly they reached the top, switched off the motor and went down the vehicle.

    Good night Major!

    Night, Captain Janda, Lieutenant Cleary. Remember what we talked about earlier? That vote on the union with the Corellians? Well, I'm gonna tell you something. That vote ain't going to happen.

    How do you mean it "ain't going to happen", sir?

    Lieutenant, do you see that city there in the distance? That city we were at this morning?

    Yes, sir.

    That city, this whole country, this is why. On September the 29th at night, some of our troops will leave their bases, move to Neo-Venetia City and take control of it. I've already been in touch with Lieutenant General Sauber and he's with us so there will be no problem about troop numbers to participate in the operation. We will start a phony rebellion to fool the government into declaring state of emergency and suspending the referendum.

    But Alex, what if the government does not suspend the referendum? We may just be put in a very difficult situation. I don't want to end up jailed in Cherche-Midi.

    Nobody will end up jailed. As I told you earlier, I have friends in Berlin who are with us. If no state of emergency is to be decleared, or the referendum suspended, they shall be acting properly. When this is over there will have to be scapegoats, nobody will ever know why we really took the city.

    Hmm, I see you've been thinking about this plan, but there are some flaws. And there are some questions that worry me. What about Angleter? We went here to pull them out of this country and let it remain independent. But if we take the capital, even if it is a phony act, they will surely not like it. And may I remind you that their army would crush our units here? And what about our nation? Would the people support a coup against the government? And how do you know the government won't jail your ?friends? at the HQ?

    We've already arranged for a trusted man of ours to go to New Birmingham and brief the Angleteric government of our plans. That, however, will be taking place on the same day of the rebellion so that when they try to warn our government, if they try so, it will be too late to avoid the movement. And I want to think they'd like our act to be successful. I like to think they wouldn't like that monstruous union to turn real so I hope they won't tell the government why we're doing this. Also, the guys at Berlin have told me that we can give the Angleteric leadership good news, which is that when we succeed we'll be pulling our troops out of Neo-Venetia.

    And the people will surely support us. They don't want this to happen. Look at the polls! That's also why the government can't stop us. Military personnel are the population group most heavily opposed to that union. Support among our ranks doesn't even reach 10%. And we are a lot of people to deal with, and we're armed. Police couldn't stop us. As soon as we're done with the government we'll dissolve the Reichstag and call for an early election.

    I really wish the plan works out well Alex. Because if it doesn't we're pretty much fucked up. And don't expect any mercy on us.

    Janda was utterly disturbed by what he had been told. Alex was his friend, but he had just gone insane. It was a crazy plan and he didn't think, even for a moment, it could result in a successful outcome for the nation. And even less for them. But he had only two options: stick with his friend and go on with the plan, or blow and foil the plan. He knew he didn't want the union, and even less to send his friend to jail and, probably, the firing squad. He went back to the GAZ jeep with lieutenant Cleary, turned it on and returned to base.

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    "No, thanks" central campaign meeting
    Berlin, Grossdeutsches Reich
    September 28th, 2014. 12.30 pm

    Tens of thousands were at the grandstand waiting for the speeches to begin. People from many and diverse political backgrounds (communists, nationalsocialists, socialdemocrats, christian democrats, liberals) had banded together there to defend the independence of the Reich. After a 30 minute delay caused by the massive attendance, Niels Zondersen, the main spokesperson for the "No, thanks" campaign, came to the box above the west stands right in front of the stadium entrance.

    Dear friends and fellow citizens. Welcome to this celebration of our nation, this party of comradeship and will. In a few days our nation will endure the greatest threat it has ever had to face. The disappearance of the Reich as an independent free nation could soon be a reality. Wednesday's referendum marks the decisive point in this process. We must at all costs guarantee the survival of this nation with a strong NO!

    The government is now trying to convince us that its a simple treaty to strengthen ties. They lie. They will put our military under partial foreign command, give away our healthcare system and economy to a foreign country. We're a proud, powerful nation, we're much more than a colony. You all have to rush to your brothers and sisters, to your parents, to your friends and job partners, tell them why we must say NO, THANKS! It is the only way to ensure our people a fairer and prosperous future.

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    Horten Camp
    Outside Neo-Venetia City, Neo-Venetia
    September 29th, 2014. 10.43 pm

    Major Deforest was sitting at his office table before going for a late dinner when his phone rang. The small horizontal screen showed the procedence of the call: Reichswehr HQ. It had to be his 'friends' in Berlin.


    My comrade!

    We're suspending the thing we had prepared for this morning. We'll be waiting to see what happens on wednesday before acting. We'll deliver further orders on wednesday night.

    Then the call was suddenly cut. "Cowards" he though. They had decided to take the easy decision and 'wait' until the referendum was over and results were announced before doing nothing. That put the nation at risk, but they may know better. The referendum results would not be known until thursday morning so he arranged it to take a few relaxing days out of the base, at the city.