Policy Area: A Fairer Society

  • A Fairer Society

    • Children
      The Green Party believes that every child deserves a life free from poverty, violence and hunger, enough time with people who love them, good housing, good health and good education, and clean air, clean water and safe healthy food.
    • Economics
      The Greens want to transform our economies so we really live up to our 100 percent PURE brand, and use this to proudly promote what our region produces. We want a european economy that delivers a living income, a clean environment, and good quality of life for everyone.
    • Education
      Our children deserve healthy environments in which to learn. They need the knowledge and skills to develop a sustainable, peaceful world and contribute positively to society. Education must be inclusive, free and of high quality.
    • Employment
      The Green Party is committed to full employment with dignity and a living wage for all those who seek to participate in the paid workforce.
    • Human Rights
      The Green Party believes that all people should be free and that everyone deserves a fair go. We oppose discrimination and believe that the many ethnic communities who live in the EU enrich our region. We want to help those who cannot safely remain in their home countries. Internationally, we have a responsibility to use our wealth and influence to promote peace, sustainability and human rights.
    • Justice
      Justice is about more than how we deal with crime. It is about how we create a fair, peaceful and sustainable world. Our Justice policy sits alongside our Human Rights policy, ending violence towards each other and our environment, and ensuring that people's needs are met.