Article III Section 6: Institutional Relations

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    _Original text:

    The Office of the Premier Commissioner is responsible for the coordination of work among the European Commissioners and their Offices, the European Commission and/or any of its offices with the European Council, the signing of legislation passed by the European Council, the written approval (signing) of decisions made by the other Commissioners, and the mediation of multilateral talks in order to disarm crises among member states of the European Union. The Premier Commissioner is also the supreme commander of all European Union armed forces and services._

    **Proposed text:

    The Office of the Premier Commissioner is responsible for setting an agenda for each Commission, for co-operation between the Offices of the European Commission and between the European Commission and the European Council, and for signing off on passed European Council legislation and European Commission decisions. The Premier Commissioner has no right to withhold his signature or exercise a 'veto' over Council legislation in any other way.**

    Mediation in crises is now more a Defence thing. No EU armed forces to command. No veto.

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    Makes sense I vote YES

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