Policy Area: Safe, Sustainable Energy

  • Safe, Sustainable Energy

    • Energy
      The Green Party wants to grow a brighter future for all Europeans. Everyone deserves reliable and affordable heat, warmth, light and power from renewable energy. Smarter use of energy, with less waste and less environmental impact, is possible. We all play a part in shaping our energy future.
    • Peak Oil
      The Green Party will campaign for the European Union to take action to prepare for the challenge of peak oil. The sooner we start, the more time we have to adapt. No other party is taking this seriously. There is no single energy source that can replace oil. Solar, wind, biofuels, hydrogen can all provide a part of the answer but we must also transform our regional society to use less energy. In the process we can save money, strengthen local communities, and have more time to enjoy the best things in life.
    • Transport
      The Green Party offers practical, proven ways to be less dependent on oil. We will develop clean, healthy transport options offering real alternatives to ever more costly car and truck journeys. Creating real choice, so it is possible to leave a car behind for some journeys, is also the best way to tackle congestion.

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