Article III Section 10: Regional Economy Clause

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    _Original text:

    ...and is responsible for the stability and circulation of the European Union?s official currency, the euro, as well as the stabilisation of markets and prevention of economic crises in the event of shortages from one or more mass required products, such as fuel, electricity, etc... and the handing-out of loans to members of the European Union as decided by the entire European Commission using democratic processes._

    **Proposed text:

    The Office of Economics is responsible for the promotion of economic co-operation among the member states, and for monitoring the strength of the economy of the member states and of the European Union as a whole.**

    If we want to establish a Euro, that's for the Council to decide - currently doesn't exist as envisaged in the original. Should not have power to 'stabilise markets' or '[prevent] economic crises' or '[hand out] loans'.

    For removal:

    The aforementioned duties of the Office of Economics will be managed by the European Central Bank, under the guidance of the European Commissioner for Economics. - Doesn't exist, shouldn't.

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    Makes sense I vote YES

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