Mannions Final Orders

  • IC SECRET- Your governments do not know this!!! This is an RP of the behind the scenes decision making. No posts from other member states please, thank you.

    It was 19:00hrs on the 28th September 2014. The Prime Minister, Peter Mannion, and the Secreatary of States for Defence and Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and the Deputy Prime Minister alongside other aides were sat in the Cabinet Office Briefing Room A. The Governments emergency meeting room.

    The Secreatry of State for Defence, Malcolm Tucker was talking.

    "Prime Minister, we have gained clearance from Prussia to fly 2 aircraft over their airspace to conduct recce on Groot Belgian positions. The aircraft will fly high over Prussia before making a sudden descent below any belgian radar coverage to conduct a recce of the border areas"

    The Prime Minister asked a question,
    "The Prussians have agreed to this?,"

    "In a sense sir, we have agreed that god forbid this gets out then they will say that they did not give us permission to fly through their airspace."

    "and the consequences of that secretary"

    "not very good Prime Minister, not good at all..."

    "OK but this is necessary to gather intelligence am I right everyone"

    All of the people in the meeting nodded in agreement

    "Ok, however I no longer have the parliamentary majority and I am resigning in a matter of days so I must ask someone else"

    The Prime Minister picked up the phone,

    "Operator secret scramble the Leader of the Opposition please... Good evening David, how is everything... good good... well that is great but I want your advice... it is likely you will be PM in a matter of days as we discussed...the problem is that I am about to sanction a recce misson over groot belgie... right you are on side with this... it must NOT leak... great thanks david... bye bye"

    The phone was put down. The Prime Minister opened his black Prime MInisterial box and took out a document. He wrote some words and signed along the dotted line.

    "here are my orders have them carried out straight away Mr Tucker"

    "with pleasure Prime Minister."

    Malcolm went to the phone and gave the necessary orders. Within 20 minutes 2 Tornado GR4 fighter-bomber aircraft were in the air leaving for Groot Belgie in the last minutes of light.

    An RCAF officer walked into the room

    "Prime Minister the aircraft are in the air and en-route. Rescue teams are ready should they be needed, as will support aircraft."

    "Thank you squadron leader. May fate be kind to us all"

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  • IC Secret

    It was 06:00 hours in Sandford on the 29th September and the intelligence from the recce flight was about to come in.

    The Prime Minister and other officials had gather in the briefing room

    A variety of different images were shown, including infra red, radar mapping, digital HD images among others. The Prime Minister spoke,

    "So Squadron leader, what you are telling me is that the Groot Belgian forces are concentrated around the main military bases as would be expected"

    "Yes, Prime Minister"

    "Does this mean that they pose a threat to us or our allies?"

    "not at the current time, prime minister. Both secret intelligence and what we are seeing here is largly comparable to data collected during times of peace although there is some additional movement which could be considered to be as a result of the full mobilisation"

    "So what you are telling me is that the current situation in Groot Belgie is currently not a threat and therefore I do not need to act"

    "That is right Prime Minister. At the current time."

    "OK lets inform the prussians of our finding. However we must keep an eye on the situation. Lets launch one reccee flight every 48 hours to do a different sweep. Do you think that would be suitable Secretary of State for Defence?"

    "Most certainly Prime Minister."

    It was at this point the Prime Minister picked up the phone and asked once again to speak to David Cameron

    "David, sorry for calling so early but I have some news... yes I do apologise... anyhow it has been revealed that military activity in Groot Belgie is not that high... I know they do have a small military but are still a possible threat... yes I have advised additional flights to have a peak every 48 hours... I know looks like we won't be taking any additional action... yes very soon... Ok bye bye"

    He put the phone down and spoke to the whole meeting

    "I do hope that I am right and that there is no threat here. It would not be good now if we were un prepared to face any threat which were to occur then it would be very bad indeed. Secretary of State keep me informed. Thank you gentlemen"

    With that the Prime Minister walked out for his final days as Prime Minister. A conflict averted.

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