Tripartite meeting in Berlin

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    Schloss Meseberg
    Brandenburg, Grossdeutsches Reich
    September 28th, 2014. 5 pm

    _After a series of harsh words thrown at the press by the leaderships of Poland and Os Corelia (two well known and respected allies to the Reich) at each other, the grossdeutscher chancellor had decided to host a tripartite summit in the Reich between the three countries to try to solve the situation and find a common ground regarding the association agreement to be validated via a referendum between Os Corelia and the Grossdeutsches Reich.

    Therefore, Gertrude Meyer was standing in front of the baroque building waiting for the arrival of the motorcades carrying President Kligenberg of Poland and Viscount Hargadoon of Os Corelia._

  • President Kligenberg landed in Berlin again, and the hope was for her that an agreement of some sort could be reached between the three parties. The vitriol she felt coming from the Corelian government was utterly disgusting, and a direct attack on the Polish people. She had no choice but to come to Berlin. She hoped, however, it was under better circumstances and that cooler heads will come to the table.

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    The Corelian Viscount had wondered to himself why he was bothering to arrive, it was clear both sides wouldn't likely back down but he felt a duty in partnership to the GDR. He had just lost the referendum vote but the low turnout suggested his populous perhaps felt it couldn't be legitimately held. He decided he would listen and take time to contemplate but strongly felt the interference had ruined a democratic action and that his people were slandered and offended.

  • The President saw the Viscount walk in, and against her own judgement, she smiled and made her first move.

    "Viscount...pleasure to meet you, though I wish it were under better circumstances."

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    'Madame President the honour is but mine, alas these things are never pleasant and I'm sure we wish to both seek an amicable resolution'

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    The Chancellor came down the small flight of stairs in front of the palace to greet it's two guests:

    "Frau President, herr Viscount, please let me welcome you to the Reich. Its good to see you here, in spite of the circumstances. If you wish to follow me we may come inside the building. I'm certainly sure we will be able to sort things out."

  • "Yes. I would like to let my counterparts express their opinions first before I make any sort of statement, as I fear someone will misinterpret me altogether."

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    'Well Madame President our position is more than clear we feel that your government had interfered in the democratic process of the referendum by making a public threat to remove a trade deal with our gracious hosts. Why didn't you have a private word with us to discuss this and the impact of the deal if the Havnwasser agreement had passed? The aggression was a bit strong and we felt threatened by the tone and regardless of the Sejm's intentions with such a statement it impacted on what the voters would decide.

    Then there was a council discussion formed by your council representative questioning our process again influencing the outcome of the election by making threats to call for the withdrawal of our votes in council when nobody had publicly requested of us our plans if the agreement had been signed. The tone was again hostile and led to suggest an attack particularly on the Os Corelian side of things.

    It is clear your government showed concern about the GDR agreement implication but you didn't come to us to clear it up. My people were greatly hurt by the suggestion that we would be a cause to cancel a deal, to not even entertain the notion of making a deal that includes our nation and then being called a matter of national security, how are Corelians threatening? My people feel picked on and disreagrded by the statements of your government which is most likely why my colleague Mitrij Kolm felt your notions to be Xenophobic.

    I understand your perspective of wanting to ensure that your country is not exploited but why would you think that of Corelians? What have we done to make you think so ill of us? You shoudl have called us round a table before these public outbursts of discontent. They left me no choice but to protect my people from the hurt caused'

  • "First of all, you must understand my position:

    1. I do not control the Sejm of the Polish Republic. Nor can I influence their opinions. Just as in any democracy, those members have free speech capabilities, and it was their vote. Not mine.

    2. Mr. Kamerewski is also not me, nor am I legally allowed to influence him in Polish and European law. He cannot be a member of my government or speak on behalf of it. He is even banned from being more than an Ambassador to the European Union in official title in Poland.

    3. Your government jumped to the conclusion and said that Poles are xenophobic, which is an abhorrent thing to say in any situation, especially since Corelians and Poles have such limited contact. I happen to have studied music in Os Corelia, and found Corelia to be lovely. That hurt on a personal level, and my people were insulted by your comments as well. You ask why didn't I come to you in private? Why would you make your statements public as well.

    4. I did not attack Corelian citizens. I merely stated concerns of the implications of the current deal.

    5. The resulting press coverage of all of what happened in both Poland and abroad should not be considered meddling in the affairs of a sovereign nation as, again, the executors of the federal law, the executive branch which includes myself, did not make any official actions in terms of meddling in the affairs of Os Corelia. That charge is libel at best.

    Those are my points, and I will gladly engage in dialogue with you from this point onward. It is important that you hear my points first before we continue.

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    'So you're basically saying to me your wrong and I'm going to sue you, hardly a base for progressive dialogue is it? I also get the feeling that you will not conceed any ground at all and want me to be the person in the wrong through the architecture of your response, to be honest I'm not really happy about that.

    Whether you intended to or not you and your government hurt the Corelian people and I think only we can judge if we are offended by your comments.

    The comment calling the polish government specifically xenophobic was made by the green bloc leader who does not represent the government. I cannot control her nor would I ask to.

    My statements have to be public to respond to the aggression of the Sejm my people were hurting I had to reassure them.

    I can't understand why you are trying to turn this round on us, your country upset us we responded as you would have and indeed did'

  • If you cannot control the Green Bloc leader, why would you ask me to control the Sejm, and Sejm that does not even have my party's majority until 1 January 2015. That sounds like you're asking me to do something that you are not willing to do on your end.

    We did not respond in any way that was out of decorum. Neither nation approached us about this agreement, and the implications, particularly of shared customs and travel could have allowed other persons that were not negotiated at the time of its agreement.

    The Sejm will issue an apology when it is on the agenda, if they so choose. I can suggest, but I cannot. I am sorry that your people misinterpreted something, but I do not understand why it would be better to come back with lies about xenophobia?

    I am not turning this back on you, but the fact that you don't want to take ownership of anything that was stated in Corelia, while I must take on people in the Sejm whom I legally cannot interfere with...that doesn't make sense, nor is it fair. Poles are offended that Corelian officials called us xenophobic.

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    'I am greatly joyed that the Sejm will apologise to us in admission for their interference a wonderfully positive gesture that will warm our hearts. When this is done I am sure Lady Kolm will retract her comments in the proven spirit of reconciliation'

  • I think you misinterpret me. I cannot say that the Sejm will apologise; that is for them to decide. I would like to extend my personal apology to you, but an official apology from the Sejm (who are the party responsible for the feelings Corelians may harbour) may not actually happen.

    Lady Kolm, if she is going to tit-for-tat apologies, may be kept waiting for a while.

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    'I accept your personal apology with great heart. I do hope the Sejm has a serious engagement wiht the matter and the outcome will remain to be seen. Yes Mitrij is tit for tat and at the moment my main opposition in the polls and a thorn in my side, try having her on your back daily!'

  • "Must be rough. If this current Sejm does not act on behalf of Corelians, then I will take it personally to ensure the next Sejm, which is under my party and our brand new Senate issue a statement. We both have much still to learn from each other, as we are a new federal republic. The revolution we had to go from monarchy to republic really has been such a positive, so I know I will be watching Corelia to see how exactly we can continue to improve our democracy."

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