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    It's Official!

    After only 24 hours since the reform and the instatement of a new cabinet HM King Edmund I along side the first Lord President and Lady Chancellor of the Nation has dissolved Parliament however has kept the Cabinet in place until the elections conclude due to protective reasons.

    The elections are expected to take place this Saturday, with the Lady Chancellor's Opposition Party - the PLS [Poretos Liberal Socialists] expected to just snag a majority in early polls in both Houses.

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    Early poll results for the lower house with PLS expected to snag 15/24 Districts in the Upper House. With 4 More going to the United Green Front and 5 to the Poretos Nationalist Party.

    More to Come

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    Disgraced Poretos National Party Arrested by King's Warrant

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    The Arrest of the Disgraced Lord President

    The Past 12 Hours have been a hectic period for the Government of Poretos, last night a gathering was called by old PNP Cabinet Members and Prominent Members of the House of the People - the aim to plan an attack to prevent tomorrow's elections. Luckily the Poretos National Secret Service - with the Ex-Governments overarching powers of surveillance were aware of this through democratic loyalists. So much so that HM King Edmund has already signed the Warrant to their arrest - based on substantial evidence before the final conclusive meeting took place and he left it in the power of Lady Chancellor Alexandra, the Acting Lady President, to carry out this warrant as she saw fit. This, with the guidance of the Privy Council, meant the arrest of 54 Dissidents 43 of whom were Members of the Poretos Nationalist Party, who are expected to lose their majority at the next election. With 378 of their Members expected to take roles during the coup against the election when the Disgraced Lord President was going to request the Monarch enact the Emergency Article, granting him powers to prevent the elections.

    This has led to the dwindle of the majority of the support for the PNP, with polling now showing only the extremist border district. Large Support has been gained to the Poretos Liberal Socialist of the Acting Lady President, as many were unsure if she would be strong and decisive enough to lead the Nation, with new polls showing:

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    The Vote tomorrow is expected to reflect very much this result. The Scientific Progress Party and Green Party are expected to form a Joint Opposition to support Green and Scientific Policy - many believing this to be the best idea for the Opposition, however the top 3 parties are very similar- this reflecting the current situation in Poretos.

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    Final Election Results of the October 2014 General Elections

    [SIZE=3]Firstly, we must apologise for our lack of news over the weekend, but as is expected we were all celebrating the Election Bank Holiday Weekend, however the Final Results have just come in....

    Here is the most basic breakdown of the final results:

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    Which means that our new Government is the Liberal Socialists!!! Led by Lady President Alexandra Mountdora who has today asked HM King Edmund I to establish the Government, as is tradition.

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    The Full break down of the Lower House is:

    257 Seats for the Poretos Liberal Socialists
    78 Seats to the United Green Front
    45 Seats to the Scientific Progress Party
    23 Seats to the Poretos Church League
    16 Seats to the Traditional Conservative Voice
    11 Seats to the National Democratic Party
    3 Seats to the Communist Party
    2 Seats to the National Socialist Party
    1 Seat to the Poretos Defence Party

    And as expected the United Green Front and Scientific Progress Party have agreed to form the first Opposition Coalition.

    In the Upper House based upon the Regions:

    Unexpectedly the Religious Northern Region has made there be a Poretos Church League Councillor, along with 15 Liberal Socialist Councillors, 5 United Green Front Councillors, 3 Scientific Progress Party Councillors.

    The Current Poretos Liberal Socialist Government is:

    Lady President: Lady Alexandra Mountdora SC
    Lord Chancellor: Lord Jordan Etrana PS

    Premier For the State: Jameson Leord SC
    Premier For Foreign Affairs: Elizabeth Tresa SC

    Commissioner for Justice - Alfred Torda PS
    Commissioner for Defence - Hadley Sharman PS
    Commissioner for Emergencies - Ruby Leo PS
    Commissioner for Local Governments - Patrica Xetas PS
    Commissioner for Media - Colin Ranem PS
    Commissioner for Education - George Bilner PS
    Commissioner for Environment - Alice Gold PS
    Commissioner for Health - Oliver Iron PS
    Commissioner for Social Policy - Tabatha Owls PS
    Commissioner for Transport - Harry Metra

    First Speech of the Lady President still to come...

  • Opening of Parliament and Lady President's Speech

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    Lady President Alexandra Mountdora making her first speech to the Houses

    Today was the Official State opening of Parliament where all 436 Peoples Speakers and the 24 District Councillors convened for the first time since the election. As with most state openings this was merely ceremonious - little debate was done however the Lady President was able to grant her first speech to the nation since her appointment as Lady President.

    The Lady President's Speech


    " It is with great honour, I your first elected President of the new Constitutional Monarchy of Poretos, the first Woman not born into the right of Queen to lead our country, that I get to take this position of Lady President. It has been quite some time since I last spoke to you as Lady Chancellor and Acting Head of Government after the Political Crisis that was the Poretos National Party - however let us not dwell on that.

    I stand before you the Lower House and Upper House of this House of Peoples, which is to be renamed the Houses of Legislation, as frankly it is much easier to say. You 436 Speakers of your Constituencies have been bestowed with the right to help change this Country, for better not for worse. We must prove ourselves to the Nation, whether Government, Opposition or Minority we have a duty to this nation.

    Within the next few days each of my Premiers and Commisoners will be invited to make a speech at the House of the Lady President that is Lesberth House, and our plans for the Future will be drawn, may we progress far, work hard, and revolutionise the nation.

    The Houses of Legislation are currently in on of the most stable positions we have seen with the outright Majority of the Poretos Liberal Socialists and the unconventional Union of the Green Front and Progress Party in Opposition. However much reform is expected to be announced in the next few days.

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    The Lower House of the Houses of Legislation

  • Poretos Embassy set alight

    In the hours following the Poretos's portion of debate on the latest bill before the European Commission masked figures have set alight to the Poretos embassy in Bulgaria.
    The Ambassador to Bulgaria has described the reaction of the Bulgarian forces as " Absolutely disgusting, 3 fire crews went past the embassy before we managed to stop one. As of yet we have had no contact from the police for this heinous crime. None of our people have been protected ." The Lady President has made a joint declaration with the Foreign Premier for the removal of all Diplomats from Bulgaria and the Foreign Office has released new Travel Advice for Bulgaria which implies that Poretos nationals should leave. The Bulgarian ambassador has been called to speak to the Lady President however it is not believed she is asking them to leave. Extra guards have been placed around their Embassy as general opinion is to strike back.

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  • End of the Daily Poretisian

    Today as part of the Commissioner for Media, Colin Ranem's, overhaul of the Public information and Broadcasting System the Daily Poretisian has been asked to join the new PPBN, The Poretos People's Broadcasting Network. This has been stated as not state control over the media, but better practice regulation and more reports for all of the nation. As well as foreign nations getting better access to the news of Poretos. Many of us are looking forward to this change and will now not need to prevent certain news stories due to budget .This is also expected to prevent the divide of media between the rich and the poor.

  • OOC: I know I said this was closed but I had a news story and don't have time to set up how I want to.

    Poretos Liberal Dancers???

    After being called "a political emotionless statue" Lady President Alexandra Mountdora decided to prove her wrong. 3 days ago she called all her government to her government house. With the important policy of ..... preparing for a spontaneous street dance - no that isn't a misprint.

    In Parliament Green yesterday afternoon it happened.

    "Hadley [The Commissioner for Defense] came up to me and said we needed to clear the square it was essential for national security" was one of many statements as member of HM Government prepared for this.

    It was a mixture of a laugh and important political statement afterwards the lady president said "How best to speak to the nation without that boring Parliamentary stature that many people can't get involved with."

    The dance, set to 'I'll run until the love runs out" (Supposedly a link to her running next term but its not confirmed.) Also gave each government member a chance to show off anew policy. For example the Home Premier got in the way of some police as part of her solo , representing increased privacy laws. Whilst the education commissioner involved reading into his piece to show how he has increased national reading ability.

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