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  • The Great Supreme Leader Wins Reelection With 99.8888888% Of the Vote!

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    Imperial President Spartak Aleksandrov

    Today Imperial President Aleksandrov, our great holy Supreme Leader given to us by the grace of God, was reelected by the people of this great nation by 99.9% of the vote! There was a 120% turnout, the highest in the European Union! He has once again won the trust of the great and pure Bulgarian people, with this being his fifth reelection, and the next election won't be until 2034 due to an amendment for 20 year terms! The National Assimbly of the Great Bulgarian People was also reelected, with the National Bulgarian Workers' Coalition winning 417 seats once again, the sinful Liberal Undemocratic Socialists gained 1 seat, the rest were independents hand picked by the great Supreme Leader.

    "Thank you the great Bulgarian people, you have once again provided your pure and just trust in me, and as such I bring you the new future for Bulgaria. I will bring honor, and purity to Bulgaria by ridding us of the homosexual monstrosity hurting all our nations today, by moving them to special communities in the Balkan Mountains. I have also told the National People's Armed Forces to shoot on sight any Icholasen citizen who may be walking the streets, their nation is filled with dirty protestants, liberals, and unforgivably transgenders......We must rid them of our nation.

    I have also ordered the movement of Muslims to the border regions of the nation to be dealt with appropriately. They will be kept in the best conditions the Lord shall allow them, as they are a dirty, filthy, and barbaric culture that must be removed with the dirty homosexuals. Anyone who does not comply with these orders shall be shot on sight as the dirty unhuman scum they are.

    I am also ordering free education at the college level, a larger military, and for the Foreign Ministry to make allies with Poland, Halsberg, and Australia. Who are among the greatest nations in the EU. These actions will make Bulgaria more holy and pure, and bring us into a golden age among a golden age! Once again thank you!"

    That was the Imperial President's victory speech at the Imperial Palace of the Bulgarian Nation in Sofia. All the above goals have already begun, with backdoor conversations with Halsbergians already started, as well as over 666 Icholasen citizens already shot by the military or patriotic citizens! More information from the greatest nation on Earth to come, may the Supreme Leader let the sun shine tomorrow!

  • The Great Supreme Leader Laughs In The Face Of Barbaric Nations!

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    Imperial President Spartak Aleksandrov

    "The great, pure, and holy Bulgarian nation will not bow down to the heretics in other parts of Europe. We will continue to work to remove ourselves of the Icholasen and homosexual monstrosity from the face of our nation!!" screamed Imperial President Aleksandrov at the Bulgarian People's Pride Rally earlier today after hearing reports of an ECoJ case being brought against Bulgaria. The disgusting state of Davishire brought a court case to the European Court of Justice. A disgrace to this holy nation! The great, holy government has promised to disregard his court case, calling it a mockery against justice, and the court is filled with agents working to bring the Empire down!

    The government has even worked to further expand its program of bringing purity to the EU, even announcing manhunts against Inimicans, Davishirians, and Duxburians. Already 467 Inimicans have been publically executed or flogged, 897 Davishirians stoned to death, and 24 Duxburians forced into a battle royale.....They all died in mass suicide. This shows how valiantly our government is working to get rid of these barbaric people, who have no place in a civilized society. The Imperial President even mocked the "Emperor" of Inimicus.

    "You sir, are unhuman dog scum. You deface the value of humanity by being bisexual, and I truly feel sorry for your wife that is carrying your now infected child. This child must be culled from the face of this Earth! I hope the Lord removes this filthy child from the womb of this poor woman. In fact, I issue an Imperial Executive order, calling for all Bulgarians to work to murder the Head of States of Inimicus, Davishire, and Icholasen."

    Speaking of Icholasen, now more then 6,234 citizens of Icholasen have been removed from the nation, most being tortured, and then being shot into the graves they dug, We are working to make this nation more holy! May the unhuman dog scum in the rest of the EU, starve in their undemocratic corporate lives! May they enjoy their pidgins for dinner! Down with Icholasen!

  • Imperial President Aleksandrov Dies After Battle With Brain Cancer, The New Supreme Leader Carries On His Ideals

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    Supreme Marshall Camillus Atanasov Presiding in his first Great National Assembly session as Supreme Marshall

    Imperial President Aleksandrov passed away last night after a long holy battle with cancer. The tumor was located at such a late stage Chemo, and a direct physical operation were deemed useless. The great leader took this as a sign from God, and worked for the people in his final weeks and months. He was succeeded by the Chief Marshall of the Bulgarian armed Forces, Camuillus Atanasov, who declared that Imperial President Aleksandrov would remain eternal in his place as Eternal Imperial President. Supreme Leader Atanasov declared he would be known as the Supreme Marshall, as head of the government, head of state, and head of the National Defense Commission. Supreme Marshall Atanasov has declared a new path for Bulgaria, one to truly support its great destiny.

    "We must accept MSGIs, and other groups who may not have the same life as the majority. They are Bulgarians as much as any of us. Together we can put Bulgaria as one of the most advanced countries in the great European Union. On this plot, I apologize to all countries who have been harmed by the Supreme Leader Aleksandrov, I issue a formal apology to the Emperor of Inimicus for comments made by the Imperial President. I also have set aside life pensions for those who lost loved ones during the so called Great Purge.

    One thing remains clear though, we stand against the aggression made recently by Groot Belgie. It is an insult to the great Bulgarian people to station ones whole military on our borders. If Groot Belgie does not back down soon, war shall be upon you. This is my only warning, I hope you take it seriously. We will not show mercy," These were the Supreme Marshall's opening statements to the Great National Assembly of the Great Bulgarian people, of which elections were called for the next month which are to be monitored by the European Commission.

    The Supreme Marshall has also ordered the military a mobilization in order to protect Bulgarian sovereignty. He has also announced meetings with Inimicus, the European Commission, and Halsberg to reflect on past events and move past this terrible chapter in Bulgarian history. Down with Groot Belgie!

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