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    With agony I have been watching Bulgarian news outlets for the past few days, which have reported on immense violence against minorities in the Imperial Republic. Allow me to give a few examples: "I will bring honor, and purity to Bulgaria by ridding us of the homosexual monstrosity hurting all our nations today, by moving them to special communities in the Balkan Mountains.", "I have also told the National People's Armed Forces to shoot on sight any Icholasen citizen who may be walking the streets", "I have also ordered the movement of Muslims to the border regions of the nation to be dealt with appropriately.", and worst of all: "Over 666 Icholasen citizens already shot by the military or patriotic citizens!". I found it especially disgusting that these atrocities were glorified... GLORIFIED... in the undoubtedly biased Bulgarian media. The persecution of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgendered people, the muder of Icholasen nationals, and the demonisation of those following the Muslim faith must stop now.

    As a bisexual person myself, I feel very strongly about the widespread persecution of LGBT citizens in Bulgaria. I would like to appeal to European authorities to act quickly and responsibly, before this situation gets out of hand. I would like to join with the Icholasen Prime Minister in strongly condemning these horrible, genocide-like atrocities. Also the terrifying murder of Icholasen nationals has sent a shiver down my spine. I am therefore recalling all Inimician nationals from Bulgaria, and forbidding any Inimicians from travelling to this dictatorship. The horrid expulsion of Muslims, too, is a crime which cannot be tolerated. I would like to urge the European Court of Justice to prosecute Bulgarian Imperial President Spartak Aleksandrov, as he has breached the laws of the Universal Delcaration of Human Rights, intentionally, several times, without an end in sight.

    I would also like to urge the government of Halsberg to stop negotiations with this terrible government. I know the Halsbergians as a kind, tolerant people, and I was baffled to hear that, according to Bulgarian media, "backdoor conversations" with the Halsbergians have already started. I think we, sensible nations of the European Union, in co-operation with EU authorities, should apply strong international diplomatic pressure to Bulgaria, with the possible threat of military action. If I hear of Inimicians mass-murdered in Bulgaria, I will have to carry out my duty of protecting them.

    Thank you.



    It is with great grief that I have to speak to you tonight from a building I myself do not even know the location of. I was transported to this site when my chief of security was informed that the President of the Imperial Republic of Bulgaria has openly called upon all Bulgarian citizens to assassinate me. Not only this, he also named me, and I quote, "unhuman dog scum", I am defacing "the value of humanity by being bisexual", and I was told the worst things an expecting father can be told: "This child must be culled from the face of this Earth! I hope the Lord removes this filthy child from the womb of this poor woman". I can tell you that me and my wife the Imperial Consort have wept for over an hour at these horrid comments.

    However, what I found hundreds of times more appaling was the message that already 467 Inimicans have been publically executed or flogged, along with 897 Davishirians stoned to death, and 24 Duxburians forced into a battle royale. According to Bulgarian media, these people have all passed away. This can mean only one thing: retribution. I will not allow a regime to murder nearly 500 Inimician nationals and thousands of others. I have therefore ordered the Inimician High Command to start preparing for armed conflict with Bulgaria.

    Now, I have promised both the Premier Commissioner of the European Union and the Inimician people that I would do everything in my power to avoid military conflict. My diplomatic power has its limits, however. I cannot negotiate with a regime that is actively mass murdering Duxburians, Nicolezians, LGBTs, and of course Inimicians. I will return to you with further news and military developments as soon as possible. For now, I would like to ask all Inimicians to join with me in wishing our soldiers all the best, for we are now officially at war with the Imperial Republic of the Bulgarian Empire.



    The European Union has been shaken in recent weeks by Davishirian military action in the former Imperial State of Prussia, and an Inimician-Halsbergian response. Questions have risen about the legitimacy of our actions, questions which I hope I will be able to answer today. I can confirm Inimicus has sent three destroyers, five frigates, eight attack submarines, and two supercarriers, to just outside the twelve-mile territorial water border near the Island of Bucks, Davishire. I will not disclose anything about the Halsbergian strength, although you may have heard something about that from other sources. I, and therefore the Inimician government and Cabinet, feel this action is a legitimate sign to Davishire that it cannot continue its expansionist foreign policy any longer. Indeed, sending warships to someone else's waters - although our ships have not entered Davishirian territory - may seem to some as an act of war, but let it be known that I do not seek war with Davishire, quite the contrary.

    I want Davishire to live and work together with us, in a peaceful and prosperous European Union. However, the country's current foreign policy conduct cannot ensure this. I understand every nation's needs and rights to defend its borders, but this does not mean occupying a twenty-mile strip of land that is not yours to claim. It also does not mean reacting aggressively when faced with any kind of political or social problem. It has to be said that Inimicus, too, has acted aggressively in the past, notably when my country sent military troops into Rimroth to save myself from a group of kidnappers. I, personally, would have prevented such an action and sought for a diplomatic solution, but what happened happened, there is no denying the past. This, however, does not alter the fact that Davishire has acted incorrectly and in a warmongering fashion.

    To end this issue once and for all, I am happy to announce that Prime Minister Speller and Minister for Internal Affairs Gladwell will be paying a visit to Davishire shortly, or at least meeting Davishirian officials to discuss the current situation. I hope this meeting will be fruitful, and will announce any developments that may occur.



    Since the Inimician involvement in a military naval presence near Davisire, troops from the Duxburian Union have denied Imperial Naval vessels passage through the Suez canal, Duxburian fleets have been gathereing off Inimicus's shores, and the Union's armied in Dromund Kaas, near the locked-down border. This situation has caused much strife and fear for the Inimician people, its government, and me personally. Inimicus has done nothing to provoke the Duxburian Union, we were merely involved in a naval action hundreds of miles from our shores. In my opinion, this action is wholly unnecessary and, frankly, threatening to the stability of the region. However, I can complain about it all I want, those ships will not move unless decisive action is taken.

    This is why I would like to invite Duxburian leaders to the table with me. This continuous stalemate has no further use, and I do not feel like being pushed into a corner any longer. I would see us become friends again, or neutral towards each other at least. I am extending my hand, and will wait for the Duxburian leadership to grasp it.

    **His Imperial Majesty, the most Holy Liege, Emperor Artabanos**

  • His Imperial Majesty Emperor Artabanos of Inimicus

    November 21st 2015 - It is with great sadness and horror that news reached Me about the terrible act of terror in the Davishirian capital. According to the country's intelligence services, over a hundred innocents have been confirmed deceased so far, although the number is most definitely to rise further. Moreover, it has been confirmed a large-scale school hostage situation is currently ongoing. I and the Inimician government will await further information about the situation, but I would like to offer my sincere condolences to the Davishirian people, its government, and especially the relatives of those killed.

    Let it be known I condemn the Davishirian foreign policy actions of recent weeks. Our nations have not actively worked together since the conflict Davishire's government had with Me about airplane payments, but targeting innocent civilians is never an acceptable strategy in warfare. I have visited the Davishirian capital many a time, and to see images of the utter carnage throughout the city twisted my stomach. I hereby offer Davishire My country's full humanitarian aid commitment, as we stand together with the citizens of Davishire in dealing with this heinous attack on their freedom.

    That said, I also commend the Davishirian decision to immediately lax and withdraw sanctions on Poretos. That country's sovereignity and freedom is as important as Davishire's own, and the Poretisians, too, can count on Inimicus's help. I call on other European Union member states to join me in mourning all those who died, and in actively attempting to bring the terrorists to justice.

    ARTABANOS: Centuriorum, Legatorum, Quaestoriorum, Imperatorum, Rosarorum, Praestoriorum Imperator Maximus; Dominus Noster, Βασιλεύς Πολεμιων, Αύτοκράτορ Πρώτος; Pontifex Maximus Religio Inimiciis; Dux Districti Teli; Caesar Legioni Inimici; Crux Maximus Ordinem Imperatoris; Dominus Ordene Supremus Nicolesii; LAUDATE!

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    Statement On Angleteric Foreign Office Message

    It is with great sincerity that I would like to formally reply to the message received by the Angleteric government concerning the apparent murder of two Inimician Catholic Cardinals.

    It is with great sadness that I can indeed confirm that Cardinals Oaks and Hurkman were quite brutally assassinated inside their home by a single assailant. As you will all know, we have arrested one suspect, someone employed by My government. This grieves me deeply and casts shame over My administration. During My time in office, I have always strived to protect the right of everyone to freely think, believe, and express opinions and thoughts. It is apparent, however, that not everyone in Inimicus allows everyone else these freedoms, which is something I find deeply saddening. It is therefore that I called upon every Inimician to tolerate one another’s beliefs and opinions in my New Year’s Broadcast.

    I can with much pleasure confirm that Cardinal Willibrandus was out of the mansion when the attack happened, and has therefore been spared the horrible fate of his counterparts. He is alive and well, and is currently residing in My Personal quarters in the Imperial Palace, where I insist he stay until the current situation dies down. I take full personal responsibility for My decision to attempt to protect our Cardinals by placing them under near-full house arrest, a decision I can assure you I did not take lightly. I genuinely believed the Cardinals’ safety would be improved by this measure, and my security advisor agreed. However, it now appears this advisor is the same official who is now being held under suspicion. Mr Keith Carmichael will face tough interrogation, and if proven guilty he will spend the rest of his life in prison. But since this case is still under investigation, I shall make no further comments on it.

    Concerning religious freedom in Inimicus, I would like to quote from the Inimician Constitution, which I personally designed and had ratified: Article VI, section 1: [i]” Everyone shall have the right to profess freely his religion or belief, either individually or in community with others, without prejudice to his responsibility under the law.”[/i] In Inimicus, following our own constitution and the European UDHoR, no one is exempt from the freedom of belief and religion the civilised world values so highly. However, I admit and at the same time am proud of the fact that Inimicus is a more secular state than most of its neighbours. After all, section 3 of the same article reads [i]“Everyone shall have the right to be free of religion. No one has the right to forcibly convert an Inimician national to their religion or belief.”[/i] This is a value Inimicus holds just as highly. And indeed, a fair share of Inimicians are fiercer in their non-belief than I would personally prefer. The same Constitution states that freedom of speech is unlimited except for the prohibition of incitement of violence, which is a border that has evidently been crossed too often.

    I will therefore ensure the Angleteric government that I shall personally employ My Imperial Wardens, who are deployed only when My Personal security is at stake, to investigate this case and leave no page of information unread, no piece of evidence veiled, no suspect uninterrogated. The Apostolic Crown has always been considered as one of the great, reliable allies of My Empire, and I would be greatly disappointed to see Our relationship strained because of this. If desired, I would be more than willing to meet with Angleteric officials to discuss this case and the friendship between our two nations in general.

    I hope to have informed you sufficiently about this matter.

    [b] ARTABANOS: of the Centurians, Legatians, Quaestorians, Imperatorians, Rosarians, and Praestorians Supreme Emperor; Our Lord, Ruler of all Inimicians, Supreme Autocrat; Defender of the Inimician Faith; Duke of the District of Telum; Commander of the Inimician Armed Forces; Grand Cross in the Imperial Order of Inimicus; Lord of the Supreme Ordene of Icholasen; PRAISE![/b]

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    Statement on Internal Unrest

    It will all have come to your attention that internal unrest in Inimicus has spiralled out of control. Two armed groups have declared their intention to claim the Throne of Inimicus without any democratic basis whatsoever. Now, contrary to some European news outlets, I think it is important to stress violence has not broken out. We have, so far, but seen a takeover of local government, law enforcement and military powers, by pretender rebels who assumed control over several areas in Inimicus. Which, in itself, is already an unacceptable and personally deeply shameful event. However, I think it is important to stress Inimicus has not descended into civil war, and if it is up to Me, will never fight internally again. When Inimicus became an Empire in 2011, it was through bloodshed and hard fighting; I will not see another disastrous conflict fought on Inimician soil. Reports are still coming in about the exact areas under rebel authority, but it appears all of the Legatian, Quaestorian, and most of the Dominian and Centurian Terras, as well as the southern Generality terrority, are no longer under My direct control. We are as yet also unsure about the attitude of Mr Benfield to Mr Doyle and vice versa, and whether or not they are working together against My Authority.

    There has been significant international concern about Inimicus's nuclear facilities, and understandably so. We have already produced several prototype nuclear arms, and having these fall into the hands of unlawful scum, as I have to call them, would be disastrous. However, I can confirm that none of Inimicus's nuclear facilities are in hands of anyone but Me, My government, and My soldiers. These facilities are fortresses, located in Inimicus's most inhospitable terrain, and shall not be taken if the situation does come to blows. Still, I cannot stress security enough, therefore I have ordered the facilities to be dismantled and the prototype weapons to be transported to an unidentified secure location. This process is already largely complete. I do sincerely apologise to the ENAA, who placed this immense responsibility on Inimicus's shoulders, whom I have disappointed massively. Therefore I do announce Inimicus will not be pursuing or continuing its nuclear programme until we have re-ensured our nation's stability. I feel this is only fair to the region and a decent safety measure for both the Inimician people and the European community.

    I am very grateful for the support My administration and My rightful governance has received from abroad, in particular from Archbishop Craticus of Inquista. I do therefore announce I will be setting up a temporary Inimician Government-In-Exile in Saint Dominico, Inquista, where government officials will continue Inimicus's foreign policy. Personally, I will never abandon the Inimician people to their fate, and so I will not be joining the exiled government. Instead, I have agreed to meet with both Mr Doyle and Mr Benfield, along with their representatives, to ensure a peaceful solution to this immensely troubling problem. But I cannot continue to stress: there have so far been no reported hostilties between quarreling forces. Moreover, Imperial troops will not engage in any combat voluntarily. We shall not act unless acted against.

    I understand this is a very troubling situation for foreign governments, and I understand the decisions of Angleteric and Fremetian officials to suspend their Teluminan embassies and call back any of their nationals currently resident in the Empire. However I would like to comfirm to European leaders that their nationals are safe. Inimicus is not at war. If there were any danger to nationals of your countries, I would be the first to advise you to impose travel bans and evacuations. I will, of course, keep you all updated as to the situation, and should it escalate (which I will attempt to prevent at any cost) I will immediately contact European leaders personally. However I would like to ask you to refrain from military action against Inimicus, as the situation is currently peaceful and will hopefully remain so. Should I require assistance or aid, I will obviously ask for it.

    I hope I have put to rest some immediate concerns of the international community, in particular about Inimicus's nuclear arms programme. More updates are undoubtedly on the way.

    ARTABANOS: of the Centurians, Legatians, Quaestorians, Imperatorians, Rosarians, and Praestorians Supreme Emperor; Our Lord, Ruler of all Inimicians, Supreme Autocrat; Defender of the Inimician Faith; Duke of the District of Telum; Commander of the Inimician Armed Forces; Grand Cross in the Imperial Order of Inimicus; Lord of the Supreme Ordene of Icholasen; PRAISE!



    To those this message may reach, greetings.

    In the light of Inimicus's recent production of 150 nuclear warheads, with the approval of the ENAA, I am hereby making several announcements in regards to this large step on Inimicus's way to becoming a central player in keeping this region safe.

    The Imperial Armed Forces have produced two classes of warheads. The first, and heaviest, is the Cocx Class. This thermonuclear weapon has an effective blast yield of twenty-five megatonnes and weighs around 20,000 kilogrammes. If properly deployed, this weapon would cause third-degree burns at 60 miles from ground zero and destroy buildings at around 40. If deployed at the surface, this nuclear warhead causes a seismic shock of around 6 on the Richter scale. The Cocx Class is triple-layered. It uses a fission bomb to activate a thermonuclear secondary, which in turn compresses a far larger thermonuclear stage, resulting in a far greater explosion. Currently, Inimicus has stocked fifty of such warheads.

    The second and lighter type of nuclear weapon Inimicus has produced is the Speller Class, at 15 megatonnes of primed TNT. It weighs a modest 10,000 kilogrammes and is the most plentiful Inimician warhead, at a count of 100. Contrary to its larger counterpart, the Speller Class bombs are filled with Lithium deuteride. Both these types of warheads have been designed to minimise radioactive fallout, but maximise surface destruction. This is achieved by preventing fast fission from occuring, and rather than using a uranium 238 fusion tamper, incorporating a lead tamper instead. This makes both the Speller and the Cocx classes extremely "clean" weapons.

    Now, of course we have yet to find out if the extremely capable Inimician research teams - which had been drawing out plans for these weapons since before Inimicus's first ENAA application back in 2013 - have managed to tweak everything correctly and set every paramater just right. Therefore, I am announcing Inimicus's intention and preparation for a double nuclear arms test. The full plan is to send two crafts into outer space, which will each be supplied by multiple further launches. These two stations will enter into elliptical orbits at Lagrangian Point 2, at apsis of each other. Once in orbit, these temporary outer space bases, which will bear the names Cambyses and Croisos, will be tranformed into platforms from which one Cocx Class warhead and one Speller Class warhead, will be brought to detonation at apophasis. Ultimately, the plan is to bring both warheads to detonation at around 352,000 kilometres, or 220,000 miles, from the Earth's surface. We will also send out several observation probes which will measure the detonations to provide us with accurate data.

    Now, I out of all people realise the magnitude of this operation, both in financial cost and implications for our region. However, the Nuclear Test Regulations Act, wisely passed by the European Council several years ago, rules out any place in Inimicus to perform a test of this size; moreover, I would not put the life of any Inimician, and indeed any citizen of any European nation, at risk by performing a surface or athmospheric arms test somewhere in the outer rim of the planet. This is the only way to test Inimicus's weapons safely and effectively. The process will take a large amount of time, the suggested elliptical orbit alone comprising 180 days, but the first launch, that of Croesos's shell, is set for August 15th. Cambyses will set off into space five days later, with further launches occuring every five days until all parts are up. In total, twelve Inimician cosmonauts will join the project in space. The Imperial Board for Astronomical Science, which is working closely with the Imperial Armed Forces in this project, expects parts to be in orbit by the end of September, detonations occuring somewhere in October.

    I cannot give you a due date for the final detonations. We simply do not know exactly what to expect. What is sure, however, is that I will address any concerns or questions regarding this obviously controversial proposal, and ensure everyone can feel safe and satisfied. This short announcement is but a short survey of what Inimicus is going to do, and I will of course be open to any scrutiny, whether by national governments, international institutions, or individual concerned citizens.

    ARTABANOS: of the Centurians, Legatians, Quaestorians, Imperatorians, Rosarians, and Praestorians Divine Emperor and Supreme Lord; Ruler of all Inimicians, Supreme Autocrat; Defender of the Inimician Faith; Duke of the District of Telum; Commander of the Inimician Armed Forces; Grand Cross in the Imperial Order of Inimicus; PRAISE!

  • 21/09/2017

    To those this message may reach, greetings,

    It is with sorrowful heart I have taken notice of the horrific incidents which have unfolded in London today. As we wait for more information to come in, it is wise for national leaders like Myself to be reserved in their comments and maintain a healthy, down-to-earth attitude to foreign and domestic policy. Although I cannot speak on behalf of all Inimicians, I would like to extend My personal condolences to the families and friends of those who have been affected by this disaster, and I also extend an open hand to the British government, offering them any help Inimicus might be able to give in bringing those responsible and their associates to justice. The means of our combined intelligence forces are available to offer aid.

    This afternoon I chaired a meeting of the Imperial Anti-Terror Command, which sees no reason to change Inimicus's threat level, which will therefore remain at level 2 of 4, meaning there is a limited threat of terror. Inimician police forces will continue to work closely with the IATC, Imperial Wardens, Imperial Guard, and the Inimician army, to counter threats to our national security. For now, I would ask Inimicians to remain vigilant, but never to be scared or frightened by terror. We stand with our British cousins and wish them every success in overcoming the tragedy that has befallen them.

    ARTABANOS: of the Centurians, Legatians, Quaestorians, Imperatorians, Rosarians, and Praestorians Divine Emperor and Supreme Lord; Ruler of all Inimicians, Supreme Autocrat; Defender of the Inimician Faith; Duke of the District of Telum; Commander of the Inimician Armed Forces; Grand Cross in the Imperial Order of Inimicus; PRAISE!

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