An Explosive Experience

  • Discussion IC Secret, Actions IC noticable

    Location- Cabinet Office- Sandford

    It was early in the Davishire afternoon and the Prime Minister was hosting an emergency cabinet session. The Prime Minister, Steve Mannion, and David Cameron the leader of the opposition came into the cabinet room. The army Major spoke,

    "Prime Minister, it has been confirmed that Groot Belgie has launched a military satellite."

    The Prime Minister looked stunned,

    "so they have actually done it..."

    "Yes sir"

    "What are my options Major?"

    "Leave it or shoot it down in reality are the only options. But if we are going to shoot it down the next opportunity will arise in 15 minutes. A submarine with a missile is ready"

    "very well major. Mr Cameron do you agree that it must be shot down?"

    David Cameron looked at the document which detailed what actions were possible.

    "Yes, I agree. It is the same course of action I would have taken"

    At this point Steve Mannion took a piece of paper, scribbled an order onto it and signed it. It was then passed to an aide who sent the message to the naval HQ.

    Location- HMDS Tireless- 12 Miles off the Coast of Davishire

    A young sub lieutenant was manning the communications systems. The message came through reading,


    The young officer had the message sealed in an envelope, he grabbed his pistol from under the desk and affixed the holster to his waist before making his way to the bridge.

    "Sir, orders from HQ. Imperative."

    The captain barked immediate orders detailing the target and which missiles would be fired. With a turn of the key and confirmation of the safe code the missiles were away"

    Location-Cabinet Office- Sandford

    The Major looked at his screen,

    "Prime Minister missile has been launched.... a couple of seconds to go.... missile confirmed hit sir... no trace of satellite"

    The Prime Minister sighed....

    "With that I feel bad things will happen. Call me if there are any developments. "

    With that the Prime MInister returned to his office


    It was the second time in a matter of hours that the Prime Minister was called into the emergency briefing room. The Major was there alongside naval,air force and intelligence representatives.

    The major started to brief the Prime Minister,

    "Prime Minister, I am sure you are aware of the severe situation in Bulgaria. Currently we have had little intelligence and all sources from that nation do appear to have... um... gone dead. Anyhow we have had word from a journalist."

    The Major produced a picture,

    "A Davishirian one, he works for 'on the other hand'. We have recieved notification that he has just escaped from Bulgaria"

    The Prime Minister eyes lit up,

    "and what can he tell us?"

    "something most interesting Prime Minister. He has confirmed that awful happenings are occuring. The most awful things."

    "Major, I don't care if you have to spend one billion pounds, get that man here NOW!"

    with that the Prime Minister left and the Major sprung into action.

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