Together On Guard

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    Together On Guard
    A Meeting in Saint Dominico

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    The European Union has fallen into perhaps its darkest period of aggression, which has lead to nations in the EU becomingly increasingly ambitious and much more combative. After privately coming to an agreement, the Archbishop of Inquista, Emperor of Inimicus and the High President of Halsberg agreed to a meeting to further discuss the important matter at hand. Despite the fact that these three representatives of their nations have handled international chaos in very different ways, it was becoming clear that it would be in their best interest to work together. In the face of constant sanctions, and large arrays of threats, aggressive and hostile nations have yet to seriously reconsider their pugnacious demeanor. This lack of unity has lead to the rise of more belligerent states, all of which have seemingly thrown peace out of the window. One nation in particular has been more belligerent than the rest, and has subjected it's imperialistic actions on almost all regions of the European Union. If this hostile nation continuous to go unchecked, then the peace of Inquista, Inimicus and Halsberg will be at jeopardy.

    Night was already beginning to fall, and the many lights of Saint Dominico were starting to flicker on. In Inqusitan tradition, it has always been said that monsters come out at night. As the colder and darker autumn days begin to settle in, the hustle and bustle of Saint Dominico has stubbornly continued. Archbishop Craticus has always favoured working in the night. He has found it to be more peaceful, relaxing and with less interruption. There is also something mysterious about the darkness of the sky that helped him concentrate and think more clearly. Perhaps it was because the air of mystery and unknown that lies in the darkness kept his mind focused, and constantly wondering. Yet the future of the unknown has become much more darker and distorted. It created a feeling of uneasy anxiety within Craticus. Craticus has always been two steps ahead. This feeling of uncertainty was growing.

    Even though Craticus has had his fair share of conflict, namely around the the Sahara (where Inquista has been involved since 2011), Craticus has steered away from practically all international conflicts and disputes. In the past, Inquistans in general have been quite neutral and indifferent to social justice, and have instead supported the autonomy and decisions made by different governments. Namely, after the Inimican government gassed green protesters and executed Mr Spelling, it was the short-reigning Inquistan Commissioner of Internal Affairs Mikaela Kligenberg that defended the Inimican government, and request that all calls for international investigation should be ignored.

    Emperor Artabanos and High President Solomon, on the other hand, have maintained strong participation in international incidents, and have both committed themselves to defending social justice and peacekeeping. This eventually lead to conflict with the Archbishop over the Sahara, but the dramatic situation was quickly diffused with dialogue.

    However, not so many recent situations have ended in such peaceful terms. Peace clearly is not for everyone. It seems that deplorable actions such as direct attacks and fabrications of false news stories have become acceptable in the international community, and that this behavior has gone without repercussions. At this rate, the European Union is deteriorating into a failed Union. While Inquista has tolerated and supported nations to act in whatever legal interest they want, it seems that this has now reached a breaking point. Craticus believes that much of the European Union's conflict stems from one nation: Davishire. It is for this reason as to why Emperor Artabanos and High President Solomon have been contacted and asked to summit in Saint Dominico. While not necessarily the three best of friends, the three respective leaders know how to resolve conflict, and are experienced with confronting hostile countries.

    Archbishop Craticus awaited inside the drawing room of his holy Palace. Cratcius patiently stared at the ticking hands of his watch. The delegations of Inimicus and Halsberg were soon to arrive, he suspected. Cratcius was grateful that they were making the effort to come, considering it was on terms of such short notice. This meeting was hurriedly put together, and was done so in secrecy. The arrival of the Inimicans and Halsbergians would be shrouded by the covers of night and will arrive at the Archbishop's Palace without publicity. It was already very late and the Halsbergian and Inimican leaders must have already been on their way from the airport. A row of guards and public assistants stood outside the walls of the Palace, and watched as a pair of black limousines pulled up to the grand entrance of the Palace. The guards stood at attention as the assistant rolled down a red carpet down the walkway from the Palace entrance to the street. Waiting for the leaders to step out of their vehicles, the assistants were eager to guide them inside and proceed with the pending discussion.

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    "Let's get this done quickly", Artabanos said to his secretary, "We have a war to fight".
    With those words, Emperor Artabanos stepped out of his limousine onto the red carpet. He had never been on a visit to Inquista. A shame this one had to be at night, and organised with such haste. There were no real opportunities to see the wonderful Inquistan city, to His Majesty's displeasure. However, he had more serious matters to think about. The recent murder of nearly 500 of his countrymen had forced his nation to go to war wih Bulgaria, and the Davishirian-Belgian tensions had not fallen easily on his shoulders, either.

    Artabanos greeted the Inquistan guards in his usual kind manner and followed them inside, glancing back at the other limousine, thinking the Halsbergians would follow soon.

  • "At last. Any news?", the High President asked his secretary as their car pulled up outside the Holy Palace.

    "None, High President", Billy replied, fiddling with something on his phone. "It seems the talks between Davishire and Groot Belgie have gotten underway, but nothing really substantial's come of them yet."

    "Right...well I want you to let me and the others know if anything changes. Need to make sure we're up to date.", the High President said curtly, making his way out of the car. As was expected, there were no journalists or crowds of any kind. Just the solitary red carpet leading to the entrance way and a few ceremonial guards dotted about. This was how diplomacy should be done, he thought to himself. Far above them all, a shooting star streaked through the sky, distracting them from their walk up to the palace. The High President and his assistant looked up as the light danced and eventually died; the Palace guards remained motionless. The High President stopped and closed his eyes for a second, then resumed his walk up to the awaiting delegates.

    "What was that?", Billy asked.

    "Oh nothing, lets just hope the Davishirans are scared of wishes", the High President said with a smile, one that masked his inner worry. They'd all have to do a lot more than wishing if they were going to help the situation. The couple entered the Palace and headed straight for the other delegates.

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    As Artabanos and Solomon came walking down the front entrance, a well organised team of assistant and attendants descended upon them. The attendants began to pick and straighten the attire of two leaders with great fervour, and attempted to make them look as presentable as possible. The Inimican Emperor's pink tie was quite marvelous and received a round of compliments from the attendants. Majority of the attendants were Sahrawi and Marrakechian - cheap labour that has flocked to Inquista since 2011, mainly due to Inquista's military involvement in Sahara region. Many Marrakechians and Sahrawi that have looked for a better life have come to Inquista, and many have settled for cheap, low-skilled jobs.

    After being ambushed by the fashion police, the two dignitaries were shown the way down the shimmering hall. The main entrance hall of the Archbishop's Palace was almost entirely plated in pure gold - which not only represented the national colours of Inquista, but also represented its prosperity. Relics and artifacts from medieval crusades lined the walls and treasures decorated every corner. To the left of the main entrance, the Emperor and High President were escorted to the main drawing room.

    Craticus smiled politely as he saw Solomon and Artabanos emerge from the hall doorway. They were on time.

    "Thank you for coming on such short notice, gentlemen. I am aware that we are a bit pressed on time - considering the extreme developments across Europe. Welcome."

    Craticus shook the Inimican Emperor's hand with a firm, tight grasp before shaking the High President's hand, although the later handshake was done in a much more delicate manner. The High President and the Archbishop have had an awkward history. The two leaders have butted heads before, namely during the London Conference, and the Archbishop had also made a little bit of a fool of himself during a previous drunken daze. Craticus could barely remember anything that happened during the Royal Ball in Icholasen, but he could faintly remember his attempt to "wingman" the High President and provide him a chance to sleep with the Rechroatian Queen. In a dramatic turn of events, it was the Archbishop who ended up sleeping with Queen Aleksandra that evening - a crime that he regrets and prays about every day.

    Before any of the two foreign leaders could say a word, Craticus quickly interrupted one more time.

    "My condolences go out to you and your people, Your Majesty. The brutality in Bulguria is most appalling and disgusting. Inimicans have done nothing to warrant such hatred. I have prayed for the safety of your people. Inquista, has prayed."

    While Craticus did not approve of the genocide of Inimicans, Duxburians, or any foreign nationals, Craticus' deep-rooted christian extremist views remained well in tact. He secretly approved of the slaughter of Muslims and homosexuals. For those reasons alone he found no need to condemn the genocide of those people. Craticus has committed atrocities just as bad while leading the CACI, however, that was all done in secret.

    "Perhaps we can discuss a possible course of action with Bulguria as well, while you are here."

  • The High President was never one to pay particular attention to his clothes, and it seemed the group of dressers and the like had worked that out just by glancing at him. He was wearing the same tweed suit he'd worn for most official engagement, thinking it was perfectly acceptable, but the fashion experts disagreed. In a moment, his tie had been removed, replaced with a striking cyan and pink stripped version that clashed horribly with the tweed jacket. The Sahrawi and Marrakechian dressers most certainly didn't fail to notice, and equally as fast his suit jacked was removed and replaced with a more modern, black one. Remarkable that they knew his size, thought the High President. Almost as if they were expecting to have to do this.

    Despite feeling somewhat slighted by the Inquistans' lack of compliment directed at him, the High President and Emperor Artabanos arrived at the end of the hall looking their best. They were both rather taken aback by the ornateness of the palace, the shimmering gold and silver creating an atmosphere that almost oozed respect. "No wonder they shoved all their expensive stuff in the entrance all, eh Artie?", the High President said jokingly. Artabanos nodded slightly awkwardly. "I can tell you, they'd never let me have all this stuff in the front room back home. They'd probably think it would make me seem 'out of touch'", he went on. The Emperor opened his mouth to speak, but before he could the couple were shown into the main drawing room where their host for the evening was waiting.

    The High President listened intently, nodding in agreement at certain points. When the Archbishop was offering his condolences to Emperor Artabanos, he muttered "absolutely awful, so sorry my dear chap". Once the Archbishop was finished, the High President looked around at his two colleagues and friends.

    "Yeah, of course, Archbishop. Should the Bulgarian state be committing these horrible acts, something needs to be done. I think a strong, unified response is the only kind that people like this will even notice. I also include the government of Davishire in that description, one of the key players in most recent flare up of tensions. Still, I'm sure we can work something out here. We obviously know each other quite well", the High President made eye contact with Craticus, remembering the events in Icholasen, "so I've got great hopes for this meeting."

  • Emperor Artabanos was touched by these two great leaders' remarks concerning Bulgaria. Indeed, the issue had had a terrible effect on his personal situation. Neither his wife's life, nor his unborn child's, nor his own, could be guaranteed.
    "Thank you very much, gentlemen. I am sure we can discuss this horrible situation in this meeting, I am definitely interested in tough consolidated action against Bulgaria", Artabanos said with a strange feeling in his stomach. After all, about a month ago he had promised the Premier Commissioner Inimicus would not be involved in any international military conflict for some time. In the back of his head, however, he knew Inimicus was right to intervene. The murder of 500 Inimician nationals could not go unpunished. Today, though, was mainly about another issue. Inimicus recently sold a large number of military transport planes to Davishire, yet Artabanos also felt the need to try his best in keeping Davishire and Groot-Belgi? 'tame'. In the past, Artabanos had chosen economic importance above other matters, but should he change his course? He supposed this meeting would decide.

    "I am very happy to be here", he said, straightening his tie, "I hope we can get started as soon as possible."

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    Craticus smiled and nodded. "Yes of course, let's get down to business straight away. Please gentlemen, take a seat."

    Craticus himself wasn't one to follow formalities or diddle-daddle around. He liked results, and he liked having them immediately. Craticus sat down on a mahogany chair stationed behind him and crossed his legs. From the table stand next to him, Cratiucs picked up a leather portfolio and began scanning the document inside. It contained the latest news from Davishire and it's involvement abroad.

    "So I've invited you both here to discuss the aggression of Davishire, as pointed out in my earlier messages to your respective Offices. However, since the atrocities that have now developed in Bulguria, I believe we should address hostile states in general. It's unfortunate that the EU has gone from being a relatively stable and peaceful organisation to one of total anarchic disarray. While it is inevitable and natural for some countries to have disagreements and conflicts, it seems that particular countries have a unnatural hankering for violence.

    If am to be bold, I would argue that an example of an inevitable and organic conflict would be that of the Sahara, where Marrakechian and the Sahrawi factions have been disputing over the territory for years. While my part in dispute and the sudden creation of an independent Sahrawi State may be exasperating to some, perhaps including yourselves, it was an answer to something that needed to addressed. I do not believe I was overstepping my bounds, as Inquista had been previously invited by Marrakechia to be involved, and then was asked by Sahrawi leaders to get further involved.

    This, in my opinion, is a stark difference to the unnecessary and needless aggression we have seen more recently, such as the Davishirian attack on Groot Belgie's military satellite. In retrospect, it's almost laughable that we haven't done anything about it. While I am aware that governments of Groot Belgie and Davishire have an unstable past, it doesn't mean that such aggression should be tolerated. I am certain that if Inimicus were to launch a satellite, and if Rimrothian forces were to shoot it down, that Inimicus wouldn't find the Rimrothian involvement as something acceptable.

    The governments of Davishire have behave liked this since its accession to the EU, and while it has made some changes, it still continues to behave like a rogue state. Davishire was most rogue under it's Conservative government, and became slightly more friendly under the Liberal government, but now due to it's election, the Conservative Party is now back in power. And how how do they celebrate their victory? With spontaneous attacks on it's neighbors military affairs, of course.

    But this isn't surprising. Davishire, in general, has been quick to get involved in any instance it can. On several occasions the government of Davishire has declared that it would sit back and patiently watch things unfold, but it has repeatedly displayed actions that contradict these statements. Not only is Davishire committed to spontaneously attacking nations, but it has a foreign policy that reaches far beyond it's bounds. It's patrolling of international waters created a diplomatic disaster as it is, so I do not understand why it now finds it necessary to not only police the seas but it apparently needs to police upper space as well. But Davishire has committed itself to policing as many states as it can. It has in the past attempted to intimate The Sahrawi Union, and Inquista, by sending ships to the Mediterranean coast. This aggression nearly ended the ongoing peaceful negotiations in London and almost spiraled the situation into all-out war. The Duxburians found it upon themselves to chase Davishirian forces out of the Mediterranean. So far, in one way or another, Davishire has been virtually involved in every embargo or war threat since joining the EU. It has either been on the receiving end of the threats, or it has been making the threats. Their government also has no regard for peace, as it clearly believes that war is the only solution to any problem. During peaceful discussions, Davishirian politicians have made it evident that they will attempt to save face at any cost and will not accept any of their wrong doings. A nation that believes it cannot do wrong is the most corrupt state there is.

    So that is why we are here. We need to discuss how to counter this imperialism from Davishire, and how to contain the threats of its foreign policy. Words and assurances from it's government will not be enough. It has already made statements before which it has broken. We need a system in which we can check its power. That is why I have proposed that we create some sort of military alliance or organisation. This alliance or organisation will be committed to not only upholding peace against Davishire, but also other clearly rogue states, such as Bulgaria. The nature of this organisation will be purely militaristic, and will not require our respective governments to make trade embargoes or any other form economic sanctions. It is important that a strong military organisation stands against rogue states such as Davishire, as other means of condemnation clearly do not work.

    I also believe it's specifically important that the states of Inimicus, Inquista and Halsberg are the ones who stand together. Our three nations have three very unique different forms of government and we have completely different cultures. We have also had more than our fair share of disagreements, and we have also not been afraid to stand up against each other. Working together, it will be clear to the international community that we do not intend to impose a hegemony over the region or that we are working together to purely benefit ourselves. Clearly that isn't the case or our three nations simply wouldn't be able to cooperate or work together.

    Would you two be open to such an alliance, and how far would you willing to go in forming a military organisation?"

  • Artabanos stirred and nipped his coffee. The Inquistan blend was, as expected, much less satisfying than the Inimician coffee he was used to, but he figured he'd have to make do. "...We all have our specialties...", Artabanos thought, "...although I wonder what Davishire's and Bulgaria's are...". He listened to the Archbishop's words with attention, and looked towards the Halsbergian delegation when he had finished, trying to figure out who would respond first. Realising he would have to, he started speaking:

    "I have to agree with you, Your Excellency, although some of the allegations made against Davishire could very well be made against Inimicus, as well!", he chuckled, "Anyway, I think an alliance would be in Inimicus's best interests. I have planned talks with the Imperial Prussian State for an alliance between Inimicus and them, too, and I would be more than happy to add Inquista and Halsberg to Inimicus's military allies list. True, we've had our quarrels before, yet this is a good opportunity to show how the Inimician saying "zand erover" should be used in politics and international diplomacy more often. Let bygones be bygones, and let's form an alliance.

    I think we should be careful in forming an international military organisation, however. As we have seen with ANAL --excuse me, ANAN-- these organisations are hard to maintain, We would have to make sure our organisation will have strong foundations to build upon and terms and conditions as clear as glass. What would you like to propose?"

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    "Exactly. We seem to be on the same page, Your Majesty. ANAL- erm, pardon me, ANAN, was destined to fail. It was too broad in scope, and lacked a clear purpose or vision. It was more concerned about who should be allowed in and or shouldn't be allowed in the organisation. It was more like a geopolitical club for the North Atlantic than anything else.

    I propose an organisation completely different from ANAN. For starters, our cooperation will be purely in a militaristic or humanitarian fashion. We shall leave the economic and social structures of our home nations out of this. This will allow for the organisation to be relatively loose and non-binding. There won't be any burdens on our nations. Secondly, our purpose will be clear: to stand against rogue nations, most chiefly of which is Davishire. But in blunt terms, it will act almost wholly as an anti-Davishirian alliance. Thirdly and most importantly, we will not be a geographic bloc of nations that have seemingly been randomly put together in the hopes that we will be able to cooperate. We already know from experience that we can cooperate and compromise with one another. We are letting our past experiences be the force that draws us together - not our incidental location on a flat map. Nor will we care about membership and petty politics. Future membership into this organisation should be totally out of the question. It will just be us three. However, with that said, it will be imperative that this organisation works and collaborates independently, and I repeat again, independently, with the neighbors of Davishire. I'm almost certain that Poland-Lithuania will be willing to independently cooperate with us.

    Also, if this idea of a military organisation does come to fruition, I believe that it should remain as secretive as possible."

    Craticus looked over to the Halsbergian High President who was remaining very quiet in all of this, but was intently listening. Craticus could see that his eye were deep in thought.

    "High President Solomon, what do you think about such an organisation? And if you agree, what do you think it's capabilities should be?"

  • The High President was indeed deep in thought. As the Inimican Emperor had mentioned, he was extremely keen to avoid the mistakes of ANAN and other similar organisations. He visibly shuddered when he recalled the ECSTO and the Joint Defence Agreement. He was relieved when the Archbishop clarified the type of organisation he was proposing, immediately recognising it as something he, and Halsberg, could get behind.

    "I'd be very happy to support an organisation like this one. I think you've put most of my fears at rest. I mean, I was taking a look at some of Halsberg's dossiers on previous military organisations before I arrived and I have to admit I was wary. But if we follow the outlines you've talked about, I think we can make this work. As you say, an alliance should be a military matter, nothing to do with economics or such, at least in the formal agreements. Your position on new members is also a smart move. This is an alliance between three close friends, not some kind of club that anyone can join if they happen to be in the right area. The insistence on secrecy is also paramount. As we saw from the The London Conference, it appears sensitive information can still fall in to the hands of potential enemies, and we have to make every effort to ensure this doesn't happen with this. We're dealing with wildly unpredictable governments and militaries here, hell they shoot down satellites because a bankrupt country that doesn't even border them is a "threat", the High President visibly made air quotes as he spoke.

    _"As to the alliance's capabilities, I think a focus on quick-response is essential. As I said, we're not dealing with people who calmly and rationally weigh up the options. We're dealing with people who immediately attack in the smallest of situations, who're completely unpredictable. This alliance needs to be able to convene, discuss and take action extremely rapidly, else it may be too late. That was yet another mistake of ANAN, and one I hope we don't repeat.

    "I'd be interested to hear the opinions of your good selves on what our alliance's response would be to some kind of incident. Say, for example, Davishire attacks a third party with little or no provocation, filling its role as the "saviour of the EU". What would you think our united response should be in such an incident?

    "Personally, I think this will be the make or break for our alliance. If we were to fail in delivering a strong, effective response to such a scenario, we'd be consigned to the dustbin of history like many before us."_

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    Craticus strongly agree with the Halsbergian High President.

    "Precisely. As you have said High Preisdent, a quick-response would be paramount to the success of this organisation. If a crisis occurs, we can't afford to sit around and deliberate through extensive conversations while an explosive situation erupts. We need to be able to quickly discuss incidents and mobilize our forces in quick succession. Our initial response to a crisis doesn't even have to be large, as most initial offensive attacks tend to be carried out in small numbers. If for some reason we require more bodies to support our initial operations, we should be able to quickly bulk up their their positions with more support.

    I propose that we set up a headquarters for this organisation in either Inimicus or Halsberg. This HQ will have permanent 24-hour staff representatives of each of our three nations. This means if a crisis suddenly erupts we will have immediate and direct communication with one another. Our staff will also have a direct link to our own offices, and this means that through video-chat, phone call or any other sort of medium, the three of us will be able to directly communicate together if need be. This HQ could also serve other purposes such as intelligence sharing, but let's get to that later.

    Once we have communications settled, it'll be imperative that we make fast decisions. How could we accomplish fast and effective decision making while under tremendous pressure? For starers, I think if would be very important for all our decisions to be unanimous. Since there are only three of us, having two of us gang up against the other could be a very frustrating and unfair situation. However, it'll likely never happen because of that very reason - there are only three of us, and we all happen to be on the same page. Unanimous decisions are not usually associated with fast-paced decisions, but it will be our only way to go about it in my opinion. And again, there are only 3 of us, and we all have the same goal. We'll either be on the same page or not. I am almost certain that we can arrange an agreement in less than ten minutes, or we can't arrange an agreement, that too will be done in ten minutes. In the end, no matter what our decision, our response to the situation will be done before the time our coffee has cooled."

  • Any metaphore or quote about coffee interested Artabanos, and he was happy to agree with both the Archbishop and the High President:
    "I think we're going to be, for once, an effective international alliance. I would be more than glad to host our headquarters in Inimicus, although I would be just as happy to grant Halsberg the favour.
    However, I feel Inimicus should be careful getting involved in an "anti-Davishire" alliance, since we have worked together with Davishire in the past, and have recently sealed an arms deal with the country. Of course, I don't like the way the Davishirian government has acted in recent times, either, and I support action against it. And yet, I wouldn't like to see all those Inimician Airbuses wasted!", he smiled, took a sip of his coffee (which was indeed getting cooler), and continued: "We should, as the Archbishop already said, act quickly, not only when we indeed get confronted with a (military) threat, but also in forming this alliance."

  • _"Yes, we'd be quite happy for Inimicus to host the headquarters. We're very much prepared to just go with the flow where that's concerned.

    The arms deal was something I'd wanted to discuss with you at some point, Artie. It did seem a little odd at the time, even more so now Davishire' up to their old tricks. I understand that the hardware's started to arrive? Perhaps it would be prudent review the deal in light of recent circumstances. We wouldn't want to our alliance to seem two faced. It needs to have a clear and single message, and I imagine having a member trading arms to the raison d'etre of the organisation might be interpreted as a wee bit questionable."_

  • Artabanos had not made the arms deal. It was Basil Lawson's doing, and one of the only flaws Artabanos had blamed him for. Still, it had filled the coffers.

    "Hmm, yes, I understand your concern about this issue. Indeed, I was not entirely happy with it myself, but arms deals are not necessarily in my power to control, even though I have formal absolute power, I... Anyway, long story.... I might be able to....delay....the delivery of the planes in such a way that Davishire will not have them in their posession for years to come. If that is your wish, I will do my best to arrange it. However, I feel that the planes we are delivering would not exactly make a difference if it does come to blows with Davishire. Also, Inimicus is not at a bad standing with Davishire right now, even though we certainly do not approve of its foreign policy, and I feel it would be bad to scathe our ties with the country. I know, these 'ties' are mostly made up of Airbus A400 M Atlases and a mutual disgust for Groot-Belgi? and Bulgaria, but still..."

  • "It's not so much the practical concerns with the planes. I don't think we expect to come into armed conflict with Davishire in the near future Artie, although the way they're going I wouldn't be surprised if that did happen. You're right, the planes wouldn't make that much of an actual difference, but its more the symbolic aspect I'm concerned about. As I said, we don't want our alliance to seem two faced. Of course I wouldn't want to interfere in your goverment's own dealings, but I do think it's a cause for concern. If Inimicus wishes, I'm sure myself and the Archbishop can offer some kind of trade or arms agreement to offset the losses that it may incur."

  • "I understand your concerns, Michael, but there is one problem: there are more planes arriving into Davishirian hands every day, there are only about 50 left to deliver. I can, at least, promise you I will not make further arms deals with Davishire in the future. Instead, I think we could do regular arms deals between the three of us. We all specialise in different means, I suppose, so we could definitely do something with that.

    Also, perhaps we should discuss the structure of our alliance? Do we need key national figures to represent our governments, or will we discuss issues between ourselves? Do we need a catchy name for our alliance?"

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    "As you've said, Davishire's purchase of Inimican aircraft really isn't really important in the grand scheme of things. However Inimcus should, in general, be very cautious of who it sells weapons to. Davishire may very well use these aircraft in conflicts that may go against Inimican interests. However, yes, I agree with you Emperor. Inquista doesn't currently produce any arms of its own, but it is currently supplied by arms produced in the Sahara. Inquista intends to maintain a strong ans diverse military, and it would be imperative for Inquista to purchase not only weapons, but also vehicles and aircraft from Halsberg and Inimicus.

    As for structure, I think it will be a mixture of both national figures representing our countries, and our own direct interaction. As we've concluded, we will set up a headquarters in Inimicus. Perhaps, outside of Telum? Military and intelligence officers of our three countries will be permanently stationed there. These officers will directly carry out orders and commands that we have made ourselves. So whenever one of us are unavailable for discussion, there will always be those who are able an knowledgeable enough to discuss and make decisions on our behalf. However, for the most part, it will be us three directly representing our countries and making the decisions. The reasons for this is to maintain as much secrecy as possible within the organisation. It's important for security reasons and for the effectiveness of this organisation that as we keep as much secret as possible, which even means keeping some secrets from our own governments. We cannot afford a security compromise."

    Cratcius smirked at the Emperor's question about a catchy alliance name.

    "A catchy alliance name is probably the most important part, isn't it? I mean, why else would I invite you both here?"

    Craticus sunk into his chair for a minute and pondered over a few name ideas.

    "Combining the intelligence and military capabilities of our three countries we will be like three eyes overseeing the European Union. And together, the three of us nations will be a strong, united force against rogue states, kind of like a titan. Three eyes... titan... what if we were to name the organisation Cylcops?"

  • "I thought Cyclopses has one eye, not three?", Artabanos (as a classically educated man) remarked jokingly, "Anyway, that sounds good. I will find us a suitable venue on the outskirts of Telum. As a matter of fact, I think I already have something in mind.

    Are there any other things that need our attention? I guess we still have to talk about the Bulgarian issue, and how we are going to counter both Davishire's and Bulgaria's threats to European peace, in a diplomatic way."

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    Craticus quickly caught unto his mistake. "Triclops! I meant to say Triclops." he laughed off. Craticus hadn't slept in days and a simple lapse in words was becoming more common and increasingly emberrasing for him.

    "Diplomatically, confronting both countries will be a difficult process. Negotiating with Bulguria will next to impossible, but it unfortunately must be done. While the Bulgarian government clearly isn't interested in lots of discussion, charging recklessly into the country with an invasion force would be ignorant and reckless. We should simply begin by making small, gradual demands. For starters, just end the killing of Inimicans. If the demands are not met, we shall apply more pressure and then also ask for more. This pressure will be applied through proposed military force. If no results are made on their end, our hand may be forced.

    As for Davishire, who really knows with them. Their different governments have said countless times that they have attempted to be less interventionist, but they always seem to prove themselves wrong. They simply cannot restrain themselves when a future crisis develops. Triclops would be responsible for essentially putting Davishire on probation, and will monitor and check it's foreign policies. Again, we shall act as a military organisation so economic and political embargo's will be up to our states individually. However should we agree that military force be needed to stop Davishirean aggresion, that is when this organisation comes to use."

  • "I definitely like this idea of loose yet firm co-operation, I am a very happy man", Artabanos said.

    "As for Bulgaria, you will understand I was deeply touched by the matter. The reported mass killing of nearly 500 of my countrymen was something no head-of-state would want to see. I was also moved by the reports of genocide on Muslims, Nicolezians and LGBT Community members. Of the latter, of course, I am a member myself. The most shocking, however, were the personal threats to me, my wife, and my unborn child. As a husband and a father, there could not have been more inciting, angrying, yet also saddening comments.
    It is therefore that I want to fight the Bulgarian regime with every vein in my body, yet indeed, as you say, it will be difficult. Diplomatic negotiations are frankly impossible. And I also fear that demands, as you propose, will not be heard, no matter how heavy the punishment for not following them will be.

    As for Davishire, as I said, Inimicus isn't on a particularly bad standing with their government. However, we are evenly concered with their foreign policy. That is why I would be happy to host Triclops in Inimicus. Diplomatic pressure will be needed and will be useful; after all, the Davishirian government is more sensible than the Bulgarian, and I think diplomatic pressure and negotiations with the Davishirians, perhaps especially from Inimician side, could deliver results. But as you say, should diplomacy fail, Triclops can be especially...persuasive..."

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