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  • An Official Statement by the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Davishire

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    Location: 10 Downing Street, Sandford, Davishire

    "For those of you whom are unaware, Steve Mannion, who was Prime Minister of Davishire since December of last year did resign from his position before recommending to His Majesty the King that I be appointed Prime Minister. Mr Mannion and I agreed that in the current climate it would be best for the people of Davishire to have a government holding a majority in parliament. A government which has more seats, more representatives and a greater agenda than the liberal fiasco.

    I am sure that everyone across the country, and the region, is aware of the madness that is occurring in Bulgaria. It has been reported that several thousand Nicolezians have been killed since the new leader was "elected" recently. I would also like to voice concern that over a thousand people from Davishire, Inimicus and the Duxburian Union have been needlessly killed by the oppresive regime that exists in the country. That is why this government will continue to pursue Bulgaria, its government and peoples, through the European Court of Justice so that a guilty verdict is bought down onto these madmen.

    The government is also in discussion with allies to bring about a more suitable end to this totalitarian terrorist dictatorship which currently resides within the EU. That is why last night parliament voted unanimously, in an unprecedented move, to support the government in its move to take action against the Bulgarian regime. Therefore I can confirm that effective immediately a formal state of war exists between the Commonwealth of Davishire and the Empire of Bulgaria. This is not an action that I would like to take however it is a necessary move to secure the national sovereignty of Davishire and also to enforce the regions Human Rights laws and make the region a more secure place.

    This does mean that it is highly likely that very soon the armed forces of Davishire will be taking action against the Government of Bulgaria in a move to discourage any further atrocities by the authorities. I have instructed the Commander in Chief of the armed forces to begin immediate planning for armed action against the Empire of Bulgaria.

    I hope that the regime takes action to change its ways before we are required to take military action, but believe me it will happen and you do not have alot of time to make changes.

  • An Official Statement by the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Davishire

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    Location: Sandford, Davishire

    "Good Morning Everyone, nice to see you here.

    Firstly I am going to talk to you about relations between Davishire and Groot Belgie. You may or may not be aware but the Deputy Prime Minister Steve Mannion is currently in conference with a representative from Groot Belgie. If find this rather funny as it was Steve Mannion who issued the orders for the shooting down of the Satellite but there we go. The main topics of discussion are how we can improve relations between our two countries so that in the future we can become allies.

    Another issue that I would like to discuss is nuclear weapons. Davishire is aware that in the previous weeks our neighbor, Poland-Lithuania, has applied to the ENAA for permission to possess weapons of mass destruction. Whilst in the past, including most recently I have said that my party supports nuclear weapons. This view is changing. This government will very soon pass legislation which makes it illegal for any government of Davishire to move forward and possess nuclear weapons. Regardless as to whether the ENAA gives approval.

    I will now give an update on our action in the Empire of Bulgaria. As I am sure many of you are aware the state press claimed that nearly 700 Davishirian citizens, 500 Inimican citizens, thousands of Nicolezians and dozens of Duxburians have been killed in Bulgaria. Before this mass genocide came to light Davishire issued a prosecution in the European Court of Justice. However once the news of the genocide came out it was necessary to take immediate action against the barbarians in Bulgaria. This has included missile strikes on industrial centres and last night I can confirm that 6 victor bombers attacked and destroyed a dam and damaged the infrastructure of a resource mine. This proves that Davishire is prepared to take action to defend its citizens and not stand idly by as many other EU countries have done and watch innocent people be killed by the oppressive regime.
    I can confirm that missile strikes will continue today with key roads, railways and industrial centres being targeted.

    Yesterday the Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping Susan Callaghan issued a statement in which the Commissioner condemned our actions. She condemned us for ignoring the fact that there is an a court case wiating to be put through. However I ask her this, how many more people will die from Bulgarian aggression whilst we wait for the court case to proceed. Taking military action now, especially considering the attacks on our citizens and the citizens of others, shows that Davishire will not stand by and watch the sadistic acts of the Bulgarians.

    I can also confirm that Davishire has secured further evidence of the atrocities in Bulgaria. We have found a witness. A journalist who was almost killed by the authorities in Bulgaria and a Bulgarian citizen who was able to escape with his life. Davishirian police are currently looking after the pair in hospital. The written testimonies which I have read and will be submitted to the ECoJ should the case come to court are absolutely shocking. With tales of people being killed in the streets, homosexuals being rounded up and killed en-masse and the stoning of other Davishirian citizens.The rescue of these people by our special forces last night was only possible because our bomber aircraft were flying through the country to attack the strategic facilities.

    Now, that is my statement over for this morning. Should it be necessary further statements may be issued. Thank you all.

    Do you have any questions?

    Reporter 1-" Prime Minister, do you believe that the government should pay for the shot down satellite?

    PM- As I am sure you are aware discussions with Groot Belgie are ongoing. I cannot confirm any more than that."

    Reporter 2- "Will Davishire be launching ground troops to invade Bulgaria?"

    PM-" I cannot currently give any comment as to ground action in Bulgaria however all options are being looked at. time for one more."

    Reporter 3- "Prime Minister, can you answer why Davishire is going to war over this?"

    PM- "I think I made it clear, this country will not accept such abhorrent actions are taking place. Therefore it is right for us to take the action we are taking to send a message to these people that it is not tolerated. Thank you everyone."

  • An Official Statement by the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Davishire

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    "Good Morning Press Corps, I am sure it is nice to be somwhere other than Sandford. I am sure we all agreed that Princes Risborough is a lovely place to visit. Now to business.

    My main update today is on the situation between Davishire and Bulgaria. I can confirm that last night and yesterday afternoon missile strikes continued against Bulgaria with a total of 50-60 missiles being fired at the capital city Sofia and other key industrial, military and commercial areas. I can confirm that it is estimated around 60% of the missiles go through to hit the target. I can also confirm that last night 6 Victor bombers took off from the Sandford Bomber Command Base and conducted the bombing of the city of Varna and Sofia also. I however must report that 2 of the six aircraft were shot down over Bulgaria with the 12 pilots and crew believed killed.

    I have been informed that the commissioner for defence and peacekeeping is currently visiting Bulgaria, there is also an impending court case against the government. It is for those reasons that from midnight tonight no more missiles or air strikes will take place in Bulgaria. For now Davishires military operation is pausing to gather strength. It is more than likely that more action will be taken in the future.

    No time for questions today, thank you"

  • [align=center]An Official Statement by the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Davishire

    "Good Afternoon Everyone, Welcome back to the lovely town of Princes Risborough. This will be very short due to a lack of time.

    I can confirm that Davishire has ceased all military operations in Bulgaria effective midnight last night. This is due in part to the Defence commissioners visit to the country but also because we believed that we have sent a signal that further atrocities will not be accepted.

    I can also confirm that I will today be heading to Poland-Lithuania to talk with their president about our two countries relations. I hope to have a fruitful meeting with the President"

  • An Official Press Statement by the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Davihire

    "Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

    As I am sure you are aware Bulgaria has launched a military attack on the nation of Groot Belgie. Bulgaria has used EMP weapons for the first time in the history of Europe.Intelligence has also suggested that a ground attack has been launched.

    I can confirm that the government is closely monitoring the situation, and we condem the Bulgarians for launching this attack. Although in addition to this Davishire will remain neutral and we will only act if eitehr Davishire or one of our allies is threatened.
    As a result I can confirm that Davishirian troops are going to be deployed to the border between Poland-Lithuania and Bulgaria.

    I also want to say that the EMP detonation has caused severe devastation, with much of Groot Belgie being forced back into the middle ages. Therefore I can confirm that the armed forces of Davishire, with assistance from Poland-Lithuania are planning a humanitarian aid mission to help those people in need and affected by war.

    I would also urge any citizens of Davishire in Bulgaria or Groot Belgie to leave the area immedietly and make your way to Europolis in the south or Imperial Prussia in the north.

    That is all I can confirm for now, I will however ensure that the press is updated as soon as information is available"


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    "As many of you are aware His Majesties Armed Forces are currently conducting operations in the former state of Prussia. These operations have been taking place for 8 days and are going very well.

    As many will be aware since the collapse of the Prussian Government the country has been in chaos which the military splintering and forming armed groups. These armed groups, which have significant strength have attacked Davishire and our ally Poretos. This is unacceptable as any other nation would take action if attacked. It is for this reason that we are taking military action, military action which will save innocent lives. Many people will think 'OH NO! MILITARY ACTION', but trust me this is the right course to ensure not only the security of the United Kingdom but the security of the union.

    Within the areas which have been secured by our troops a humanitarian mission is taking place. Houses which may have been destroyed or damaged are repaired and the inhabitants given compensation, roads and bridges are being repaired. We have opened a new medical centre, which treats both our military and Prussian civilians and we are erecting new wind turbines in order to provide electricity to local people since it has been cut off by the armed groups. We are also providing water and food to those without it. We are also restoring local government, with a local assembly being formed to operate under the protection that our forces now provide not only to Davishire but also to local inhabitants. I have recently been to the areas where our troops are operating, and I can say what a great job they are doing. Operating with professionalism that is typical of our armed forces. They want to help the Prussian people get back on track, to help them get the country sorted.

    Now, as can be expected, this operation has been met with criticism, from two specific nations. Notably the Twelve Commonwealths of Halsberg and the Empire of Inimicus. These two nations have placed a small number of naval warships just outside of Davishirian Territorial Waters in an attempt to blockade us. This is an unnecessary and unjustifiable action by those two nations. For that reason I can confirm that payments for the purchase of our brand new A400M aircraft which has seen significant use over the past months have been halted. We will restart payments to Inimicus once there forces stop this military action. I can confirm that economic sanctions are being considered. I would however like to reassure people that this so called blockade is not having an effect and Davishire is perfectly secure.

    The current action taken by our armed forces is appropriate to reduce the risk of collateral damage that would be caused by air and missile strikes but also to send out a clear message that Davishire will not stand by and see its borders attacked, Davishire will not run from International Pressure. Davishire is a sovereign state, with full sovereign powers and a democratically elected government and I am sure that parliament will support me in what the government is doing. Thank you"


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    LONDON, 15th February 2015, 19:00hrs

    "Currently His Majesties Armed Forces are conducting military operations along the Davishire-Prussia border. These military operations are designed to ensure the security of Davishire in the most effective way possible whilst ensuring the human rights and needs of the people living within the zone of operations are met. The army, navy and air force have been most professional during this operation and I have nothing but praise for their bravery, resolve and effort that they have put into keeping our people safe.

    As many are aware other nations have decided, among themselves, that this action is not good. That this action should not have taken place, that this government has no rights to defend its own borders. They have claimed that the reason for this is that our armed forces are poorly equipped and led, that the government is near to insane. With this I disagree. This is a government that has been democratically elected by the people of this nation. A government which holds a mandate to govern.

    An open letter has been published stating that 5 European Union nations are issuing sanctions upon this nation. This is action that will get us nowhere, it merely means that we are less likely to work with other EU member states. For that reason I can confirm, that apart from the agreed meeting with Inimican officials later this week no other diplomatic meetings will take place with those nations until the sanctions are withdrawn, this means that by issuing these sanctions they are actually farther away than closer to a resolution. I did not want that to happen, I was fully prepared to discuss the issues around this action with them but their actions mean that is not to be.

    As part of this it must also be noted that Halsbergian and Inimican ships have been anchored off of the Davishirian coast. Now, the other nations have threatened to search and seize ships that are headed to Davishire. For that reason we will stop any vessel headed toward the foreign fleets off Davishire. No supplies will reach them, and as a result I hope that they decide to leave the area around us.

    The moment that sanctions are removed, and that these ships leave our economic area we will reconsider the touch decisions that I have today made. Not only that, but other nations have expressed that they feel that there is no point in meeting us, and for that reason also, we shall not. Davishire will not back down on this.

    I can also report that there has been a significant increase in attacks. And for that reason I can confirm that Davishirian special forces have seized and destroyed multiple oil refineries and wells up to 400 miles into the country. The air force have also targeted resources mines and other key factories that could support whoever has come to power within this former nation and stop any black market trade. This is proof of the action that Davishire is able to defend itself when necessary.

    Training has also started to take place with Prussian forces in the occupied zone. This means that local people will be able to defend themselves from the Prussian insurgent forces which are more organised than we could ever have imagined.

    I must also note that there is a date at which point Davishire forces will begin the wind down of operations. That date is fixed and will not change.

    Now, another matter. As many are aware the people of Davishire held a vote last week. Most of the population voted in a referendum on EU membership. I am pleased to say that out of those who voted 65% states that they wished to remain within the European Union. I am pleased with this result.

    Thank you"

  • An Official Statement by The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

    London, 20th February 2015

    "Ladies and Gentleman, Good News!

    I can confirm to you now that His Majesties Armed Forces will this weekend be ending combat operations in the Prussia Occupied Zone so as to enable a peaceful transition into peace.

    It is a landmark agreement between Os Corelia and Davishire. Os Corelian peacekeepers will replace Davishirian Forces along the entire Davishire/Prussia border this Sunday with all Davishirian troops bar a small number removing equipment and such will have left Prussia within 7 days of that date. Therefore, all Davishirian forces will be removed from Prussia by the date planned, which was the 1st March.

    I do now hope that Halsberg and Inimicus will withdraw their ships from near to our waters and that all countries that have done so will cancel any sanctions made against us.

    Davishire is a nation state, a sovereign state which on this occassion has overcome opposition to conduct defensive military operations. We do however hope that we do not have to do so again and I reaffirm my promise, Davishire will not intervene in any international conflict unless Davishire itself is threatened.

    However, despite this, the current operation proves our vulnerabilities and for that reason I can confirm that over the next 12 months an extra ?15bn will be spent on our armed forces to bring them up to standard to defend Davishire. We shall invest in new laser anti missile technology which could be made effective against ships, aircraft and tanks.

    Now, I must go, I thank you all for coming"


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    London- Monday 2nd March 2015

    "People of Davishire,

    Over the past month His Majesties Armed Forces, the armed forces of Davishire have been conducting military operations within the borders of the former Imperial Prussian State. Over 500 of our troops have been killed or seriously injured, if we include the number of troops wounded in our first invasion in January and also the civilian casualties and the lives of those people lost within the 1 kilometer barrier zone over 3000 Davishirian lives have been lost. It is very sad that this many people have died as a result of the Prussian collapse at the beginning of the year. Davishirians should be proud that we have a military that is equipped to deal with an insurgency by former Prussian military which attacked several areas of our border and was able to effectively remove the threat from the areas of Prussia in which we conducted operations.

    Last week I confirmed that Os Corelia had agreed to provide peacekeepers so that Davishirian troops could withdraw from Poland. The Os Corelians would also finalise the training for the local forces which will allow local people to defend themselves. I can now confirm that all Davishirian combat troops have now left Prussia. There is still some 200 personnel remaining to support the Os Corelian peacekeepers and also ensure that all Davishirian military hardware which entered the country is returned home. There is also a total of 50 medical staff continuing to help in local hospitals. All of these personnel will be withdrawn home within the next 5 days.

    Thank you very much"

  • A Statement Issued by the Prime Commissioner of the United Kingdom

    London, 19:55 DST, 29th March 2015

    "Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I am speaking to you today on the issue of the issues currently going on within the Teutonic State.

    His Majesties Armed Forces are currently undertaking humanitarian operations in Teutonic State in order to protect civillians around the city of Dresden. Our armed forces are working with those of the Pacifist Cowards and also Havvenskar.

    Their is currently around 15,000 Davishirian troops deployed within the country and I have authorised the deployment of a further 10,000 over the next seven days, this means that prior to this time next week around 25,000 personnel will have been deployed. Not only to protect Davishirian Interests but also the people of Dresden.

    The missile attack on a Teutonic City only a matter of days ago shows the level that this enemy is prepared to go, and this government will ensure that they do not gain a foothold in the state. We also aim to arrest those responsible for the current situation and to ensure that they see justice as a result.

    I will keep everyone updated, as and when it is necessary, thank you"

  • A Statement by the Prime Commissioner of the United Kingdom

    "Ladies and Gentlemen,

    This commission was prepared to work, within its legal authority pror to the election, with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

    Both the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party was committed to working with the UK, economically and militarily.

    However today, the government of that country did pay us a huge insult, that nation withdrew its recognition of our state. Not only that but they refuse to correctly name our capital city, London. Another insult. The seat of our national government, the centre of our nation regarded as nothing.

    The United Kingdom of Davishire and Bucks is no longer prepared to work with the UK. I can confirm that a diplomatic mission request is going to be refused. I can confirm that borders between our two nations will be closed effective 19:00 today and I can confirm that any British assets have been seized. From midnight tonight, Davishirian businesses are not permitted to trade with any other person or corporation from the UK.

    Once the UK fully recognises the state of the United Kingdom of Davishire and its sovereignty these sanctions will be lifted and assets returned.

    It is a great shame that our two nations cannot work together, however I suspect that this will now be impossible for some time.

    Rt Hon Malcolm Tucker
    Prime Commissioner

  • A Statement by the Prime Commissioner of the United Kingdom

    London, 14:00 BST, 3rd April 2014

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, today I shall issue a very brief statement regarding our relationship with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

    I can confirm that the UK has decided to formally recognise the nationstates of Davishire and Bucks and our government.

    Therefore I can confirm that all border restrictions are now being relaxed back to their previous state. Businesses will be allowed to trade and any seized assets are going to be returned to their previous owners.

    I shall later on today issue another statement.

    Thank you."

    Malcolm Tucker- Prime Commissioner.

  • The Prime Commissioner of the United Kingdom of Davishire & Bucks

    "Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I am about to provide you with the statement that was duer to be issues yesterday evening, however events which occured meant that I could not provide you with this statement yesterday.

    I can confirm that effective noon tomorrow, Davishirian troops will cease their armed operations in Teutonic States, an operation which was requested by the former government of said country. Other member states involved in this operation has suffered significant losses and it is felt that it would not be positive for our nation to suffer such losses alongside them in this operation.

    Davishire will however maintain a military presence in the Teutonic State, as per the defence agreement that was signed between our two nations last year. I can safely say that it is not just people from Teutonic State that did however cause the massive amount of bloodshed. Other nations from the region were involved in the provision of equipment to those people involved in the massacre of thousands, no tens of thousands of civilians.

    This is not the kind of conflict in which Davishire wants to be involved. It is an issue which must be decided by the Teutonic people, however should there be significant bloodshed or god forbid genocide, Davishire may reconsider this decision.

    Now on another issue, another one which has caused concern across the region. That is the matter of what happened in Davishire yesterday afternoon. Well ladies and gentleman, I can confirm to you that this was not a nuclear weapon as some have suggested.

    I can confirm that at approximately 17:45 hours yesterday afternoon an as yet unnames meteorite entered the atmosphere over the north of Davishire, more specifically around Aylesbury. This meteorite travelled being viewed as a bright fireball in the sky through several hundred miles south before breaking up in the sky in the south of Bicester district. This would have been visible over much of Davishire and the northern areas of the UK. The meteorites entry into the atmosphere was at significant speed which created a very large sonic boom and sound wave explosion which was heard for many hundreds of miles.

    More information will be made available after it has been confirmed by scientists.

    Thank you"


    20th May 2015, 18:54, Downing Street

    "I am concerned about the recent developments in the Teutonic State. A nation which Davishire did once call its close ally.

    His Majesties Government is completely disgusted by the actions of the new government, which recently took over in a violent coup which saw the deaths of millions of civilians and attacks upon international troops that were in place to protect civilians seeking refuge from the conflict.

    His Majesties Government is most appalled about the ban on feminism, and the nationwide curfew where people outside at certain times are arrested and face a prison sentence. It is also a disgrace that people are having their assets removed for no reason at all.

    His Majesties Government urges the Teutonic State to change its course to that of a democratic nation and move away from its far right dream. It would be unwise Teutonic States to follow its present course"

  • A Statement by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Davishire and Bucks

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    "Just days ago the British Government issued a statement which stated that it would be increasing naval activity around the Teutonic States in response to a kidnapping of Councillor Bareham of Framptinia.

    This is a great threat to peace and stability in the north of the region and we discourage the United Kingdom from increasing military activity around the Teutonic States further. However, in response to the increase in activity by the United Kingdom at the request of the Teutonic Government as per our defence agreement which this nation has just re-affirmed we will be increasing our military deployment in Teutonic States.

    The Davishirian presence in the Teutonic States will increase to 40,000 troops split across our bases in the nation. These troops will be drawn from all branches of the army but will mostly be members of the Mechanised Infantry. Also at the request of the Teutonic Government, Davishire will be increasing the number of naval vessels which are defending Teutonic Waters. The number of destroyers deployed will increase to 15 and the number of frigates will increase to 10. We will also deploy 25 patrol boats. The light carrier that is currently deployed will have an increased escort of 4 destroyers and 2 frigates. The Royal Navy will also be deploying additional submarine support. The Royal Air Force will , at the request of the Teutonic Government, increase its deployment with an additional 10 fighter bomber squadrons and 5 fighter squadrons. THese will consist of Tornado GR4 and F35B-Lighting II aircraft. We will also be increasing the number of awacs aircraft deployed to 10 and the number of transports to 30.

    It is important that the Government of Davishire, meets the requests of its ally, the Teutonic States and abides by the treaties which we have signed up to. The moment that the troops are no longer needed by the Teutonic Government, they will be withdrawn.

  • [center][b]The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Davishire and Bucks[/b][/center]


    "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have called you all here today for my mid recess press conference. Parliament is in recess and has been since the end of July, parliament will reconvene for a period of 2 weeks before the conference recess at the beginning of September. Despite the parliamentry recess the process of government has gone on, and I would like to provide you with some updates.

    Firstly, I would like to talk to you about the matter of the Teutonic States and what is going on in that country. I am certain that the new government is committing atrocities against its own people, it was wrong it appears to have withdrawn our military forces when the initial coup took place because now thousands upon thousands are dying. Therefore I can confirm that the Government of Davishire is withdrawing all financial aid from the Teutonic State and ending any other form of military support. The Davishirian military base will remain with an increased military deployment of 1 Assault Brigade, and it will continue to accept any and all Teutonic refugees who will then be bought to the United Kingdom for asylum processing.​​ This government does not condone any of the actions that are taking place in the Teutonic State and condems anyone who supports such. It must also be noted by the government of the Teutonic State that it would be most silly for you to continue on this course of action.

    Secondly, it has been bought to my attention that accusations have been made that the United Kingdom Government has been working with the Teutonic State with regards to the kidnap of Cllr Bareham and Sir Eric Pickles. This is completely untrue, and the Intelligence Services are working hard to try and discover their location. They will be found and the Davishirian Government will invest as much time and resources as is necessary to ensure such. This includes our military and secret intelligence as well as the police and other services as is necessary. We will find Sir Eric and Mrs Bareham no matter how long it takes.

    Now, another issue which has been raised only recently, the issue of the Western Sahara. A part of Marrrakechia that was seized by forces from Red Croatia and Inquista just over a year ago in direct violation of Marrakechian sovereignty over the Western Sahara. The Government is reaffirming the claim of the Marrakechian government which has recently been renewed and we are prepared to provide the Marrakechians with all the support that is necessary as part of this claim. I highly advise the Inquistan and Red Croation occupiers to return the sovereignty of Western Sahara to Marrakechia. I am sure that there are other EU member states which support me in this matter.

    Finally, a defence update. The Davishirian Government will be increasing its defence budget over the coming weeks by 2%. We will be doubling our fleet of A400s with the use of Davishirian Company DAE Systems to construct the new aircraft. Our remaining aircraft will also be upgraded. I can also confirm that the Davishirian Government has ordered a second batch of the F35 Lightning II strike fighter. This will increase our F35 capability to 48 squadrons."

  • [center][/center][center][b][size=4]The Prime Minister of[/size][/b][b][size=4] the United Kingdom of Davishire and Bucks[/size][/b][/center][left][b][size=4][/size]

    [/b][size=2]"It is with great sadness that I inform you today to inform you that former commissioner, the Right Honourable Sir Eric Pickles CEDM has recently been killed during a military operation that was conducted in the Teutonic States that was an attempted rescue. Although I cannot confirm too much detail regarding the circumstances of the operation I can confirm that Sir Eric was killed by a bullet from a Teutonic Soldier, fired from a Teutonic weapon. Our heartfealt condolences go out to his family and friends as well as his former colleagues who miss him very much. It is a sad day for Davishire and for that reason, the 1st September will be a day of national mourning, this also means that the parliamentary recess shall be extended by another week.

    I can also confirm that former councillor Mrs Lucinda Bareham was rescued by Davishirian Forces with no serious injury. She is currently residing in Davishire recieving full and proper medical treatment. We hope that she will soon be able to return to Framptonia, and this government will continue to support her in the coming days.

    However, this operation has confirmed beyond all reasonable doubt that it was the Teutonic State, and almost certainly its government, which kidnapped a councillor from the council chamber. Who kidnapped Sir Eric, a former commissioner and councillor, as they were going about their lives. For this reason I can confirm that the Government of Davishire has withdrawn all diplomatic ties with the Teutonic State, the defence agreement with the Teutonic State has been cancelled and all Teutonic assets held in Davishire have been seized. Any Teutonic State flagged vessel within Davishire will be seized and no flights will be permitted to the Teutonic State from Davishire. Also, in response to this, parliament will hold an emergency session. During this session a vote will be held as to whether or not the Government of the United Kingdom of Davishire should commence a military retaliation against the Teutonic State.

    I would like to thank His Majesties Armed Forces and Intelligence Services for their hard work during the past weeks and months to find Mrs Bareham and Sir Eric as well as the professionalism and restraint shown by the Davishirian forces who conducted the operation.[/size][/left][left][size=2] [/size][/left]

  • [center][size=6]The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Davishire and Bucks

    [/size][size=4] "[/size][size=3]The European Court of Justice is supposed to enforce and maintain the European Constitution as well as acts of the council. The United Kingdom Government, as well as His Majesty the King feels that over the past weeks the European Court of Justice has been slow and inefficient. The ECoJ has at a time when it needed to act fast failed in its one constitutional duty which is to enforce and decide upon the constitution.

    The Government of Davishire does formally denounce the European Court of Justice in its current form. The current system is not fit for purpose and we hope that the European Council can come together to reform the whole council/court system to make it work for the Union."[/size][/center]

  • [size=6][center]The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Davishire & Bucks[/center][/size]

    [size=3][center]One of the key issues at todays cabinet meeting was the complete utter disgrace that is this European Court of Justice. For the first time in a significant time a serious constitutional matter has been bought before the court. A matter which has effectively halted the elections to the commission, the elections to the next ECJ and it appears the latest installment Eurovoice too. This is a complete disgrace and every single member of the ECJ should be appalled at their complete inactivity.

    This is an event which must be bought to a close as soon as possible and must not happen again. It is quite clear that the current ECJ is not fit for purpose, and I suspect it has not been for some time although we did see some promising progresion during the first term of this year it is quite evident that this has not worked out in the longer term. The Government of Davishire does call for the complete abolition of the current ECJ and the development of an effective centre of justice to replace it in some way. At the very least the current justices should themselves be punished.

    The Government of Davishire is exploring all possible proposals for change and hopes to be able to present these to the European Council in the future. In the meantime we call upon all justices to get off their backsides and do the job they were elected and are paid to do![/center][/size]

  • The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Davishire and Bucks

    "It is with a great deal of regret that I am issuing this statement today, especially considering that the European Union has been experiencing a period of relative peace.

    Over the past few weeks the United Kingdom and Davishire have been working together as part of an international coalition. A blockade and no fly zone has been established over the Teutonic States in response to the disgusting atrocities which have no doubt been conducted by its government. Military commanders have informed me that a number of Teutonic Aircraft had been forced to land or stopped from taking off and in once situation some enemy ships fired at in self defence. So far the operation has been a success in this respect. However the Government of the Teutonic States has clearly not got the message that its actions are not suitable in the 21st century.

    When this operation began Davishire and the United Kingdom issued an ultimatum that unless we saw change very rapidly then further action would follow. I can confirm that if there has been no change seen within the next 5 days then further action on a significant scale will take place almost immediately. It is likely that this will take the form of a continued blockade and no fly zone in addition with other operations. Davishire does not rule out the putting of boots on the ground accompanied a formal ground operation and potentially a full declaration of war.

    The Government of Davishire will continue to talk with the United Kingdom Government to ensure that our response to the current situation is robust and justifiable."

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