Davishires Military Operation in Bulgaria

  • [Talks IC Secret. Actions IC Noticable]

    It was not the first time that the Prime Minister, now David Cameron, had entered the emergency briefing room. He had been prime minister before and knew the room well. Especially from the nuclear crisis in April of last year.

    In the room with him was his Secretary of State for Defence, the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, the commander in chief of all Davishire military forces and the heads of the individual forces of the army, navy and air force. Alongside them was a host of aides and also the commanders of the domestic and foreign secret intelligence services.

    The Prime Minister took a sip of water before beginning the meeting. This was the first time that he was ever about to order actual military action against a foreign country, something which he had never wanted to do.

    "So gentleman please provide me with what Davishire can do to take immediate action"

    At this point the commander in chief of the armed forces spoke,

    "Prime Minister, Davishire can do very little today. Our forces are in the wrong position to move very far. We also do not have all the equipment ready. In all honesty we did not see this situation coming towards us."

    So what am I going to do? The people expect me to make an immediate response to the killings of hundreds of our citizens"

    "Well Prime Minister, I can only suggest missile strikes"

    "very well, give the orders General. Target power plants and industrial centres in the north of the country firstly"

    With that the Prime Minister wrote his instructions down onto a piece of paper and signed them to make it official. Very soon missiles would be raining down on Bulgarian soil.

    Location- Somewhere off the Davishire Coast

    Aboard HMDS Viglen and its squadron of 10 guided missiles destroyers the orders were beginning to come through to the command centre.

    "Ok it begins. Fire intructions to targets 56, 65 and 69. Initial strikes, each target to be hit by 10 rounds"

    The instructions were passed to the fire control desk. The captain inserted the key into the console and the process had begun. The missiles were launched and there targets about to be hit."

    Location- Sandford

    "Prime Minister we can confirm a hit on each target we are getting satellite images now"

    On the screen it could be seen that massive explosions were taking place, the image was delayed by about 5 seconds.

    "That is only our initial strike though Prime Minister"

    The Prime Minister then spoke.

    "Also prepare our airborne forces. We want to begin a rescue mission to get Davishirians out of that country"

    [IC Secret to all except Inimicus, Actions are for obvious reasons visible]

    Location- Sandford, Davishire
    It was around 18:00 hours GMT in Sandford and the Prime Minister was back in the war room. This time there was nobody except the military representatives. The commander of the air force spoke to the Prime Minister,

    "we currently have 2 flights of 3 Victors in the air short of the Bulgarian border. We are requesting permission to conduct war operations with them"

    "What operations do you have planned?"

    "We shall be attacking a newly built Dam in the north of the country, near to the Danube with 3 victors. We are also planning to launch an attack with 3 on a mine in the mountains in the south of the country"

    "Marshall, if I authorise this. What will it achieve. This will continue to escalate the situation"

    "Prime Minister, the dam provides electricity we believe for much of the population in the north. The mine provides the country with resources."

    "Well I was going to authorise it anyway. Very well go ahead"

    With that an aide went to the telephone and issued the necessary orders.

    "Sir, the aircraft will reach the dam in 15 minutes, the mine in about 30."

    For RP reasons time will now pass by 45 minutes

    The Prime Minister had returned. He had just been having dinner when an update came through. It was read by the representative of the army. Major Meads.

    "Prime Minister, we can confirm that 2 of the bombers which attacked the mine has been badly damaged by ground fire with 2 crew on each injured although this is not of a major concern because nobody is dead from our side."

    The Prime Minister was tense,

    "What about the primary targets Major. The primary targets"

    "Initial reports sir suggest the targets were hit."

    "That is all I wanted to hear major, have the aircraft return to base. Ensure that the Fighter Reaction Alert is at full war readiness. Contact Poland about the rescue. Also give the crew a medal for something"

    "Yes sir!"

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