Proposal: A Region-Wide Embargo on Bulgaria

  • The Bulgarian Embargo Act


    In light of recent events in Bulgaria, the European Council must act. We have seen individual nations act, but we must do more to show our solidarity as a union with Icholasen, Inimicus, Davishire, and the Duxburian Union, who have all seen citizens killed in genocidal acts. The Council, as a bastion of democracy and a beacon of freedom, cannot sit idly while this is occurring.

    Article I

    1. Until the completion of the Davishire vs. Imperial Bulgarian Empire case in the European Court of Justice, an embargo will be placed on Bulgaria.

    2. This embargo will ban all travel to Bulgaria from anywhere in the European Union.

    3. Any trade that is currently being conducted with Bulgaria will be immediately halted.

    4. No further such travel or trade shall continue until a verdict is reached by the European Court of Justice.

    Article II

    1. This embargo will involve the participation of all members of the European Union.

    2. A fine of appropriate measure will be levied by the European Council against any nation that breaks the embargo.

    I know this may seem hasty and ill-conceived, but the European Council should act as well as the European Court of Justice and the Commission. This may be a vehicle against this kind of maniacal behaviour, and hopefully cause it to be the last.

    Stanislas Kamerewski

  • Davishire clearly hasn't waited for the end of the trail to start bombing the country so what difference will this make?

  • I don't feel that this act goes far enough. We need something that formally denounces the actions of the Bulgarian Dictatorship.

  • Davinshire, the European must be light in hand when it is a matter between two nations that we are both allies with, a Trade Embargo should - as long as imposed well- for the period of the Court Meeting cause damage to Bulgaria, however we should not act hastily without the approval of the Court.

  • Councillor Heaven, you say stronger legislation is required, yet you suggest a "formal denunciation". I can imagine the scenes in Bulgaria should such an act be passed. "Thank god we're saved! The European Council officially denounced the government! Hallelujah!". Of course I'm being glib, but such a denunciation would do little, in fact it'd do absolutely nothing, to help the people on the ground, and I'm afraid I think the act as it is will be equally as helpful. We are faced not with a government that cares about its economy or its people's wealth and prosperity. We are faced with a government that exists only to destroy people whom it deems undesirable. It will not be fazed by an embargo or sanctions. In fact, from what we know of this imperial president of theirs I'd expect he'd probably laugh at the news, if he even got it. This is a situation without precedent, where sanctions and condemnations will do absolutely nothing to help the people in need. As much as I'm sure we all agree with the spirit and principles behind Councillor Kamerewski's proposed act, I think we can all see that it would do little real good.

    I'd also like to echo the comments of my colleague from Porteos. This legislation clearly revolves around a case in the European Court of Justice, and therefore I think it would be inappropriate to pass this bill before a verdict is reached. Should the Court return a guilty verdict, I'd very much like to see this bill return to the Council floor, but I don't believe now is the correct time for any kind of punishment from the European Council.

    Councillor John Walters

  • Then I would like to propose that the proposal be tabled until the court process has reached its conclusion.

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