A Tense Meeting

  • It was a coldish day in Europolis and the Deputy Prime Minister Steve Mannion had made his way to Europolis for an urgent meeting with a minister from Groot Belgie.

    A hotel had been completely booked up by the government of Davishire to host as a venue.

    The blacked out land rover, usually used by the economics commissioner, pulled up outside the hotel. There was no press, at least that could be seen, as the visit was unannounced. It was hoped that the meeting Davishires relations with Groot Belgie could be improved.

    The DPM, Steve Mannion, walked into the entrance hall of the hotel and waiting for the Groot Belgian delegation.

  • a minivan arrived the passengers where the forgein minister a lawyer and a body guard and they went inside to meet the delegation of davishire over the recent crisis

    **hello there,

    I was there last meeting, and I was not pleased with the result, I'm not gonna make this easy on you**

  • The Deputy Prime Minister didn't look shocked at the harsh response, and gave an equally blunt one back,

    "I was the Prime Minister at the time of the last meeting, I too shall not make it easy. However lets get to business. Please follow me."

    The DPM escorted the Groot Belgian delegation to the conference room on the third floor which the government of Davishire was renting for the duration of the conference.

    "Please minister sit down"

    as the DPM pointed to the chair.

    "So Minister, how would you like to start?"

  • the Gb delegation sat down and simply said

    We still have unfinished businees from last time, so lets start with that Shall we?Could you explain why we didn't recive a full payment?

  • The DPM expected the bluntness,

    "the reason that full ' reparations' were not sent is because parliament did not authorise it"

    The DPM saw that the belgians were not satisfied with the response

  • In that case you should have contacted us for renegionation said the minister

  • The parliament only permitted a payment of ?2m. That is significantly lower to our other offer which you refused. The cutting of diplomatic ties between our two nations also hampered the situation.

    Now shall we move on?"

  • the foreign minister shrugged No not yet, would your goverment be willing to adjust the prices to inflation? it has gone down in my country

  • The Davishire government may be willing in the future to put costs toward the reconstruction of your satellite and also contribute costs to the wasted launch and construction costs. Although we would never admit this publicly. I was the one who being Prime Minister at the time gave the orders to fire.
    I fired because I said I would and without doing so it would have made Davishire look weaker. You understand what I am saying?

  • We do no care how weak or strong davishire looks to the internetional comunity. We demand 400 million belgain francs for the satelite. said the minister

  • Well Minister, those who demand like that in such a rude way simple do not get what they want.

  • It was an opening statement, Certainly do us your generous offer then?said the minister with an arrogant smile on his face

  • It would be difficult in the current situation to authorise such a large payment

  • Then you shouldn't have shot down that satelite? You broke something that wasn't yours and now you're surprised and maybe unwillingly that the owners of the the thing you broke what money for the broken object?

  • I will say this only once more, Davishire will not be paying Groot Belgie any reparations for what has happened at current time, now I ask to briefly return to other news.

    The nation of Poland-Lithuania has offered to host a meeting in which your emperor and my Prime Minister meet in a controlled environment with a mediator in the form of the foreign affairs minister from Poland. Would your government be prepared to hold such talks?"

  • if I'm not mistaken, my prime minister is holding a meeting with another member of your goverment and my emperor is busy doing army bussiness because of Bulgaria since you started bombing it

  • Well, would your prime minister be prepared to attend the meeting once the business elsewhere has been concluded?

  • I guess so, but there is just one thing I wish to discuss something from our past.... _Said the foreign minister while opening a briefcase and pulling out a watergun that looked like a real gun.

    He continued to aim it at the minister from Davishire _

    this is for not calling the field marshal and shooting our officer He then pulled the trigger making the davishirian minister wet

  • The Deputy Prime Minister was slightly shocked. One second there was a madman with a pistol aiming at him. Then the next minute he had been sprayed with cold water his new ?400 cotton suit.

    "Well minister, haha, I don't quite know what to say, hahaha"

  • Well I'm afraid the groot-belgain goverment cannot repay you at this moment laughed the foreign minister

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