Roaring Rescue

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    "Right. I will. Thanks, bye", Lethbridge-Stewart said to the Prime Minister at the other end of the phone line. He had just recieved the first orders for air stikes and missile launches against Bulgarian power plants, government builings, border checkpoints and military camps.
    "Get bombing, James", the Brigadier-General ordered his aide-de-camp, who immediately scampered off to notify other commanders. Lehtbridge-Stewart sighed. "Here we go again", he thought as he sat back in his chair and reached for his cup of coffee, "Lets hope we're finished with this quickly".

    Sooner rather than later, the Brigadier-General could see the first missiles launching from the water and flying to the east. The Inimicians had sent ships off the coast of Icholasen and Rimroth, so their missile and air strikes could reach Bulgarian soil. The Inimician flagship, HIMS Endeavour, was located in a Nicolezian port, since the Inimicians had signed a military co-operation agreement with Icholasen some weeks earlier. While Lethbridge-Stewart sat, thinking, in his chair, his secretary entered, bringing the news that all targets had been hit.

  • For the 200th time, it seemed, the phone rang. "What now", the Brigadier-General answered.
    "Alistair?", a strangely familiar voice said, one which sent shivers down Lethbridge-Stewart's spine. He quickly corrected himself, sat up straight, and said "Your Majesty? I was not expecting you!"
    Emperor Artabanos meant business: "let's just do away with the formalities right now, Alistair. I have one order, and one order only, for now: stop missile strikes and bombing runs until further notice."
    "Okay, but forgive me for asking why"
    "SuCal's in town. However bad a Commissioner for Defence and PEACEKEEPING might be, we don't want to blow her to smithereens. Also, with the entire ECoJ-thingy, it's best not to blow away all the evidence."
    "Then what are we going to do about the murdering?"
    "I'm giving you permission to fly in some teams of special forces. Also, the Imperial Secret Service has been active in the country for quite some days now. Anyway, speak to you later."

    As fast as his legs could carry him, the Brigadier-General rushed to deliver the new orders to his aides.

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