On the Bulgarian and Groot Belgie/Davishire Crises

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    I am deeply saddened to have to come before you all once again as the region is embroiled in yet more conflict and vice. This time, we have the terrible rumours coming out of Bulgaria, a nation new to the EU, and disputes between two serial offenders, namely Groot Belgie and Davishire. I'm sure you're all aware of the reports of Bulgarian state media which, if true, chill me to the bone. It is unacceptable for any member state of the EU, indeed any state at all, to disrespect the rights of its citizens in such a deplorable way. I'd like to address the Bulgarian situation first, if I may.

    We as a Commission can do little more than condemn such acts of barbarism and inhumanity, should The Imperial Sofia Times be believed. Its important that we adhere to the functions and established mechanisms of our Union, even more so when the very foundations of this organisation are being threatened from within. That is why I applaud Davishire's initiative in bringing this case before the European Court of Justice, so that my learned friends in the Court may come to a just and fair decision based on the evidence, not on the reports of obvious propaganda as some in the region have done. I am obviously talking about Davishire. Yes, that same Davishire I was applauding just a few moments ago. It is remarkable that a government can do the best thing to avoid conflict, and then immediately afterward fire 50 missiles at another country. Davishire has shown that it doesn't care at all about the Court's verdict and is proceeding to military action anyway. I can only hope that they have substantial evidence that we do not. Of course, do not misinterpret my words. I am not, and I would never, condone or defend any of what the Bulgarian government is accused of doing. The reports we have paint an absolutely vile picture of the slaughtering of innocent lives, including those from foreign countries. Should this be confirmed, I offer my heartfelt sympathies and condolences to all the families involved, and pray that this monstrosity is ended swiftly. But until we have more concrete evidence, other than state propaganda, I cannot and will not condone military action in Bulgaria. I'm confident that the European Court of Justice will judge based on evidence such as this, rather than less than reputable news outlets. Should Davishire have evidence of genocide and other such awful breaches of international law and basic morals, other than state propaganda, I call on them to make this clear to all of us.

    What I can condone however is the absolute and total condemnation of the personal insults and disgusting comments made by the Bulgarian government towards member states and their individual heads of state. Inimicus in particular has borne the brunt of this personal abuse and I offer my apologies on behalf of the European Union towards Emperor Artabanos and his family for the awful comments made by this particular member state. I hope the Bulgarian government realises that these comments will not achieve anything other than further alienation and condemnation.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that I have contacted the Bulgarian government and, by their permission, will be visiting the country in the coming days. I hope to meet with the Imperial President and discuss the situation with him first hand. All my findings will of course be made public.

    Now, moving on to the other major dispute hitting the region at the present time, regarding Groot Belgie and Davishire. There has been much bellicose rhetoric coming from this part of the region for some time now, and this particular dispute is only the latest chapter in a long line of incidents between these two countries. As I'm sure you're all aware, Davishire has recently shot down a military satellite launched by Groot Belgie, following a previous threat to do so issued in the days prior. While I respect and understand the need for Davishire to protect itself from what it sees as potential threats, I believe that member state's handling of the situation has been that of one who seeks out conflict. I'm pleased to see that a forum for dialogue has been opened between the two governments, and sincerely hope that this reaches a peaceful solution. We've seen that, contrary to the opinions of some, diplomacy and dialogue do actually work, as I've been saying for years. The Sahara Crisis was dealt with completely peacefully, and I hope we can see a repeat of that with this particular situation. In the spirit of cooperation and regional peace, I call on both sides to demobilise their respective armed forces and work together to solve the problems they have. This is an opportunity, for Davishire in particular, to show the region that these two member states are completely committed to regional peace and stability. Something I'm sorry to say we have yet to see from Davishire, who time and again has rushed to conflict.

    There is a way forward in both these situations that doesn't involve going in guns blazing. I only hope that we as a Union are intelligent enough to find it.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Susan Callaghan
    Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping

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