Operation Campus

  • [IC Secret- Everything agreed with Bulgaria beforehand]

    23:00 hours, 10km From the City of Verna

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    A lone Davishire C-130 was flying low over the coast of Bulgaria. The cargo 6 special forces officers. The mission to rescue a journalist and his assistant. Easy... or not.

    The 6 officers, 5 captains and a major of the Davishire Special Air Service, would land in countryside 10 kilometers from Varna with light kit. They parachuted out of the aircraft and there was no hitch. It did appear that the Bulgarians didn't know they were there.

    The 6 men were armed with silenced sub machine guns and an array of silent weaponry. Dressed in black they made their way to the RV.

    The Major spoke to his officers,

    "Ok, this is it, no one is friendly here. We have 2000 metres to cover in one hour. Simple, it must be done covertly. We have a journalist and his assistant to pick up. The transport arrives in 1 hour 30 minutes"

    The men made their way through the fields, around hedgerows, through woodlands and skirting a village. Police patrols were constant and there was a constant danger of being found. Capture would almost certainly end in death.

    The team arrived at the RV 5 minutes late but there was no one there. The team sat and waited and waited and waited....

    to be continued

  • 20 minutes had passed since the team had arrived at the RV. And yet no one was there. The helicopter coming in to pick them up was running 5 minutes late. The Major was less than happy. That just gave the Bulgarians 5 more minutes to capture them.

    Another 15 minutes and the helicopter could be heard approaching, it was at this point the journalist showed himself. With him was someone he claimed to be his asssiatant. At this point the helicopter arrived.The noise of the aircraft landing was loud, but the sight of an RCAF Merlin was all that the soldiers needed.

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    Upon landing the engines were kept running as the 6 soldiers and 2 passengers boarded the aircraft. Seconds after jumping in the craft was going up again but stayed at a low height to try and avoid radar contact.

    Several hours, and 1 air to air refuel later the helicopter landed back at Sandford airport so that the 2 people rescued could go straight into questioning about what was going on.

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