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    **Hello and welcome to Wiadomosci. I am your host, Stepan Adamczak

    Our top story: the Imperial Bulgarian State has been attacked by Davishire with missile strikes. This is in response to the Imperial President of Bulgaria and the Imperial Sofia Times articles, stating that there have been potential acts of genocide. We go to our reporter in Sofia, Daniela Czaniecki. Daniela, what can you tell us from Sofia?**

    Good evening Stepan...scenes from the coastal regions of Bulgaria indicate that the Davishire naval forces and their weaponry are indeed nearby, and I confirm that these strikes have occurred. However, as to their effectiveness, I can't say. The officials in Sofia are not going to want to show their leader in any sort of weak position, so this may be a reason as to why we still have no confirmation of whether or not the strikes produced casualties or damage. There is still more news to come, but as you can see in the clip package, the alarms did sound on the coastline of Bulgaria prior to the time that the Davishiran media say the strikes happened.

    Daniela, any news from the European Court of Justice? Last we heard, Davishire brought the Bulgarian government to trial for its many crimes

    No further news. We did learn that the court will hear the case, supported by Icholasen and Northern Caesarea, but no other news.

    **Thank you Daniela and stay safe in Bulgaria.

    In other news: President Kligenberg will be returning home soon from her meeting in Berlin. After rumours suggested that the talks were in danger, it does seem as though Poland and Os Corelia will be able to find some ground after all. The current Sejm majority leader, Representative Gorecka, stated that the Sejm will release an official statement regarding its alleged interference in the agreement between Os Corelia and Germany involving its potential confederal union.

    Polish pop star Ariana Grande has announced her world tour will begin some time in November, starting in Red Croatia and moving on. She will record her concert from St. Dominico and release it as a live CD...her first live CD recording ever.

    In sport: the Warsaw Eagles defeated the Krakow Kings in their big rivalry match today in the Polish Football Premier League by a score of 131 to 74. The rivals will continue their season, next playing Minsk and Kiev respectively. Warsaw currently is leading the league tables by a healthy margin, looking to be one of the most dominant teams this year.

    The European Grand Prix of Figure Skating will begin this month, and heavily favoured Sasha Cohen will be looking to win the elusive European Championships this year. The number one ranked skater, known for her musicality and breathtaking spiral sequence, has also faltered under pressure.

    That is all of the news we have today. Thank you for tuning in to Wiadomosci. Downton Abbey from Inquista begins the primetime line-up this Friday. I'm Stepan Adamczak. Thank you.**

  • **3 January 2015

    Hello and welcome to Wiadomosci. I am your host, Stepan Adamczak

    Today, the Commonwealth of Davishire has successfully launched a rocket into space. The Polish Aeronautics and Space Administration are looking to enter space travel test flights in 2015.**

    London has been working towards the launch for a while, but their increase in space activity has been regarded as a display of wealth and power.

    The President was heard to comment "Congratulations, and I hope we will join them in the future".

    The Premier Commissioner has been diagnosed with a Type 2 brain cancer and as such felt it was his duty to resign today

    The Premier Commissioner left not of his own accord, and the entire nation of Poland-Lithuania wish him the best of luck.

    There are rumours that a new European constitution is close to happening.

    The constitution committee, which has stalled many times over, seem to be on the very end of the restructuring and updating the document, which badly needed updating.

    Poland temporarily halts the use of the euro.

    The Bank of Poland halted all passing of the currency known as the euro, and all banks across the nation today were forced to switch over to zloty, which was written into the referendum should the euro come under any crisis. No cash transactions were possible as a result, and will not be running until Monday.

    The Bank stated that "the uncertainty of having no central authority of monetary policy for the Eurozone, and that euros in different nations could be worth more or less than each other, and printed in a higher quantity in varying nations was not seen by the Sejm. The Bank has no choice but to urge the Sejm to halt any euro distribution until there is more clarification from Europolis.

    That was your quick news. I'm Stepan Adamczak, goodnight.

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