Callaghan in Bulgaria

  • The plane carrying Susan Callaghan had landed in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Nice enough place, the Commissioner though to herself peering out of the window. Nice, if a little grey for her tastes. The slight drizzle didn't add much to the atmosphere, the tinkling of the droplets on the plane's window seeming even louder by the second. "Must be quite a storm coming", Callaghan said to no one in particular. She looked around the interior of the small private plane. A few security guards, a few aides, no one she really knew. Still, who could blame her normal entourage for their reluctance to come along. Everyone had heard about the reports coming out of Bulgaria, and she was frankly surprised anyone had come along with her at all. Looking at her personal security, she quickly reasoned why. They were large, well-built men, their black suits and dark glasses only adding to their threatening look. Europolis Security only hired the best, she'd made sure of that after the attacks on Europolis itself and the kidnapping of Premier Lisckozi in Dromund Kaas. No, best not to think of that. Callaghan pushed the thought to the back of her mind and disembarked from the plane. Normally she wouldn't travel in a private jet such as this, but she'd encountered difficulty locating a company that would take her here. Still, as official representative of the Defence Commission, she'd best try and keep that hush hush, she was supposed to be a woman of the people, after all.

    There was a Bulgarian delegation awaiting her at the eerily empty terminal. It was pristine, not a discarded newspaper, not a bit of chewing gum on the floor. The placed looked brand new, although her Bulgarian contacts insisted it was one of the busiest airports in the region. Posters emblazoned with idealistic representations of Bulgarian citizens covered much of the wall space, most of them accompanied with some kind of slogan Callaghan couldn't understand. A forgotten radio somewhere in the building spilled out odd Bulgarian music that couldn't quite be heard clearly. The regular ticking of a large analogue clock that surveyed the whole area was closer and more audible.

    As she approached the Bulgarians, the footsteps from her heeled shoes echoed throughout the terminal building, adding to the strange song of the airport. She was flanked by the security from the plane, four of them, forming a kind of protective cube, she reasoned. Not necessary really, but dear old Kaegan had insisted. He'd been worried of course, such a nice man. She remembered he'd called her into his office a few minutes after she'd announced she'd be visiting and shouted the place down. Not so much in an angry way, just concerned. She'd managed to convince the poor Premier that she'd be perfectly safe, and would take the special security just to be sure.

    She'd arrived at the Bulgarians, all of them military, all decked out in their strange uniforms. The man in the middle, a tall, gaunt man with thinning hair was evidently their leader. The way the others seemed to fall around him was indicative of a man who had power and wasn't afraid to use it. He was holding his hat in his arms, standing stiff eyeing the Commissioner as she approached. This must be that Stoychev she'd been told about. Loyal to the government, all the reports suggested, although they mentioned something about him being more open minded than his government colleagues. Well, it must be a good sign if they sent him, Callaghan thought, ever the optimist.

    "Ah, Colonel Stoychev", the Commissioner leaned forward to shake the man's hand. "Its a great pleasure to be here to see your country first hand".

  • Colonel Stoychev was among the junior of the higher ups in the government, but one of the most potent, he was surprised he was to welcome the Commissioner for Peacekeeping to Bulgaria. He assumed it was because, he was the Colonel for Intelligence for Bulgaria, and knew Callaghan down to what she ate last Saturday afternoon(It was a two course meal, with dessert five minutes before Dinner as a snack). He checked the time using his gold encrusted watch, a gift from the Imperial President himself, the plane was to be a few minutes late due to a massive storm. In the mean time, the Colonel had more pressing matters to deal with; mainly those concerned with Bulgarians Allied for Freedom. The irony of the matter is Stoychev was the main ringleader in this organization, a fact which has helped keep the BAFF in the shadows.

    "Excuse me for a moment, I must go relieve myself," the Colonel told his colleagues many of which were just pencil pushers in the lower echelons of the government. He waked the deserted airport, noting how cleaning crews were still around making sure everything was still kept clean. He arrived at the bathrooms, his contact was on time. The man was in casual clothing, possibly trying not to bring attention to the already unusual passenger at the air port.

    "Do you have the reports I need?" asked Stoychev.

    "Of course, but I only managed to get the one on the MSGIs in the Sandanski camp near the Macedonian region. Now your end of the deal" responded the man in casual clothing.

    "Thank you Vladimir, but yes my end of the deal. I will talk with Callaghan about getting your family out of here for now though, I wish you luck in your council work. Remember if the Premier is to summon you represent the people of Bulgaria not that idiot in the Imperial Palace," Stoychev told Vladimir as he shook his friend's hand for possibly the last time. Stoychev then took the papers and put them into his briefcase, he then preceded to make his way back tot he terminal. Even with the light storm that plagued the weather Callaghan was sent to land in a few minutes. During that time he conversed with his colleagues, all of them afraid of him to some degree. His secretary Denitra then told him that Callaghan's plane had landed, indeed it had Stoyvhec noticed.

    He watched as Callaghan walked awkwardly across the Terminal's halls with those special guards, like they had any real chance against Bulgarian forces was something to see. Callaghan then approached him as it seemed he was the head honcho in this group.

    After Callaghan had greeted him Stoychev responded, "It is my pleasure to meet your Commissioner, I welcome you to our beautiful and just country," oh how it pained Stoychev to say that scripted line, "I hope your trip here was pleasant, now if you may follow me to the cars waiting outside the airport who will take us to the Imperial Palace."