The Premier's Office

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    This thread is for meetings with Premier Commissioner Kaegan Hezterbltaz in his lavis elegant yet simple office in Europolis.

    OOC: All meetings are IC secret so information cannot be misused!

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    Meeting with Councillor Vladimir Angelov of Bulgaria

    The Premier Commissioner was reading over briefing notes for the day feeling a wee bit stressed over the various conflicts. He had sent in Susan Callaghan or SuCal as he and most of his European colleagues affectionately called her to be his eyes and ear on the ground. He was incredibly confident in SuCal, someone who he'd forged a somewhat unlikely friendship with but despite politics they got on incredibly well regularly going down the pub for an after work social and his families were to soon meet and share a traditional Hezterblatz Sunday roast.

    He received a knock on the door and it was Diniak he's new PA to inform him his first visitor of the day Councillor Angelov of Bulgaria had arrived.

  • Councillor Angelov walked into the Premier's office, obviously late from a video chat with the Great Leader over how he should act. Angelov was furious that he had to support this stupid dictator in public. Arriving in the premier's office he began, "I'm sorry I am late Premier Comissioner....there were issues pertaining to the state."

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    'Councillor Angelov such a pleasure to finally meet you and on behalf on my commission welcome you to Europolis. Unfortunately the circumstances of various conflicts have arisen and they must take precedence of our meeting today. Please be assured I invited you here for your opinions and views and nobody else's so I may hear your briefing on the current situation of your home state. Could I invite you to give me such a briefing?'

  • Angelov made a note to think carefully about his answer, his family, his life was at risk. "Thank you Premier Commissioner for letting me voice my view on the matter, I must note I am required by Alekandrov to speak his words publicly....while this is a requirement privately as well, as long as I am not caught I will live. Any information you learn here can not be stated in public in any format, you can say an anonymous source even...only a bulgarian would know the following. Promise you won't speak about any of these proceedings...."

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    The Premier was rather taken aback by the councillor's request and could see a sense of worry and stress on his face: 'What is it Vladimir? I can assure you that nothing will leave my office consider this a verbal agreement that I will abide by'

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