The Complexity of Trade

  • It was heading towards dusk by the time everything was ready Lady President Alexandra Mountdora had decided to personally attend today along with the Premier for Foreign Affairs and a few other senior advisors on Trade. The Foreign Office Building had been completely changed with the number of decorations for the event. The Summit hall was completetly prepared for the three nations, even though Alexandra still expected tensions, she did however hope that this level ground of Poretos would be a good place for the negotiations to take place.

    _Alexandra looked up from her paper as the National Security Advisor approached her, pity she was interested in the story about the possible reasons for why the Prince hadn't been seen in a while - of course she knew it was all hogwash. _

    Lady President, the Security is in positions we expect them to arrive shortly, I have just been informed that they have landed at The Royal Eranseth Airport, they shouldn't be long

    Thank you Paul, you do work to much, your break is well overdue. Work much more and I'll have to speak to the King. Is the Entrance appetizers and cocktails ready?

    Yes Lady President, just as suggested by your Husband he is already down there preparing for the visit. Ma'am I can't take my break until this whole Bulgarian Empire business is sorted - they might attack us next.

    Pity Paul, you more than deserve one, I think I shall head downstairs with my Husband, get at some of the nibbles before the other ambassadors arrive.

    _With that Alexandra headed down the stairs in her elegant silk black gown, considering whether her husband's idea of having her hair down was the best option - but it didn't matter now. She began to think of ways to ease the tensions between these two nations. She had to attempt to get Poretos on the map and these trade agreements were vital for the Economy and any future prospects of the Eres. _

    Lady President, I welcome you to our Entrance Hall, all is ready and dinner is ready to be served at your calling.

    Ambassador Louis, it's times like this when I wondered what I'd do if I hadn't married you.

    _After a brief kiss they turned to the door and awaited their guests. _

  • The Prime Minister was about to head away to Poland-Lithuania, the Deputy Prime Minister was having a meeting with the Belgians and the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs was conducting briefings on the situation in Bulgaria. It was left to the Secretary of State for Business, Trade and Investment the Right Honourable Jeremy Hunt MP to come and talk for Davishire.

    The Secreatary of State had had a bumpy plane ride, he was rather nervous that his plane might be shot down on the borders of Belgium and Prussia.

    As the Secretary of State approached the venue he was ready for tense yet frank discussions.

    "Good evening Lady President. I Hope you are well?"

  • _The prime minister of arrived soon after, he wasn't to happy that the Davishirians had also been invited, this wasn't going to make the talks easier because of childish reasons.

    He greeted the minister from Davishire with a quick nod and now adressed to lady president from Poretos_

    You have to excuse the emperor My lady, normally he would have joined me on this glorius day, but he is occupied with army bussiness now that we are on the brink of war said the prime minister while making a bow

  • The Lady President showed her hand to the cocktails and food on offer before greeting them both in response

    I am very glad you could both make it, I hope your journey was not too difficult, and I more than understand the Bulgarian Predicament, Poretos ourselves are keeping watch of the situation via satellite with airstrikes prepared if necessary so don't worry about our input. Also, I am aware that you may not get on but this is a chance to further all our nations. Now let's eat!

    With those kind words the Lady President took the arm of her Husband and showed them all through to the Grand Dinning Hall where they would relax before the deliberations began tomorrow.

  • The prime minister gladly followed the lady president this ment food, as the prime minister liked food a bit to much

  • The Minister was in awe at the luxury of the grand dining room and was looking forward to moving onto discussions

  • _Soon after dinner had finished and the port had been drunk the Summit moved through to the Summit hall for the first discussions surrounding the Trade Agreement, the Lady President hoped this could be useful for lowering the tension between Davishire and Groot Belgie. As the host she began the talks. _

    Such trade summits like this are quite new to my nation so I do hope the dinner presented before you was to your liking. But as always great dinners are overshadowed by a note of business. This business being how to benefit all of our nations on this world stage. This stage where the audience are not forgiving and where all of the fellow actors are not your friends. So as we begin - tread lightly, work hard and break a leg.

    As you are aware we have proposed the construction of a hyper speed railway to connect all three of our nations, perhaps through Europolis, however this is still to be debated another, perhaps easier option, is to create new Commercial and Industrial Air Routes and Terminals with a linked system.

    Of course we must protect these trade routes and attempt not to restrict them too much to the main agreements here to allow free trade a fair hand.

  • in this hyper speed rail road, is Europolis going to be the main hub? Because that would be the fairest option in my cause. Also if a nation isn't to happy with the turn of events and the main hub is in that country it would be to easy for that country to mess with the rail road and I personally wouldn't like to see that happen.

  • mmmh

  • After deliberation the idea of a train service is appearing unfeasible so the topic turns to airways.

    Perhaps we ought to consider what we should put in place? Asked the lady president.

  • Airways are expensive, a railroad or a highway would be the best option

  • But it will take much longer to prepare these routes and it is much harder to get international agreement on such routes whereas creation of special commercial airports within our own territory is much easier.

  • It would be easier than you think. Lets go with the railway for the eco freindly stuffs, we just need to go trought the comitee. all countries have a railwayssystems already

  • The Secretary of State had been almost falling asleep, he had had a busy few days,

    "Gentlemen I think that the railway option would be very complex as it would require negotiation with the countries it would run through"

    The Secretary of State was well aware of Davishires reputation at the moment so thought it would be unlikely

    "I think seaborne trade routes and air routes would be a more feasable Idea"

  • I must agree with the representative from Davinshire routes via sea and air would be much easier to regulate between ourselves.

  • Ofcourse it would be easier to do, but what about the cost of the airplane transport since Groot-belgie is landlocked

  • Overhaul it would likely be cheaper than building a high speed railway as we already have good routes I place we ought just regulate them differently for example maybe part of an airway could be Cargo only? This would allow them better access to the quickest routes, yes the Cargo Airport would cost much more than a rail station, however it is much more benefiting to the nation a long as we consider environmental, social and other aspects as well as the economic aspects.

  • **Cheaper on the short term yes, I would agree on the airways transport because of the effort it would take for getting everybody on board.

    But still a railroad would be evoimentally better and the making of a new rail road would boost the economy**

  • Not necessarily environmentally, consider all the land that would need to be used. Whereas there are many advances in Ecological Flying

  • [B]That would be an investment you see but for now, we could go with flying indeed

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