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    Karl Rommelien, CEO of Reichsvertexport, the Grossdeutscher state military equipment company, was seating at the huge timber desk at his personal office located on floor 28 of the Langer Eugen building in Bonn, the company's HQ. He was working on some papers when his assistant gave him notice.

    Sir, the delegation from the Poretos Defence Ministry is here.

    All right. Thank you, Sandra. Tell them I'll be down there in a minute and show them our complex.

  • The Lord Chancellor was reviewing the documentation for the 78th time

    Fellow Delegates, Commissioner for Defense, Air Chief Marshal, Fleet Admiral and Field Marshal, as you all know the documentation on what the government wants has been reviewed as much as possible, and recieved backing from the Upper Chamber, the Lower Chamber, the Defense Council, the Government and His Majesty the King. As long as we remain in these guidlines and do the best for our nation this will be a success. The government of Grossdeutsches Reich have been very kind in allowing us to do this especially as we are a relatively small power - try not to ruin anything.

    They awaited their guide and then followed for the tour.

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    The elevator rapidly descended to the ground floor carrying Karl and the tour guide to the facility. When the doors opened he saw the members of the delegation at the hall's end. He went to them and introduced himself.

    Dear commissioner, I'm so glad to meet you at last. Friends, welcome, my name is Karl Rommelien, CEO of Reichsvertexport. I hope you had a pleasant flight to the Reich. If you follow me, our guide will show us the company's facilities and military equipment exhibition.

    Everybody followed the two Grossdeutschers as they were telling everything about the country's military industry. After a 45 minute visit, Karl Rommelien took the members of the delegation to the 29th floor lounge to have a coffe break while talking about the equipment needs of the Poretos armed forces.

    So, let's talk about business. Please, describe me your military: troop number, units... And tell me which kind of equipment you'd like to acquire.

  • The delegation presented a group of folders before their counterparts clearly labeled and well presented.

    As you can see currently we have a mediocre sized forced we don't really want to increase this size but we are mainly looking to re-train and modernise our force. We mainly wanted some suggestions from you on. Spoke the Chief of Defence Staff Admiral George Hutchings, until quickly interrupted by the Lord Chancellor.

    However our government have given us quite some strict criteria. Whilst presenting a document to their counterparts reading:


    The Poretisian Reformation of HM Armed Forces Final Draft

    It is within the best interests of HM Armed Forces that the Upper House, Lower House, Government and Defence Council that the following terms for the upcoming purchase of new goods have been agreed to:

    • There must be an established Rocketry System that can be used strategically to deal with foes well beyond our borders, it would be nice, however not essential, that at least 20% of this force be movable.

    • The Royal Air Command must be capable of adapting to any threat preferably with 80% of squadrons being specialized in each field whilst 20% should be deployable to any duty.

    • The Royal Naval Command ought be made of 5 Fleets,

    A Submerged Fleet capable of dealing with extremely strategic and sensitive missions,

    A Protective Fleet to monitor the waters of the Nations

    2 Offensive fleets that can be fully utilised in any case

    An Auxillary Fleet.

    All units (excluding the submerged unit which would like something similar) is to have at least one Large Aircraft Carrier to act as its flag ship.

    • The Royal Army Command

    Little change is expected to this force unless suggested at the delegation.

    • The Royal Intelligence Command is also to be formed, a specalised unit made of all three of the above to deal with the most strategic and sensitive missions - these ought be specifically technologically protected.

    • The Royal Auxillary Command

    This will focus on Medical Care and supplies this will also be part of the modernisation.

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    Karl opened the document and gave it a quick reading. He then passed it to the man to his right.

    Well, please let me introduce yourselves to monsieur C?dric Herg?, our chief analyst and equipment reviewer. He will give you his expert view on which equipment you should use. C?dric?

    Merci, Karl. Well, after a quick look at this paper I can say a few things. Let's go part by part.

    Regarding the Royal Air Command I would advise to acquire the Tu-22M3E for your bomber wing. Then I'd commend the Su-32 for your fighter-bomber squadrons and the MiG-29K for your carrier-based aircraft as it is capable of participating in naval and ground operations. However, if you want an effective protection for your fleet I'd advise on the Su-33. As a transport aircraft for your fleet we'd encourage you to buy our IL-76MD while the IL-78MK would do great for your tanker and in-flight refueling fleet. And finally, for your AWACS systems we'd encourage the acquisition of our IL-76 in the Beriev-A50 format.

    Now going to the Royal Naval Command. As part of your submarine forces we've got the diesel-electric AMUR 1650 submarine. For your offensive forces we'd recommend our Project 956E destroyers. Meanwhile, for your protective fleet our Project 11356 frigates would be useful. And for your auxiliary fleet our SDK 1400 landing ship could be useful as well. That's all our ship types we can advise you to use as we're still upgrading and updating our naval equipment catalogue to include more ship classes.

    Regarding rocket systems we can only offer you defensive surface-to-air rocket systems.

  • There was a sudden chatter amongst the group from Poretos clearly pointing at sections on their paper and underlining key parts,

    Field Marshal Jake Bannister was the first to make conversation
    Now I can see that this was only a quick review of what you can offer us, and I understand that you are updating yourselves right now. At the moment we can see you have a lot to offer us. Can I suggest the writing up a full declaration for us to review and to send back to the Parliament? I mean we have matters to sort out with your government over this purchase anyway so you have enough time whilst we sort that out?

    The surface to surface missiles are currently being reviewed by the defence engineering committee. So I am sure we can work that bit out but as it is so extensive we don't want too much to chew. Said Air Vice Marshal Nat Dowsett Chief of the Engineering Department.

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    Of course, there's no problem about that. Take all the time you need to discuss everything with your government and contact us as soon as you are ready to call for an equipment order.

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