Invitation To The Coronation of Empress Victoria

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    Please fill out this application to be added to the list of foreign guests! Currently we have a limit of three guests on official business from each nation, and a five guest limit on those of Union Business. All nations are invited! Remember the coronation is this Saturday!


    Country Name:
    Name of Guest:
    Plus 1?:
    Plus 2?:
    Dietary Requirements:
    Prefered Drink:

  • Country Name: The Empire of Inimicus
    Name of Guest: His Imperial Majesty Emperor Artabanos
    Plus 1?: -
    Plus 2?: -
    Dietary Requirements: None. Artabanos is an omnivore
    Prefered Drink: Single malt whisky

  • Country Name: Poland-Lithuania
    Name of Guest: President Karolina Kligenberg
    Plus 1?: Ian Syzmanowski
    Plus 2?: Alenka "Lithuania", Former Duchess of Lithuania, Commissioner of Foreign Affairs
    Dietary Requirements: Generally omnivorous; French cuisine would be lovely!
    Prefered Drink: Sobieski vodka and pinot grigio, but don't worry. We always come prepared.

  • Country Name: The Constitutional Monarchy of Poretos
    Name of Guest: HM King Edmund I
    Plus 1?: HM Queen Jacqueline
    Plus 2?: HRH Prince Lorad II ((However he hasn't been seen in public since particular rumors)
    Dietary Requirements: None (However the more the better!)
    Prefered Drink: Port (Preferably Poretos Port the favorite of the King)

  • Country Name:The empire of Groot-belgie
    Name of Guest:His majesty the emperor geert
    Plus 1?:Her majesty the empress jessica greenberg
    Plus 2?:he prime minister
    Dietary Requirements:None
    Prefered Drink:something that doesn't have poison in it

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