A defensive encounter

  • The Poretos Premier for Foreign Affairs sat at his desk, the Foreign Office was still being renovated, - it was one of the many Palaces in the Capital King Edmund had granted to the Government ,it was a marvelous building it could have almost been made with the Foreign Office in mind. She sat reading the International Press reviewing 'The Other Hand' she then pondered all that had changed recently and all that was still changing. That's why he found it necessary to attempt to arrange this meeting, even if Davinshire did seem skeptic along with his Lady President but luckily the Lord Chancellor agreed so convinced her to allow this meeting to go ahead. The Lady President wasn't against this she just thought there should be more organisation - but everything seemed ready enough for this to go ahead and with ever increasing instability who knows what could happen.

    "The Commissioner for Defence has arrived Elizabeth" said her very cheerful Secretary- she had a lot to be happy for she just got engaged! And Elizabeth had managed to wangle the Monarchs Cathedral for the event, she has always been a good Ambassador and now she wanted to stay in the nation she made a very good secretary Elizabeth preferred the term Foreign policy advisor though.

    "Ah send Hadley in! I wasn't sure he'd come but I really value his opinion"

    The Commissioner for Defence walked in, he wore a formal suit even though he was entitled to a rank and a uniform - he felt he didn't deserve it as he wasn't involved as much anymore even though he had served as Government officer aboard a submarine for 3 years.

    "We expect the Representative from Davinshire to arrive soon, of course we hastily arranged this for Davinshire due to the recent instability hopefully this won't affect much."

    "Of course Lizzie, we've worked on stuff like this before even if we were just Junior Ministers then but we've been waiting for this"

    _From then they just nattered about times gone by spent together in their earlier years, reminiscing about past Conferences , Committees and times down the pub until the Davinshire representative arrived _


    The Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs had had a busy day already before his journey to Poretos. The Secretary of State for Defence was ill and it had been himself who had been called up to man the bridge. William Hague was formerly a judge and had served in the legal professions before becoming a politician. He had served before as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs but had never before had dealings with Poretos.

    Poretos had invited representatives from Davishire to discuss matters of defence but he hoped that other matters could be discussed also. Hopefully it would be better than the conference attended by another minister alongside Groot Belgie.

    The secretary of state arrived at the venue and stepped out of his car. He walked into the building and met with the representatives of Poretos. He was sure as he first met him that the meeting would be an interesting one.

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  • By this point the two Poretisian Representatives were in the Foreign office lobby as Mr.Hague arrived.

    "Welcome Mr.Hague we are glad you could make it we hope your journey was well. Sadly renovations are still ongoing but I do hope they don't interrupt us too much "

    _Elizabeth then shook the hand of her Davishire Counterpart _

    " I'm Hadley Sharman, the Poretisian Commissioner for Defence, Elizabeth asked me to come along for a Militaristic view point, I hope that's okay with you."

    _Similarly to the Foreign Premier he shook the hand of the Davishire representative _

    "Firstly we would like to get some formalities out of the way, in this document you will see Approval Documentation from HM King Edmund, the Head of State, Lady President Alexandra andthe Speaker of the Lower House on behalf of the People and the Parliament of Poretos to ratify any treaty we agree too. However it will be subject to removal by the aforementioned forces as with all treaties."

    _The Foreign Premier Elizabeth Tresa handed these documents to the Davishire representative and guided them to her office.

    Elizabeth wanted to avoid the refurbishments however this meant they couldn't go past her specially designed and requested Hall of Plaques in which each nation that has had a representative in this new Foreign Office would unveil their nations plaque with the flag and coat of arms of the government.The was still some workings to deal with however she was upset Davishire couldn't unveil there's now but she was sure there would be another representation soon._

  • The Foreign Secretary followed the town commissioners into the office. A general election was looming and very soon he would move to become only a royal . If only for a short time.

    "So, where would you like to start?"

  • Now Elizabeth and Hadley had been talking about how to start this for many years and they were finally in a position to do so, luckily both felt secure in what they were about to undertake.

    "Times are getting troubled William, no longer can we look to our border and just know it will always be safe, there is about to be a dark cloak placed over Europe so we need to be as stable as possible for as long as we can..." stated Elizabeth calmly.

    "And that is why you are here, we feel with our very close borders we could be of a great aid to each other, war in either of our territories is not good for the other, as it places our own border at risk. We are both reasonable nations so we must stick together as there are quite a few jittery ones with their finger on the trigger before they even know what is going on...." remarked Hadley

  • The Secretary of State was slightly confused and began to think that perhaps the people were speaking to had gotten Davishire confused with another country such as Icholasen.

    "I fully understand what you mean and what you are saying. Davishire and Poretos although not close geographically can work closely through trade and other, um , agreements."

    The Secretary of State was nervous about what would be discussed. He was afraid that he was going to see davishire once again become interventionist. he hoped that the representatives from Poretos would not suggest further intervention by Davishire.

    "So, you mention defence. Please go further"

  • "Poretos does not wish to seriously involve herself with the mass affairs of military action in Europe. This is only if it is essentially necessary for the frontiers of the Borders of Poretos and the protection of her citizens - what we refer to is an agreement with each other for the protection of our borders, people and countries." Stated the Foreign Premier in an attempt to seek Davinshires reaction.

  • "provided Davishire citizens are not at risk I feel the same way. Davishire is also not planning any future military deployments and we are looking to reduce the size of our armed forces. I would however like to state that whilst I support a defence guarantee, where nations agree to work together to defence eachother if attacked or to cooperate in occasional joint training excercises as allies should do. However the formation of a military alliance come organisation which is permanent in its structure with individual HQ and intelligence assets would be dangerous and provocative"

  • "I understand it could be provocative and both our Departments for Defense are large enough to handle the extra administration and we could create a joint training base as a cover for a headquarters perhaps in a mountainous region where it will be quieter and be less provocative. We are not expecting to increase much more in the size of our force but instead innovate and modernise" responded Hadley in regards to Mr.Hague's comments.

  • That is the direction that I feel we should take. We do not want to be an offensive military organisation which coud threaten regional peace. We need to work toegether to train and learn from eachother. "

  • "So shall we formally draw up an agreement then?" Suggested The Foreign Premier.

  • I see no problems, what would you like it to include?

  • Hadley was quick to involve himself, "There should be 5 basic principles in my opinion:

    • A Joint Commanding Council
    • A Joint training base that all our forces will visit to complete training?
    • A Joint Defense agreement
    • A Joint Forces Agreement about minimum number
    • The ability to ammend the agreement "

  • "I cant see a problem with what you have mentioned, however I feel that we should go into more detail on each of the elements of the sections"

  • "Of course however an overview was just to judge your reaction. The command structure of both National Forces could become intertwined or at least we can work out the equivalent and give them joint ranking codes. The will be a council made up of the top three of each department of the national forces, e.g Army, Navy, Air Force, Special Ops, which will work in coalitions with 6 members (nonpolitical government representatives)and then the Head and Deputy Head of Government alongside the heads of the defence departments, which will be run by an elected chairman from either nation?

    Secondly, as we discussed earlier a Joint Military base in Northern Poretosian Highlands which can also act as its HQ, we can draw up plans for that later. But I think at least all officers should finish training there to instil a sense of comradery and trust, as well as show the importance of this agreement.

    The joint Defense agreement if one gets attacked we respond.....

    Fourthly we should have a quota so that we aren't completely reliant on the other and that each side pulls there wait so we should make sure er always have enough troops of each sort.

    Fifthly, times change - we may even want to add more nations...."

    Suddenly there was an outburst from the door.

    "Ma'am, sir so glad you are together news from Groot, they have called on Davinshire to fire our satellite out of the sky...,"

  • "well the question is, do you want me to shoot it down?"

  • "That is a symbol of the modern Poretos, one that is politically stable and finally having something to protect and willing to do it. But I understand Groot in this matter, I'd leave it with you but it would confuse our military situations and make Groot think the can order you around?"

  • The situation was quickly resolved and ignored and thought returned to the subject at hand.

  • The Secretary of States' aid walked through the door and passed him a piece of paper.

    "Here is what my official have been working on, what do you think?"


    Davishire-Poretos Defence Agreement

    An agreement to expand military cooperation between Davishire and Poretos

    Section 1- Defence Guarantee
    1- Both signatories to this agreement do commit to assisting in the armed defence of the other if ALL the following criteria are met;
    a- That country is under military attack from another state
    b- That country has formally requested military assistance

    2- Signatories do not have to assist the other member if ANY the following conditions exist;
    a- The other signatory has entered armed conflict through attacking another state
    b- The other signatory has not official requested military assisatnce

    Section 2- Joint Defence Co-Operation
    1- Each signatory is permitted to hold a military base in the others state in order to assist under section 2(1)
    a-It shall not obligatory to position bases in another country

    2- Any military base positioned under this agreement shall be restricted to the following maximum troop numbers
    a-20,000 soldiers ,100 Aircraft (not including transport aircraft),30 Naval Vessels

    3- A Joint Military Training Centre shall be set up as detailed in Section 3

    Section 3- Joint Military Training Centre

    1-A Joint Military Training centre shall be established within Davishire

    2-The Joint Military Training centre shall provide additional training for officers from the Davishire & Poretos Military forces on a 1 year training course.

    3-Graduates from the Joint Military Training Centre must already have passed applicable selection processes in Davishire & Poretos

    "I feel that is appropriate for now, is there anything you wish to change or add?"

  • "Should we not add a section referring to how adjustments of the treaty should be done? And who is defacto in charge of the joint training base?" Asked Teresa

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