Eastern Influences

  • The High President was slightly excited, he admitted freely to anyone who'd listen. He always liked meeting President Karolina, leader of the country that's grown into one Halsberg's most important allies. The last meeting between the two countries was even more productive than the first, and Solomon hoped the trend would continue. Of course, the situation internationally had changed dramatically since their last meeting. Not once, not twice, but thrice had regional stability been threatened, something that would no doubt be on the agenda today.

    There was a knock on the door to the High President's office, with an aide poking his head around, announcing the Polish delegation was here.

    "Ah, excellent, excellent. Show them in!"

  • The Polish President went to Halsberg relatively unannounced, but the matter was most important. She always enjoyed meeting with the High President, anyway. He was very much someone whom she saw eye to eye and knew that he understands her incredibly.

    It was strange for a foreign head of state and government to travel with almost no security, and even then, they were in plain clothes. However, she felt comfortable in Halsberg, as if it were a second home to her. She knocked on the door, and was led to the High President.

    "High President Solomon; always good to see you. How is everything in Halsberg, and in your personal life?" President Kligenberg-Syzmanowska replied.

  • "Ah, Madame President. Lovely to see you again. We really should do lunch sometime, the gaps between our meetings are getting longer. Everything's going rather well really. I mean, we still have the odd issue now and then, especially that business in the european council, but no it seems to be going alright." The High President shook Karolina's hand and gestured for her to sit down on the chaise lounge. She did so, and the high president moved over to an alarmingly large drinks cabinet. "Would you like a drink my dear? We've got wine, beer, vodka, bacardi, whisky...anything you like really." President Karolina remarked on the time of day, what with it being half past ten in the morning. They both looked at each other for a moment, then burst out laughing. Solomon poured them both a drink and sat down opposite the Polish head of state. "Now, what can I do for you, child?"

  • "Well, I would like to discuss further cooperation between our nations, and the prosperity the current level of cooperation has brought us. The trade deal we have struck has given us half a billion euros of trade revenue for both of our nations. It's perhaps one of the single highest grossing trade deals in the Union, which is remarkable. Poland has since come a long way astonishingly quickly, which is part of the reason why. Another is that Halsberg has truly become Poland's strongest ally in terms of collaboration and view of the international community.

    "Along those lines, we understand that Halsberg is a developer of high quality weaponry. We would like to engage in business with the companies at hand in Halsberg to upgrade our naval fleet in particular. We are shipbuilders in Poland, but mostly of commercial means and have fallen behind in the military world. Our gunnery is second to none, but we need something to put it on obviously or the whole thing is utterly useless. Any information you have on that subject would be greatly appreciated, and I'll pass that on to Secretary of Defence Polanski.

    "I personally want to increase the level of educational cooperation we have between our nations. I'd like to enter an agreement between Halsberg and Poland where our secondary education students may participate in our already mutually beneficial exchange programme, though they would not be permitted to stay as long as those wishing to pursue a degree in our universities. The more worldly and connected our students can become at a younger age, the more they understand the importance of study (and quite frankly, can be used as competition with each other in school to see the finest of Poland and Halsberg going off to study).

    "Lastly, I would like to hear your vision of what we, as allies, can do in terms of foreign policy together. I firmly believe that our free trade, free movement zone is highly competitive, and through our defence treaty, we have clout in Europe. Where do you see Halsberg focusing its attention?"

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