Here we go again-GB/DAV Summit

  • It was a lovely day in Sandford, for the time of year it was unreasonably warm , however it must be said that the inhabitants were not moaning. The Prime Commissioner exited his specially built armored Jaguar. A top of the range model built in the city of Weymouth in Davishire.

    He was at the Royal Sandford Air Force Base, the location at which a large number of Davishires military transport planes are based. The new Atlases recently purchased from Inimicus were sitting on the tarmac nearby. Only around 30 were awaiting delivery.

    He and the Prime Minister from Groot Belgie had agreed to attempt further talks aimed at improving relations between the two countries. Mr Cameron was prepared to make concessions to the Belgians but how far he would actually go he does not yet know.

    The Groot Belgian Aircraft had landed and taxied nearby as the Groot Belgian Prime Minister stepped off the plane,

    "good morning Prime Minister, I hope that you had a pleasant trip"

  • **Yes yes pleasant it was with that squadron of gb fighters escorting me that left just a second before entering your airspace.

    **Said the prime minister when his 3 bodyguards were getting off the plane. 2 of them were armed but the weapons were hudden under their cloths in the hope the davishireians didn't notice

    Now I hope you don't find it disturbing I brought some securitysaid the prime minister

  • The Prime Commissioner was slightly suprised

    "You didn't need that fighter escort or the security men. We are not planning to shoot you out of the sky, unlike your satellite, hahaha, no sorry that was an inappropriate joke. I do apologise"

    At this point the head of security spoke to Mr Cameron

    "Prime Minister, my security officials have asked if your security guys wait with the aircraft. You may take one security officer in the police car following us however we don't have the space for any more in the vehicles."

    The Prime Minister looked at the way the men were walking and suspected that they may be armed and whispered to the Belgian PM.

    "I advise you leave the armed ones here, I have no problem but the diplomatic police might"

  • already looking angry cause of the joke the pm quickly responded with **there are no armed ones **

  • "that is great news, however there is only room in the police vehicles for one other person so pick your favourite and bring them along"

    The Prime Commissioner gestured to the unmarked police van which was behind the government Jaguar.

    "Shall we head to the meeting location then?"

  • Normally I would have said, no I would rather wait until the second car arrives but I trust they will arrive soon behind us?

  • "Prime Minister, I assure you that there will be transport arrangements for your additional officers. However are you sure you don't want them to guard your aircraft? You will after all only be here a short time."

  • No, the aircraft is dismissable, my life is not. they'll be guarding the door

  • "Prime Minister, I can assure you that no harm will come to you. Additional transport will be made for those men. They shall be no more than 5 minutes behind us and i can assure you that Davishire police are fully able to provide adequate protection."

    The Prime Minister was getting frustrated and wished that he had left all of this to his security officer.

    "Now shall we move on to my office so that we can get the meeting going?"

  • We should already be there mister

  • "you are right, we should already be on our way"

    The Prime Commissioner and the Belgian Prime Minister stepped into the car. The security officers followed discreetly in an unmarked police minibus. The car got stuck in light traffic so the commissioner thought it would be a good idea to start the discussions in the car.

    "so Prime Minister, as I am sure you are aware there is going to be a new government here in Davishire. The elections are almost certainly going to be won by us, the conservatives. do you think that having a new conservative government over the previous government which authorised the attacks against your satellite but also the military operation back in August would make you more prepared to come to peace with Davishire?"

  • **In all honesty, you are part of that goverment as the opposition is part of my goverment. we don't have to keep the masquarade up between our own kind, the blaming of the majority in goverment is the "game" we fool the masses with.

    I'm not saying you personally agreedwith the attacks but basically a goverment is almost no different than ying and yang were both beings are merged into one and there is good in the goverment and there is bad in the goverment , that always was and always will be.** said the prime minister with a sirious face

  • " In understand what you are saying. although I may not agree to some elements of what you are saying I do understand it. I also hope that during this meeting we are able to properly begin back on the road to a recovery in relations between Davishire and Groot Belgie."

  • the pm smiled just a litle If you really want to be freinds with everyone in the EU, why did you betray us in the first place? When we just joined the eu, we viewed you as our greatest ally

  • "we didn't want to, however the actions of your last emperor were inexcusable. You cannot just kill your whole cabinet without consequence. Although I admit our handling of the aircraft crash could have been better"

  • what the last emperor did was in the name of democracy, you cannot deny the new goverment has changed things for the better

  • The Prime Minister smiled,

    "In a sense I can see what you are saying. And I admit Davishire did make mistakes. We could have done many things differently, perhaps had we done things differently then it is likely things would be much different now. And I mean much different."

    The Prime Minister took a sip of water from the bottle that was in the door of the car. It was at this point that the car arrived at the Houses of Parliament, which is housed within the palace of Westminster. There was a heavy presence of police officers, none of which were carrying anything more deadly than batons, and CAPTOR spray. Of course any armed police were in civvies or hidden away out of plain site.

    Upon getting inside the Prime Minister escorted his Belgian counterpart to his office. They both sat down and restarted to talk.

    "So Prime Minister, where shall we start on the road back to diplomatic recovery"

  • **Well, Groot-belgie wants repayment for the satelite We are not asking you to pay for everything like the costs to launch it or development, no we want to have a repayment of the satelite.

    This doesn't have to be a direct repayment tough, trough indirect payments this can also be solved**

  • The Prime Minister nodded,

    "I fully understand what you are saying. How much would the cost for the satellite be? Please bear in mind however that Davishire has launched satellites in the past and is aware of the cost."

  • We did spent 163 430 373,52 Belgian francs to build it. So we would want that back

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