Economic Update 5/11/14

  • Can member states please find included an economic update for November 2014.

    I have not gone into any detail or analysis and have provided you with the raw data which was accessed from HERE! (click me)

    The data from some member states was not available and as a result is not included.

    Economic Update 2014

  • Admin

    ((OOC comments: Thank you for the update! Nice job.

    I just want to make a few comments for future reference though. First, I'm curious as to why you dropped your previous format? Your previous report was formatted really nicely, and was consistent. You should have just copied/pasted it and just refilled everything with all the relevant information.

    As for this report, it's quite awkward that you included "RP" and "NS" populations. Since this is in-character, this is confusing and puzzling to the everyone who reads it within our universe. However, the greatest problem was the inconsistent use of Euros and Dollars. Yes, while I know there are some countries in our EEC that circulate the Euro, the information provided here has to be consistent. The euro we use hasn't been valued since the last time Dux published his last EEC report, and from what it seems like you just assumed the Dollar and the Euro were equivalent. I can't fault you on this one, since you raised this concern on Skype and it was actually other people's impressions that pushed you off the cliff on this one and gave you bad advice (hint: don't take advice from people who think our RP populations are 1% or 5% of our NS population. I they don't know what our new RP populations are, chances they don't know much or anything about our EEC). It's also confusing since you gave non-Eurozone members such as The Sahrawi Union figures in Euros, and nations that are in the Eurozone, such as GDR, gave their figures in Dollars. The inconsistency is bad because not only does this make it harder to interpret and compare economies, but it also makes the data inaccurate. For instance, say the Euro is stronger than the Dollar, then by your calculations Marrakechia may have the highest GDP per capita in nominal and purchasing power terms (which is blatantly inaccurate). Always play it safe and just use either all Euros or Dollars in your reports.

    Again, thanks for taking time to do this. *raises brow at all other Commissioners*))

  • OOC- Apologise for the inconsistency with euros. I will go about changing that later today.

    Al figures are meant to be in dollars however for some unknown reason the spreadsheet automatically pout euros next to every number (including population) which I could only change manually once the figures had been included on the document. I had thought it had all been changed and had it not have been I would not have published the document.

    As for the NS population and RP population, I thought that it would provide an interesting comparison for the RL people reading the report. Obviously I shall not make such a mistake on another occasion.

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