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    Edition 1--- Date: 07/11/14

    First Edition of the Poretisian People's Broadcasting Network's Newspaper

    Editor's Letter

    I'd like to welcome you all to our first edition of the PPBN's new Newspaper as part of the large scale reform by the Commissioner for Media. We are going to update how our news system works and try and make it easier to look around our papers so you can find what you are looking for whether it be Top Stories or Culture of the Nation. After a while a poll will be held to see whether this is working.Hope you enjoy!

    **Top Story

    First Launch of Oculus Project**

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    As of today the penultimate stage of the Oculus mission has started. At dawn this morning the first satellite ways launched from the National Offshore Launching Facility, Operated for both civilian and military use. The project has been designed to watch over the borders of Poretos especially those that are sea facing and search for any threat so that mobilisation of task forces can take place.
    The Commissioner for Defence has said "this is a great move forward today for the protection of our nation, although we do have military satellites nothing on this scale." The project is expected to reach its final stage towards he end of November.

    **European News

    Poretos Councillor announces healthy intentions **

    Today the Poretos EU councillor has announced his intentions to use what he has learnt when he signed as a doctor for 6 years to attempt to implement new health policies within the European Union. During an interview he said "Not only will these measures help my fellow Poretosisians when they are on holiday but will revolutionise the health care received in some member stats."

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    Edition 2--- Date: 16/11/14

    Latest Honours list

    Today HM King Edmund I released the latest honours list along side the normal Doctors, Scientists, Actors, Government Officials and assets to the nation however two other honorary knighthoods were given out to the first time for people outside of Poretos who are not royals.

    Both the Ambassador to Poretos from Davinshire and Groot-Belgie received honorary knighthoods in the order of the Dove, the national Order for Diplomats.

    Sadly, as they are not citizens of Poretos although they obtained the honour they cannot use the term Sir or Ma'am. However Lady President Alexandra Mountdora has said:

    "This is a great step forward for both our diplomatic service and represents Teresa's reforms in the Foreign Office as well as the hard work of all three of our nations. I would personally like to thank both nations for their work to helping the new Poretos integrate with the European Union."

    Other Notable Recipients include:

    Rt.Hon Justice Leopold Resard - Chief of the Supreme Court - Grand Knight
    Rt.Hon Councillor James Tournay- Knight
    Professor Kierab Heel - Pioneer of Nuclear Energy - Grand Knight of the Order of Professors

    As well as many others.

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    Edition 3--- Date: 19/11/14

    **Parliament Pass New Emergency Legislation **

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    No, no Poretos isn't in a state of emergency don't worry - however now we are more prepared then ever to veal with one.

    So what does this act include?:

    • Flooding (Localised and National)
    • All other Acts of God [However luckily Poretos doesn't lie across a fault line]
    • Terrorism Attack
    • Civil Unrest
    • Rioting
    • Forest fires
    • Vessels in Distress
    • Military Incursion by an Aggressor State
    • By amphibious assault
    • Incursion across Poretos's Land Borders
    • Airborne Assault
    • Bombing by an Aggressor State
    • Use of ICBM by an Aggressor State
    • Nuclear Attack

    Yes, that is a lot of national crises but it doesn't even cover the Drought Act

    This entails full ability to dissolve powers to the councillors into their respective regions and set up the Regional Emergency Headquarters in the regions bunkers and keep calm.

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    Edition 4--- Date: 22/11/14

    Davinshire-Poretos Co-Operative Defense Agreement Signed

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    Elizabeth Teresa on behalf of The 1st Constitutional Monarchy of Poretos has officially signed the agreement between Poretos and Davinshire after it was fully ratified by Parliament and HM King Edmund I . This agreement has established greater safety from foreign threats for Poretos and has coincided with the announcement of the enlargement of the forces.

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    Edition 5--- Date: 08/12/14

    **Judicial High Court Reappointment **

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    Since the Civil War of the Empire vs the Dictator the High Court had been dissolved due to the major part it played in removing the Monarch and the Elected Government,since the Nation joined Europe and has stabilized there have been calls for it to return to look into how the new laws that are coming into effect should be interpreted.

    Today the Lord Chancellor and HM King Edmund I announced the High Courts formation and founding members.

    The High Court, which will comprise of 11 Members, however most cases will only have 5 justices, the High Court will have the power to interpret laws and is the final court of appeal in the Nation, its word stands. However, unlike the previous court the Justices will be unable to overturn laws. This right remains with the Sovereign, usually only upon the voting of Parliament.

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    Edition 6--- Date: 26/12/14

    Emergency Broadcast from Lady President

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    Today the First Emergency Broadcast of the 1st Constitutional Monarchy of Poretos took place,

    The Lady President addressed the Nation in regards to the Bulgarian and Groot-Belgie Conflict she refered to it as

    "Particularly distressing that an ally of Poretos could be so brutally attacked without us receiving advanced warning from the Nation itself."

    Since Poretos withdraw all Military and Spying Operations in the regions to help reduce the tensions between the two nations and aid in any attempt to lower tensions. The Lady President Further added that:

    "Our allies in Davinshire have stated that they do not wish to partake in the aiding of our ally, this Poretos will do, however without the approval of Parliament no boots shall be placed upon the ground, firstly, the 22nd (Transport) Royal Air Defense Squadron will be operating in Groot-Belgie and Bulgaria to take home all nationals within this territory, if you are in the regions of these nations contact your local Consul or the Embassy as no further instructions have been given to protect the evacuation."

    The Presidential Palace has said more information will be released later, however currently the PETER Meeting is taking place (Poretisian Emergency Threats Response) and a response is expected within the next 48 hours.

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    Edition 7--- Date: 5/12/14

    Prussian Anarchy Response

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    After the recent fall of the Government of Prussia it has become the Policy of the Government of Policy to close all borders with the Prussian Community, to protect our homeland as many terrorist groups are slowly growing within these borders. Hence the 3rd Infantry Group is being positioned along the Border to prevent the illegal movement of citizens into the nation.

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    Edition 8--- Date: 6/12/14

    Prussian Border Terror Attack

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    As is well known to the People of Poretos, the recent events in Prussia have taken a turn for the worst, just 3 hours before the 3rd Infantry Group were due to arrive a terror attack took place at the Easternmost border crossing of the Poretos-Prussian Border. Due to the lack of a Government in Prussia there has been no response to the situation and sources inside Prussia tell us that the situation has become worse than we expected.

    Lady President Alexandra and Lord Chancellor Jordan held another PETER Meeting today to work out how to deal with the situation. Shortly beforehand they addressed the nation:


    Our Hearts go out to the families of those 11 Poretisians who died in the attack, 2 of whom were innocent children and 3 of whom were just innocent border guards trying to do their job.

    We are a nation that is grief-stricken, mourning and worried, worried about the situation in Prussia worsening in light of recent events, and more attacks taking place hurting more innocent members of our nation, our communities, and our families.

    It is our duty, today more than ever to protect our borders, and to protect our citizens, we are hereby creating a state of Emergency along our Border with Prussia and are moving an armed defense force to the border to monitor, maintain and protect the border and ensure nothing like this happens again.

    Shortly after this statement it was released that another victim died of serious injuries in Hospital where 23 Poretisians are still being treated.

    More to follow.

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    Edition 9--- Date: 16/12/14

    Prussian Border Raised Response

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    After the Terror Attacks of the Last 2 Weeks have caused the deaths of 47 local citizens, military personnel and members of the Border Force the Border with Prussia has been declared a 'Protective War Zone' by Parliament today after an Emergency session was called by the Government. Hence the 3rd and 7th Armored Patrol Divisions have been moved into the border as well as 12,000 more troops of have entered the area. An Exclusion Zone of 2KM has been in place for the last 24 Hours, with all those remaining being Evacuated to safer areas.

    The last PETER Meeting has meant that the idea of strategic bombing against the Prussian Territory, which has fallen into the hands of terrorists, will be attacked to take out high level Terrorist Bases and Other Military Targets.

    The AWACS squadrons are continuing their reconnaissance in the area.

    Today the Lord Chancellor made a statement on behalf of the Government

    "For too long have we stood by and watched citizens die, whilst trying to do our best without getting involved, however there has been 47 too many deaths, Too many hours of fear, and too much time wasted. The International Community turn their nose up, but only because they are not living this fight, we will of course work with our allies. We will try and get the Support of Europe. However we will not stand by and watch more citizens die in the persuit of our freedom. Freedom from persecution, freedom for our borders, freedom from terror."

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