International Grand Prix Driver Applications

  • To apply for admission into the International Grand Prix please fill out the following application:

    [b]Driver's name[/b]:
    [b]Country of origin (Three- or four-letter code)[/b]:
    [b]Engine manufacturer[/b]:
    [b]Numbers reserved by team[/b]:
    [b]Driver's number[/b]:

    There will be a three-day waiting period for approval.

    Only three cars are permitted on each team in each series. Initially, there is a limit of eight teams.

    Llanoran drivers:

    Driver's name: Joachim Schumacher
    Country of origin (Three- or four-letter code): Llanowar (LNW)
    Team: Alfa Romeo Racing
    Constructor: Alfa Romeo
    Engine manufacturer: Alfa Romeo
    Sponsor: DHL
    Numbers reserved by team: 05, 29, and 35
    Driver's number: 05

    Driver's name: Mark Davies
    Country of origin (Three- or four-letter code): Llanowar (LNW)
    Team: Mercedes AMG Autosport
    Constructor: Mercedes
    Engine manufacturer: Mercedes
    Sponsor: Llantel
    Numbers reserved by team: 13, 44, and 45
    Driver's number: 44

  • Drivers accepted into IGP
    Joaquin Schumacher (Alfa Romeo Racing #05)
    Mark Davies (Mercedes AMG Autosport #44)

    Teams accepted into IGP
    Alfa Romeo Racing (cars 05, 29, and 35)
    Mercedes AMG Autosport (cars 13, 44, and 45)

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