Groot-belgie and Poretos meet


    _Everthing was ready, the royal escort was at the ready, the emperor was at the tarmac everything was ready to give the delegates from poretos a warm welcome with full military honors.

    As soon as the Planedoors opened after it would land the military band present would start playing the national anthem of Poretos and the soldiers standing on each side of the red carpet leading to the emperor and prime minister were gong to stand with a salute_

  • The Lady President has suggested that she joined the delegation along side her Husband and the Foreign Premier since Parliament on one of its breaks. Everyone else was happy because they weable to take her Private Jet either side you could see the Military Escort Fighters nit because they we worried but because it was simply protocol.

    "Your Presidential Ladyship, there has been a change for the next portion of our flight I hope this is okay?" Asked a Simple Steward

    "Yes I'm su..." replied the Lady President before her husband interrupted
    "Can we see the flight amendments?" Asked an ever protective Chief Ambassador Justin Mountdora.

    The flight amendments were shown after several statements from Alexandra how it wasn't necessary.

    "Were going to spend 5 minutes in Bulgarian Territory and we haven't sent a Military Movement Request Alexandra" informed Elizabeth Tresa

    "Were about to head in" stated the Pilot

    "Full Alert, prepare for defense try and engage Radio Contact. Alert the Department for Defense and contact Groot Belgie, damn we shouldn't have gone against Protocol all of us here."

    The Aircraft drifted into Bulgarian territory expecting the worse for their final turn before landing.

  • The Final moments in Bulgarian Territory were full of worry however, although it seemed like an eternity, the plane returned to Groot-Belgie's Airspace and began her final descent.

    "Well before we land there is something we must tell you all." Alexandra looked towards Justin."I'm going to have a child, we've decided it wont interfere with our work but were both very happy.So I can't drink etc... So we need to get some excuses,dont tell anyone until we release the public statement. The Lord Chancellor and HM the King have been told."

    Congratulations filled the aircraft.And then they quickly gathered themselves as the door now opened.

  • _As they prepared for, the military band started to play the anthem of Poretos when the door of the plane opened. the soldiers standing in attention at both sides of the red carpet leadin the the emperor and prime minsiter.

    The emperor greetd the delegation with open arms while he simply said_

    Welcome to our great nation, please accept our gifts when he signaled a couple of people brought along localy brewed beers, local cheeses and locally handcrafted spahetti

  • "You're too kind," replied Alexandra whilst part of the grinning faces of the delegation.
    " We thought you could do with some Port so here is Poretos's finest" chirped Elizabeth Tresa.

  • thank you very much. My staff will get that Said the emperor smilingly

    **let us proceed to get on ou way to the royal palace **

  • "Well I have been looking for some ideas for what the Presidential House should look like." Alexandra replied jokingly.

    "Don't get too many ideas do you really want to do that dusting?" Replied Chief Ambassador Justin Mountdora, "Especially with all the time taken up with you know what."

    "Hush, hush" answered Teresa "As you can see Emperor we don't get much time to just spend as a group of friends anymore so we love events like this, so were very happy."

    They got into the cars they were ushered into laughing and joking about their past experiences when Justin was just an Ambassadorial Assistant, Teresa a Foreign Office Envoy and Alex a Home Office Foreign Safety Advisor ,

  • The ride will not be long, you will see when ere almost there when our excort changes from what we call "zwaantjes" to the royal escorte who rides on horseback. Maybe we could talk abit on the road there? If I get this right you are renovating your presidential palace? Maybe you are in luck that were going to my palace were I live and hold important meetings that require fancy rooms said the emperor

  • "Yes Emperor, HM King Edmund has donated a lot of old palaces and revenue for the reforms of the Poretos and for the many Departments that have been formed. That reminds me he is very much sad that he can't come but our protocols state at least 2/3 of the top leaders ie Lord Chancellor, Lady President and Monarch must be in Poretos and I was very much looking forward, to coming."

  • **Does his majesty the king have any real power in Poretos? ** Said the emperor when they neared the Paleizenplein where the Royal escorte on horseback joined them ( ) ofcourse they slowed down quite a lot the emperor even rolled down the windows so his guests could see better what was happening.

  • It was Justin who answered this time, "I know the Lady President doesn't like answering this because she feels that people assume she took his power, but in fact the King had had none of his powers restricted,control over Parliament,control over laws, control over government,passports, treaties etc... still under his control but he shares them with His Government."

    "But what a wonderful parade, I'm glad we got here in time to see it, lets not discuss the powers that be but enjoy this wonderful moment"replied Alexandra.

  • **the parade was planned to accopany us in the last couple of meters before arriving ** _said the emperor as they rode on the driveway of the palace

    as soon as the doors of the car opened up the emperor exited the car saying the following
    _ We have prepared a banquet especially for you I hope your hungry

  • "Ooh I am hungry, you don't have any beetroot in vinegar do you I have a real craving?" Asked The Lady President,

    "Ha ha Alex very funny!" Replied Justin giving his wife a stern look.

    "I have missed the banquets of being an ambassador" stated Elizabeth Teresa the Foreign Premier for Poretos.

  • The beetroot can be arranged said the emperor when he looked at one of his staffmembers who ran off to the kitchen immidiatly

    You will all hopefully love this banquetdid the emperor continue as they walked into to chamber where the banquet was held user posted image the room was filled with a dinner table and a table filled with different sorts of pasta, sauces to accompany the pasta, ramen and even beetroots in vinigar.

    **I hope you all like pasta? **asked the emperor

  • All of the Poretisian Delegation nodded happily at the statement.

    "So what is the rest of our schedule your majesty?" Asked Sam Green the Lady Presidents Personal Secretary

  • We eat and drink until our bellies are full and we no longer thirst, thats the start! We can't discuss stuff on an empty stomach and a thirsty throat. after then we will go to the conference room and there we will have a degustive while we start discussing stuff.

  • "I am more than happy with that" replied Justin "Lets eat!"

  • _As they all finished with the dinner, the emperor stood up and said _ If you would follow me to the conference room, we can start discussing you are here for

  • "Ahh what a wonderful meal Emperor, perhaps we should come more often!" Stated Justin

    "Cmon the quicker we start the sooner the business of negotiations is over and the more time we can spend enjoying this lovely country, isn't that right emperor?" Answered Alexandra

    The delegation followed the Emperor through to the Hall and took their seats.

  • **Yeah sure ** said the emperor smilingly **So lets get to business **

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