Convention of the Law of the Sea

  • The Convention of the Law of the Sea
    An Act to define the rights and responsibilities of Sovereign States with respect to their use of the world's oceans, establishing guidelines for businesses, the environment, and the management of marine natural resources.

    **Article 1 - Definition of Waters
    **1.1 The Ocean Baseline is hereby placed at the location where the depth of the ocean is greater than 10m where the land territorial border meets the ocean
    1.2 Any bodies of water inside these baselines of the nation are classed as internal waters.
    1.3 Nations may declare 3,4,5,6,9,10,12 Nautical miles of 'territorial waters from their baselines.
    1.4 Nations will also have a Contiguous Zone equal to the breadth of their Territorial Waters.
    1.5 An Exclusive Economic Zone of up to 150 Nautical Miles may be controlled by a Nation

    **Article 2 - Internal Waters **
    2.1 Internal Waters are under full control of the Nation
    2.2 There is no restrictions on usage of Internal Waters
    2.3 All resources are free to the use of the Nation
    2.4 Foreign Vessels have no right of way in internal waters

    **Article 3 - Territorial Waters **
    3.1 Within Territorial Waters the Coastal Nation is free to set laws to govern and regulate its use
    3.2 The Coastal State may use any resources within this boundary
    3.3 Foreign Vessels have the right to passage through these waters dependant on lack of threat to peace and national security
    3.4 Fishing, polluting, weapons practice, and spying are not innocent activities and are banned for Foreign Vessels
    3.5 The Coastal State may at any time restrict use to territorial waters, if it is in the interests of national security
    3.6 Foreign Military Vessels are granted transit passage, this allows freedom of navigation in the goal of reaching another zone and causing no harm to the Coastal State and does not infringe on local laws on these vessels.
    3.7 Foreign Submarines must seek the surface and raise the flag of their state.
    3.8 National Military Vessels maintain full access and control over these waters.

    Article 4 - Contiguous Zone
    4.1 The Coastal State has access and control over all natural resources in this area
    4.2 The Coastal State can continue to enforce laws in four specific areas: customs, taxation, immigration and pollution, if the infringement started within the state's territory or territorial waters, or if this infringement is about to occur within the state's territory or territorial waters.

    Article 5 - Exclusive Economic Zone
    5.1 The Coastal State maintains full right over exploitation of natural resources in this region
    5.2 The State cannot exercise laws over this area but maintains sovereign right
    5.3 When an overlap occurs, it is up to the states to delineate the actual maritime boundary. Generally, any point within an overlapping area defaults to the nearest state.

    Debate and Voting:

    Debates and Amendment Proposals will last until: 01/12/2014 09:00 (GMT)
    Votes on Amendment Proposals will last from and until: 01/12/2014 09:00 (GMT) - 02/12/2014 09:00 (GMT)
    Final Vote: 09:00 02/12/2014 - 09:00 04/12/2014 (GMT)

  • I am for this proposal

  • group:cid:2:privileges:mods:members

    While most of this is somewhat agreeable Os Corelia will not be told through legislation that we can only have up to 12 nautical miles form our baseline. Our waters are our water. You cross our maritime boundaries without a permit, you will be arrested.

  • "But my fellow councillor, why are they yours? This protects the rights of all nations to their sea borders or what would stop any nation claiming all the land of the sea, you must understand this protects your jurisdiction not prevent it?"

  • I for one do not find this act agreeable, some of the sections do contradict themselves. The wording in your act must redone. You also come to a battle that not all nations recognize these limits for their own waters, the Duxburian Union is a prime example who believes waters are based on the range of ground based defensive batteries.

    I also ask for why you have set these limits, especially ones which will result in multiple overlaps throughout the union. I also find a problem with 4.2 and ask why these areas alone? Oh I should add that what of nations with islands? Their sea control would be more expansive would it not based on their unfair land size?

    On your point of a nation claiming the entire sea, you see a problem exists there that a nation doesn't have to recognize those claims. So it's unlikely to happen, we have yet to have a problem occur with territorial waters in the EU so why legislate in that area? Member states work it out on their own, it has never resulted in conflict.

  • Davishire is against this bill due to the extreme number of problems.

  • Admin

    The Duxburian Union recognizes exclusive rights within the historical range of defensive installations, about 12 miles from the shoreline. In the modern era, the line is really where the water becomes too shallow to deploy submarines with immunity against non-submarine defenses.

    Beyond that, it is up to your treaties, alliances, and navy to work out claims. A contiguous zone is more or less unenforceable.

    Five star General Reid of the Duxburian military wished to give input, but was unable to attend this session and thus gave me a short note to read:

    "There are no exclusive economic zones that we are interested in recognizing now, or any time. If you set one up that is disagreeable, I can't stop the boys from going over and having a bit of fun. We do prefer that companies deploy oil rigs though, they create fantastic explosions. I love a good explosion with a glass of fireball on the rocks."

  • I don't have a tangible problem with this bill, but consider it to be redundant and even potentially harmful due to the loopholes pointed out. And while I can see why did you feel the need to write this proposal, I would not worry about this issue too much, as we're in a Union created for mutual economic, political and cultural benefit. If any of us attempt damaging other nations for malicious and selfish reasons, it will be dealt with.

  • Admin

    I believe that this bill deserves a better due process than the Council has given it, as no votes were cast. Thus, I am reopening voting for a 3 day phase. Since there were no amendments, you are voting on the original bill as presented.

    Voting starts NOW and ends on Jan 2nd at 09:45 GMT

  • On behalf of the Commonwealth of Davishire I do case a vote AGAINST this bill

  • I, Stanislas Kamerewski, on behalf of Poland-Lithuania vote AGAINST this bill.

  • I, Marianne Linden, on behalf of the Imperial Prussian State do vote AGAINST this act.

  • Admin

    I, Peter Montfort, on behalf of the Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter, vote AGAINST this Act.

  • group:cid:2:privileges:mods:members

    You will never take our waters away from us and heed our warning all unauthorised access will lead to grave repercussions, unless we like you. We vote AGAINST this bill.

  • Banned

    Goddess Wooo's Holy Realm of Deutschia has voted AGAINST this act.

  • Admin

    With 0 votes FOR, 5 legal votes AGAINST, and 0 abstentions, The Convention of the Law of the Sea is hereby DEFEATED.

    There were 6 votes AGAINST, however Deutschia declared that it has no councillor yet and thus cannot vote.

  • Banned

    Goddess Wooo nominates herself as Councillor for Deutschia

  • We would like to remind the Goddess Wooo that she is a head of a European government, and as such cannot participate in the European Council. We require a councillor who is not the head of government to be present in our chamber.

    We do hope that the matter is cleared up quickly.

    Lech Kaczynski
    European Councillor for Poland-Lithuania

  • Banned

    Goddess Wooo would like to remind Councillor Kaczynski that she is a Goddess, not some puny head of government. Nevertheless, she would not like to tarry further, and nominates Lord Dean Vaedah for the Council.

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