Havvenskar meets Davishire

  • It was early on Sunday afternoon when the flight from Havvenskar was coming into land on the green outside the Houses of Parliament in London, the capital of Davishire with its new name. On the agenda was setting up transport links and visa free movement between the two nations.

    The Prime Minister was ready to meet the delegation who were en-route to meet King Hubert in the Prime MInisters official office.

  • The Havvenskarian delegation, led by King Olav IV and also containing the Prime Minister, flew towards the Houses of Parliament, in the centre of London. This was going to be the first meeting with another nation since Havvenskar entered the European Union. King Olav looked outside the window and had a pretty nice view of the city. When the helicopter lowered in altitude to land besides the Houses of Parliament King Olav saw the Davishirian delegation at the ground, as tiny specs, growing bigger.
    When the helicopter touched the ground the Havvanskarians left the helicopter. The Havvenskarians walked towards the Davishirians, and shook hands.

  • The Prime MInister walked toward the King, gave a quick headbow and said whilst shaking hands,

    "Your Majesty, Prime Minister, welcome to Davishire. His Majesty King Hubert is waiting for you inside"

    The group entered the palace, the Davishirian Metropolitan Police surrounded the helicopter in order to maintain its security. The group entered through the side gate in order to avoid the crowd of tourists.

    "So Your Majesty, Prime Minister, today we are just going to briefly talk about some trade and transport and also the confirmation of our nations maritime borders. And of course anything you wish to discuss. Is that suitable sir?"

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    Meanwhile, no Deutschian ninjas were perched from the ceiling ...

  • It was at this point that the Prime Minister looked up and saw the foreign ninja perched in the dark areas of the ceiling. At this point police officers rushed in armed with taser. They ordered the man down, he did not come. So they tasered him, pushing thousands of volts through his body. He fell to the floor which hurt him considerably. He tried running away but a stike from a 22" autolock baton ended his run. He was handcuffed and detained for espionage under the Espionage Act 1896, the only legislation in Davishire that permitted someone to be executed. However espionage could also be considered an act of war. The man was taken away to police secure custody, meanwhile the prime minister conitinued.

    "Sorry about that your majesty, a rude interruption, anyhow please go in to the office. King Hubert is waiting for you"

    The party entered an office, basic yet majestic all at once. King hubert was already standing,

    "Your majesty, welcome to davishire"

  • While this happened the King muttered some Havvenskarian curse words, which, luckily, know one heard except for the prime minister. "I do not hope this is customary, but I guess not." said the prime minister while taking care of the quite startled King. "I want the responsible nation to be punished." said the King. "We'll take care of that with his majesty King Hubert. The Havvenskarian Kings Guard, which just fired tasers at the ninja, put the tasers away, and stood at the side of the King. "Let's meet his majesty shall we?" said King Olav.

    The Kingsguard was posted at the inside and outside of the door to King Hubert's office. King Olav and the Prime Minister went inside. "Good afternoon, I'm King Olav. Although we have never met, I have heared quite a lot about you." said King Olav while shaking hands with King Hubert. "It's an honour to meet you."

  • The Prime Minister briefly spoke,

    "I can assure you,sir, that the responsible party will face consequences, it is possible that parliament will consider this an act of war. Anyhow lets not dwell on this. As the police response showed you are perfectly safe here."

    The men sat down,

    "So then, I have been looking at a map and it does appear that our nations are very close to eachother. Therefore we would like to talk with you about transport links. I feel our nations need to be bought closer together.

    What would you think about increasing air transport and ferry links between our nations?"

  • "This is an excellent idea, we were thinking about this too," said Prime Minister Jens Johanssen. "On the subject of air transport, what do you think about making it easier for tourists to travel between our nations? This will increase not only tourism, but also the bond between our nations." Meanwhile the men got tea.

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    ((OOC: Deutschia, it's generally not considered good form to butt in uninvited on a summit between two other countries. I'd like to suggest that you and Davishire agree to retcon the whole ninja thing.))

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    ((OOC: Right, I'm very sorry and I apologize to all. I'm new to all this and I didn't know where to start. I have retconned the ninja, and I hope that Davishire will do so as well.))


    "This is an excellent idea, we were thinking about this too," said Prime Minister Jens Johanssen. "On the subject of air transport, what do you think about making it easier for tourists to travel between our nations? This will increase not only tourism, but also the bond between our nations." Meanwhile the men got tea.

    "This tea is nice isn't it" said the king, meanwhile the Prime Minister continued.

    "We have been looking at the possibility of the construction of an undersea tunnel between Davishire and either Poretos or Havvenskar. Obviously we couldn't finalise any full plans in this meeting however I would like your take on this possibility"

  • Just as Jens Johanssen tried to form a sentence but was cut of when he heard an odd sound from his left. He turned his head and saw the King muttering a curse word, apparently he burned his tongue on the Davishirian tea.

    "This is an odd coincidence, the R?dv?relse is currently debating about constructing various tunnels beneath the sea to improve the infrastructure of Havvenskar. I think it's an excellent idea of joining the tunnels with a tunnel to Davishire to improve mobility between our nations. I think it would be improved even further if we were able to get Poretos to join in too. Maybe something to think about in the near future.

    The R?dv?relse is going to also debate in the future about the possibility of excavating a channel from the Baltic in the south to the Nordic Sea in the North, so ships do not have to navigate around Scandinavia. This would also improve trade with the nations bordering the Sea in the North. Would Davishire be interested in cooperating in this massive job?"

  • The Prime Minister took another sip of his tea, it was still too hot for him.

    "We would be interested in both of the projects you outline. Let me first talk about the rail link with Poretos. Having looked at various surveys it would be easier and cheaper to build the tunnel through Poretos from Davishire with a high speed line running north to Havvenskar. Although I agree before we make any agreements we would need to talk with Poretos.

    Davishire would be most interested in getting involved in such a project to create a canal. It would be good for business, as well as the navy, if money could be saved on fuel from going around the penninsular. Although obviously we would need some more detailed negotiation before we made any finalisations."

  • "Yes right," said Jens Johanssen, "do you have any more points to talk about?" He sipped some more from his tea. "The tea is lovely."

  • "I do have one more thing" said the Prime Minister. He too was enjoying his tea.

    "as you may be aware Davishire currently has sovereignty over an island not far off your coastline. It is called Bucks and is currently Davishirian and has been for many years."

    King Hubert pointed to a map, "this is the island here. suffered an attack last year by some pirates in some small gunboats but we tracked them down and destroyed them. Nearly causing a war in the process"

    The prime minister continued, "Can we just confirm that at the present time you recognise and accept that Davishire has the right to sovereignty of this island and that you will not dispute our claim. I am sure that we could come to some sort of arrangement over the use of military facilities that are already based there."

  • "We recognise the island of Bucks, or Skiprigerk as we call it in Havvenskarian, as Davishirian. In history however, the Havvenskarians often raided that island, you may have found Havvenskarian artifacts and so on. We do not deem it necessary to have a Havvenskarian military presence on the Island, but we would like to have some of those artifacts, if you have found any, to put in the Selderheim Nasjional Museum."

  • "Although off the top of my head I cannot recall if any artefacts have been found, I will however ensure that mh people have a look to see if any have been found. We will then consider returning them to you. Is there anything else that we can discuss?"

  • "No, I don't think we have any more points to discuss. Do you have anything more to discuss?"

  • "THen that is great, I see that relations between our nations are on the up. I look forward to working with you more in the future."

    The Prime Minister walked toward the door and opening it to begin the walk back to the helicopter...

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